PROJECT Challenge: Create a Clearing

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  1. Building an entire world seems like a lot of work. You're going to put a lot of time and effort into it, especially if you are a dedicated worldbuilder. There is so much done, and there will be a desire to create more work for yourself by trying to detail EVERYTHING. Well, here's a tip. No matter how hard you work, you can't detail everything. You can, however, get a good solid foundation and then pick a few important locations to detail.

    Your challenge is to create a forest clearing, oasis, or cave. Detail it, use directions, topological features, resources, and even draw a map if you feel like. Describe what lives there and why, and if any sentient people live there, describe them and the general sound of their language. You can work alone or with someone, and don't be afraid to ask someone to help if you get stuck.
  2. There is a giant mountain on the edge of the town. Though there is something different about this mountain,it basically pulses with magical energy. Long ago after the town had just started people noticed that the mountain was tilting towards the town and there was a gap in it's side. The gap was colossal and it looked like someone had just taken a giant bite out of the side of it. The back side of the mountain was only around thirty feet thick and it was cracking when the town owners went and looked at it. The bottom of the groove was flat and from the side it looked like a giant C though it was completely open. The mountain still had a sharp top but it was threatening to fall so what the town people did was they hired every mage they could find and had the entire mountain enchanted so it would never crumble and fall. The groove in the mountain remained but it turned out to be big enough to fit two of the town. The mountain was basically hollow but there were trees,ponds,grass,even a waterfall inside of it. In the middle was a giant lake with crystal clear water that was surrounded by weeping willow trees. The cap of the mountain kept out heavy rain that dropped straight down but when there were strong winds they would blow the rain into the cavern like area and water the plants. Now even in drought the plants thrive thanks to the spell on the mountain. Though...there is one downside to this beautiful place. The creatures living there. There are giant bears and giant bugs. Spiders the size of couches and bears the size of tool sheds. Though there were deer almost as big as the bears as well as giant boars with black tusks and centipedes the size of buses. Luckily none of these creatures ever leave this place but they only ever got that big because of the pristine environment and the large levels of magic engulfing the mountain!