EXERCISE Challenge #11: The Home Alone Edition

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  1. The Home Alone Edition

    "All my friends were eaten?"

    Now he's the last of his kind. How lonely.


    Yeah, forgive the lame title. I'm suffering from severe allergies and the drowsy side effects of Benadryl. Anyway, onto this week's topic: being alone. I was thinking to myself about how being alone is different for everyone. Some people love it, some hate it, some fear it... Or if you're like me, it drives you crazy. So my challenge to you, is to make a poem describing your feelings on solitude. If you feel more than one way about it, write separate poems, or just pick one, or involve them all in the same poem somehow. Just to name a few suggestions if you want to get extra creative with it. :)

    This time around, I won't choose a structure for you to use. Freestyle this one, yo.
  2. Hallucinatory

    The surrounding peacefulness
    is a cloak for what's unseen

    In a world so calm and still,
    the slightest susurration
    truly can be alarming

    One mustn't let their guard down
    when they're trapped in solitude
    Phantoms spiral above us,
    using their sorcerous ways
    to unnerve us; toy with us

    Reality will slowly
    slip away from our fingers
    while we wonder who's watching

    We're all alone; or are we?
    Can you fathom a hunter
    that attacks from the stillness?
    Invisible to all eyes,
    just watching, waiting, plotting...

    Escape into the soulful
    chanting of acclaimed artists,
    to mute eerie lullabies
    that will drive listeners mad

    Then, we can be paranoid
    in a realm that's much safer
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  3. Solidarity in Solitude

    Are all anonymous
    Faces feeling
    Alone and abandoned?
    Or are they
    Free from fake
    Altruism and angst
    of frivolous friendships?

    People probably
    couldn't care,
    Or rather,
    Be bothered by
    these thoughts.

    We're using our
    Heavy headphones,
    Palm pilots, and phones
    To turn them

    We're walking with
    Each and every
    Member of this
    Wondrous world we
    Created with distractions.
    The solidarity in solitude
    Keeps us together, alone.
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