EXERCISE Challenge #9: Black and White Limericks

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  1. Black and White Limericks


    Today is my birthday. WOO, YEAH! So I'm going to make this week's challenge focused on my favorite animal, and one of my favorite poetry styles. For my birthday, I’d like you to write me a limerick that involves panda bears in some way. Be as silly or as serious as you’d like to be, just stick to the structure that makes up a limerick. Speaking of which…

    Some info on limericks:
    1. It has a set rhyme scheme of a-a-b-b-a
    2. The syllable structure is as follows: 9-9-6-6-9
    3. In my personal opinion, it helps a lot to read your lines aloud so you can test how well the rhythm flows. :3

    A couple of examples gotten from shadowpoetry.com (open)

    The Test Pilot
    A Plane builder needed a pilot,
    So Bob told the guy, he would try it.
    When Bob took to the air,
    Plane parts fell everywhere.
    Bob radioed “where shall I pile it?”

    The Man From Aruba
    There once was a man from Aruba,
    Whose favorite hobby was scuba.
    Every day he would wish,
    He could spear a big fish.
    But settled instead for canned tuna.
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  2. *Note: I was running a fever when I wrote this challenge and this poem. :D Impressive, considering how little I remember of all this.


    I once knew of a cub named Pandy,
    who had undying love for candy.
    When he finished his lunch,
    he tore into a Crunch.
    And then put on a smile most dandy.
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  3. Back Stabbing Panda

    My oldest friend was a useless Panda
    and he abducted my girlfriend Miranda.
    Well that horny bear whore
    is my friend no more
    so dont believe that "Cute" propaganda.
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