EXERCISE Challenge #16: Feathery Feelings

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  1. Feathery Feelings


    I apologize for having to delay my challenge by a whole week. I've been dealing with some crazy stuff back at home, and been sick. I thank everyone for being understanding.

    Onto the challenge! As you can see, instead of my usual cupcake pictures there is an image of a blue feather with a droplet on it. I thought it might be fun to make a challenge based on a picture. Study it for a little bit, then ask yourself how it makes you feel. (Corny, I know.) Write these feelings in the form of poetry. Set the mood the way you imagine it. Describe what the feather symbolizes, or reminds you of. Take this any direction you want.

    There is a specific styling I have in mind for this one. It's called Kyrielle. This is a form of rhyming poetry that's written in quatrains, which means each stanza is four lines. Each of these lines should be 8 syllables. Usually, the last line is a repeated phrase, also known as a refrain. You can write in as many stanzas as you wish. Ideally, 3 is the minimum, so aim for that at the least! How the lines rhyme is completely up to you. I am going to provide a couple of examples that may be of use:

    My Bouquet (open)

    Some days I sing, some days I cry.
    My soul's the one determines why.
    Sometimes it laughs, sometimes it mourns.
    On my bouquet are many thorns.

    Wake up each day, face a dark cloud.
    My happiness wrapped in a shroud.
    The day begins; to me it scorns.
    On my bouquet are many thorns.

    Lay down my head, dark nights begun.
    With the sad setting of the sun.
    From all my sorrows my heart mourns.
    On my bouquet are many thorns.

    Beyond Mere Mind (open)

    A blue-white light appeared to me
    at the innocent age of three.
    Guiding me strongly, yet so kind,
    beyond horizons of mere mind.

    Given choices, each step I took,
    good would tingle and evil shook.
    Some paths in life, perhaps, would wind
    beyond horizons of mere mind.

    At times, I stumbled into pits,
    drowning in darkness - causing fits.
    Again, I'd see that blue-white find
    beyond horizons of mere mind.

    As long as I have energy,
    onward, I go, on Life's journey.
    Spirit, nothing will ever bind,
    beyond horizons of mere mind.
  2. Withered

    Snatched away by the trickster, Wind
    'Tis the thousandth time that he's sinned
    Tragic is what's happened to you,
    looking so withered and so blue

    You're far from home with tears to shed
    with hopes no stronger than a thread
    The sky is mourning, just like you,
    looking so withered and so blue

    There was a time you touched the sky
    You'd paint your dreams as time passed by
    Alas, those dreams will fade with you,
    looking so withered and so blue

    Your suffering will pass real soon
    Towards the end, you'll hear the wind croon:
    "I couldn't help but notice you,
    looking so withered and so blue"
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