EXERCISE Challenge #14: So Stoked!

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  1. So Stoked!


    What gets your blood pumping? What excites you? It seemed like an interesting idea to ask that this week’s challenge be about this. Through the poetry style of my choosing, describe the feelings you get when you’re doing something that really thrills you. Riding a roller coaster, going for a run, playing horror video games, watching action films, playing trivia, practicing martial arts, partying, driving really fast—I’m sure everyone’s got a small list of topics to choose from!

    The style I’m going for is one I’ve been wanting to try out for a while, so I thought I’d include it in the challenge. :) It’s called an Ottava Rima. This type of poem has octaves, which means each stanza should be 8 lines long. You can make the poem short, long, or even epic! There are rules for syllables and rhymes, too. Each line should have a 10 or 11 syllable count. (Some places I’ve researched say 10, some say 11. Decided to just let y’all choose.) As for the rhyming, it’s like so: abababcc. If you’re adding a second octave, do the same: abababcc, dededeff. Make sense? If not, maybe Shadow Poetry can help. It’s the only source that explained this poetry style best. That I could find, anyway.

    I’m also providing an example from poetrysoup.com:

    Blue Rose by Robert Zammit (open)

    Each day your vision tantalizes me
    Yet all the efforts cannot pin you down
    To unravel your fabric would be glee
    To fathom your mystery makes me frown
    An adored royal to a high degree
    Seen in every colour but a blue gown
    Revered as an unrealizable dream
    A gene break through will make botanists beam
  2. This is my first ever attempt at this style, sorry if it sucks. xD I attempted to write out feelings and such that I get when I go to rock concerts. Performance venues are crowded with strangers. So you can probably see why it’s thrilling for me to be in a crowd that tends to get rowdy. lol

    The Rush of it All

    Happy silhouettes frolic before me,
    trapped within the spell of a soulful croon
    Blinking colors expose faces of glee
    that ought to last ‘till sun replaces moon
    For just a few hours, we can all be free;
    free as a unit who came here to swoon
    The rhythm works with the beat of my heart
    It feels as though I’ve received a jump start

    Warm is the liquor flowing through my veins,
    loosening limbs that only wish to sway
    The effects of this magic are arcane,
    and quite impossible to disobey
    The virtuoso has me on a chain,
    sweetening my ears so I’ll come to play
    The rush of it all can make me forget
    I consider everyone here a threat
  3. Summer Storms

    I stare out at the swift approaching cloud,
    As the wind combs its fingers through my hair.
    My heart starts to pound, so fast and so loud.
    The thunder roars- should I run? Do I dare?
    The rain pours down swiftly, a misty shroud,
    And my wings grow again without a care.
    My feet sink into mud, bare soles breathing,
    Free again, until the rain starts leaving.
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  4. Family gathered together around
    Enjoying renewal of ties once more
    Seeing their bonds are not by distance bound
    Rather draws nearer their hearts at the core
    Their chatter raises a deafening sound
    I would not have the quiet of before
    For the joy of my loved ones gathered near
    Is the only way to start a new year
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  5. Four of us sit, with bated breath waiting,
    our opponents doing much of the same,
    while we captains continue debating
    how best to proceed in this witty game.
    The proctor is ready, and starts dictating
    our question, as swiftly shrinks our timeframe:
    is this a question you certainly know?
    Will you press the buzzer, or let it go?
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