EXERCISE Challenge #18: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

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  1. Star Wars


    Tomorrow, May 4th, is Star Wars day. (Much as I dislike that dumb 'May the 4th be with you' phrase.) I thought it might be fun to show some appreciation for this amazing space opera that has inspired people all over the world.

    Make an ode to your favorite character, write a haiku about the Force, reference your favorite person or thing from the EU! Do whatever you'd like, the Star Wars universe is full of ideas that could be turned into poetry.

    * If you're not much of a Star Wars fan but still want to participate in this challenge: come up with a poem with space, planets, ships, stars, etc. in mind. A few ideas from the top of my head: Describe a sky gazing experience, make a poem about any dreams you've had about adventuring through space, write about a wish you'd make on a shooting star? :)

    Have fun, everyone.
  2. Guess I was in a romance-y mood. I chose to write it as a Rondelet, 'cause I've never written one before. It was inspired by a scene in Darth Vader and the Lost Command. ;__;


    Sigh, it was her;
    the one who seemed to care the most.
    Sigh, it was her,
    who died with my heart in her grasp
    while I gave my soul to darkness.
    I forgot what wholeness feels like.
    Sigh, it was her...
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  3. Hoth

    walkers spouting fire
    on the snow --
    early poppy bloom
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  4. Bespin

    Silver lotus
    on sunset waters--
    City in the clouds
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