PROMPT Challenge #15: Ocean Haikus

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  1. Ocean Haikus


    Not long ago, I was reminiscing about my old home, where you can smell and taste the ocean in the air. Thought it would do me some good write a poem or two on it, so I shall ask the rest of you to do the same. :]

    I've thrown some curveballs in some of the more recent challenges. I'll make a simpler request this time around: a haiku. Short and sweet, but certainly not easy to write. In case you don't remember the syllable count is 5/7/5. Three lines long, seventeen syllables in all. Make one, make two, make a dozen! Whatever floats your boat. ;D

    Here's a pair of examples for your convenience:

    Haikus! (open)

    Pink cherry blossoms
    Cast shimmering reflections
    On seas of Japan

    salt-waves caress sand
    tickling my toes and heart
    in their short-spun wake
  2. I Miss it So

    Peaceful are the waves,
    and brisk is the salty air
    How I miss it so

    Liquid Sapphire

    Dozens of treasures
    locked within liquid sapphire;
    At a loss for words
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  3. Seashells
    Azure waves rolling,
    Cresting and breaking upon
    A shore of seashells.

    Drifting deeper with
    A current growing ever

    Upon the high seas
    A captain and his mateys
    Yearn for your treasure.

    Brewing a Storm
    Dark blankets the sky.
    Pure water is corrupted
    Turning black as night.
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  4. It ebbs and it flows,
    Endless dance under dark skies,
    Sweeping sand away.
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  5. softly lapping feet
    the waves tickle my soft toes
    an old friend's greeting
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  6. colors blaze chills embrace
    signalling the end of fall
    as winter begins
  7. Rolling waves thunder
    Coaxing, calling, exciting
    Pouncing on my toes