EXERCISE Challenge #20: A Thought in 20 Syllables

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  1. A Thought in 20 Syllables

    Cupcake for your thoughts?

    What's on your mind, currently? Certainly there's a lot going on up there. Pick any one of the things that's stuck on your brain so you may write a poem based on it. Someone at work pissing you off? Feeling blue about something? Do you miss somebody? Are you having a food craving? Really, pick any ol' thang.

    Now for the real challenge: the tetractys. This little poetry form consists of 5 lines and 20 syllables arranged as follows: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10. That's the minimum, at least. You can add more than one verse. There's just a certain way it's supposed to look if you do plan to do a double, triple, etc., which is to make the following stanza inverted. So it would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1... That's about all you need to know. No rhyming required, either. :)

    An Example (open)

    Eclipse, by Marie Summers

    Rules the sky. . .
    A rare chance for
    Divine friends, sun and moon, to rub noses.

    Would also like to mention that it's a coincidence that my 20th challenge would have a 20 syllable theme to it. xD I only now realized how fitting all of this is.
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  2. Gentle Kiss

    I wish,
    and I miss
    your gentle kiss
    Return to me, love, so I may know bliss
    ‘Till then, I wait alone in the abyss
    and reminisce
    of the kiss:
    my one
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  3. Boast

    Well most,
    Like to boast
    About their loves,
    But none can boast as I boast about you
    For you are my full moon and shining stars.
    There is no love
    Compared to
    What we
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  4. Day at the Beach

    wields knives
    made of steam
    from the waters
    of the ocean, peeling away our hides
    for the view, before his wife, the pale moon,
    arrives and dulls
    his knives with
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  5. Fireworks

    Color burst,
    sky lights up,
    a hissing pop,
    another is released into the gloom,
    sight to,

    The Beast

    snarl echos
    within the dark,
    a creature lurks, eyes like flames, claws scraping
    across cold stone,
    it awaits
    its next
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  6. Solitude

    Don't leave.
    I will be,
    Alone again,
    And my thoughts don't seem to be generous.​
  7. Will
    You see
    Honest truth
    Or be clouded
    By the lies of those who seek to harm you
    Their deceitful smiles meant to earn your trust
    But never doubt
    Their intent
  8. The
    heart is
    to tame yourself,
    and it stutters, a scared bird in my chest.