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  1. I.C l OOC l Character Roster
    In the beginning........

    God created the Heavens and the Earth, and he saw that they were good. But soon the clutches of boredom wrapped their pesky fingers around him. It had been a boring eternity. And so God decided to make man. For years man kept God entertained, with there constants battles and wars, their addiction to sin, their evil. But soon he grew tired of them, and so he decided to end the world and start anew. But God wanted one last show from the human race, and so he decided to give them a sliver of hope in their war against destruction.

    And so........

    On a beautiful, quiet summer day like any other, chains started to fall from the sky, reaching up into the depths of space, beyond even the sight of the satellites. No-one knew how to explain this phenomenon, but several persons were convinced it was some kind of sign. Several persons went up to touch these chains out of curiosity, and several persons died, incinerated on contact. Only a few people who touched these chains survived, but not without consequence. They were all yanked off the ground and hauled into heaven, to face God.

    God spoke to them.......

    He told them of his boredom with man, his plans to end the world, and his decision to give them a chance at redemption. He opened up the gates of reality and gave each the option of taking any power they desired.
    Within each gate to reality, is a Glyph. These glyphs are glowing tattoo like objects with different patterns and markings. These glyphs are normally tattooed unto the skin of the user and grants them a constant connection to heaven, as well as the ability to break a law of heaven. They can be used to summon weapons, heal, teleport, etc. (you decide what your glyphs name is and what it does.) A glyph can also be projected a short distance from the users body. If a glyph is destroyed or the body part it is on is severed, the user will lose his/her connection to heaven and their powers. A glyph's powers can be developed until the user has mastered it.
    The Yami
    In order to fulfill his purpose of ending the earth, God decided to steal powers from the depths of hell and give these powers to his Yami. These are humanoid creatures who each have distinguishing facial features. They are creatures of utter destruction and have little to no sympathy for anything. The Yami start out on earth as mist like entities which posses people and animals, eventually killing them, but as the plot progresses they gain their own physical forms.



    1. No Godmoding. Leave that to God
    2. Do not defy me!!! As G.M I am in charge of the thread and I would prefer if no-one tries to contradict me
    3. Avoid arguing on the thread. It causes a lot of disharmony. (and spam)
    4. Do not submit a C.S unless you can commit to the r.p. I would rather it not die because of no commitment
    5. If you will be absent for awhile, please tell me beforehand
    6. Try to post at least twice a week. If you don't post for too long without a valid reason, your character will either be hijacked or killed.
    7. No killing of other's characters without their permission
    8. No more than one character for now.
    Sign Up Sheets

    Glyph: Image is preferred but descriptions are also accepted
    Personality: Brief description
    Name of Glyph: Optional
    Glyph Power:
    Notable Skills: Does your character sing or know martial arts

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  2. oh boy, this looks interesting :D
  3. Name: Diyanna Lark
    Age: 18 years old
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Glyph: [​IMG]
    History: She was born in a strict family as the only child and was raised to learn about the fancy world that her parents had brought her in, that included being taught about the family business she was to inherit when she got older. Diyanna wanted none of it and would often fight her parents on it, which would lead to being locked in the attic until she "came back to the right mind" and usually when Diyanna finally got out of the attic, she was quiet and kept to herself a lot. Its why her fear of the dark grew. Her grandfather was probably the only one who was different as he owned several different dojos and willingly took Diyanna during the weekends or after school in order to train her. At the age of 16 her grandfather died and she was left with no one but her parents, depression hit her and she was practically willing to do anything; it was like she had broken. When she was hit by the chain and God told her of his plans for destruction, Diyanna was easily going to agree to his decision but then she remembered that her mother had a baby within her, a baby that was innocent and quite possibly going to have a hard time in the family like Diyanna had. With a new bound reason to help protect the world, Diyanna finally found something to fight for and it was enough to put hope back in her for her own race.
    Personality: Diyanna is a quiet person who tends to be extremely observant about the things going on around her, while keeping to herself many believe that Diyanna might be a scary woman for all the mystery that she holds. In truth Diyanna finds it hard to talk to others and is extremely straight forward, which is why she doesn't make many friends so she's learned that being alone tends to be the best option for her. With smarts and fast reflexes, Diyanna is calculating and makes sure that if she's getting into something that it has something for her. Risking her life is probably a big no no in her rule book but then again, she never paid much attention to it.
    Name of Glyph: Karma (I had to)
    Glyph Power: She can turn her blood into a weapon or shield
    Notable Skills: Martial Arts
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  4. Name: Tony Frey
    Age: 18

    History:Tony Frey and a twin brother were born two weeks late, to Pedro and Ana Frey in the small Midwestern town. The brother was pronounced stillborn by one of the Doctors. However, in actuality, he had been born healthy, but given to another family. The lateness of Tony's birth only foreshadowed his bad habit of always being late. Tony grew up reading the adventures of his favorite superhero, and acted many of his hero's adventures out with his friends. When he was a child, his mother was killed and his father was convicted of the crime. The drive to prove his father was innocent gave Tony a strong belief in justice.
    Personality: People-oriented and fun-loving. Makes things more fun for others by their enjoyment, good at getting others to have fun. Outgoing, social, group oriented. Does not like to be alone, feels at ease around others. Talkative, open, can be touchy feely. Values relationships and family over intellectual pursuits. Interested in serving others. Likely to be the center of attention in social situations. Living for the moment, loves new experiences.
    Name of Glyph: Optional
    Glyph Power:Fire manipulation
    Notable Skills: Good with the Violin, and Martial Arts
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  5. I have one question before I create my character: In the future, will it be possible to create Yami characters?

    Now then ^_^
    Name: Felix Santana
    Age: 24
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Glyph: [​IMG]
    History: Felix was a spoiled brat from southern California. He took everything for granted growing, including his own parents. He was rich, attractive enough to his knocks off, and he had more "friends" than he could count. Felix had it all, didn't he? Well not long after Felix's 19th birthday the merchandising business his father, Alex Santana owned went bankrupt. A few months later Mr. Santana committed suicide. Felix's mother, Lana lost her mind and her own parents gained power of attorney over her. They took what money Felix and his mother had left after selling their house and committed Lana to a mental institution. This left Felix's near future in the hands of his money grubbing grandparents.

    They left him penniless, homeless, and jobless on the street.

    Felix spent the following two years struggling with a sex and drug addiction. It was rough. Felix would do anything from petty theft to sexual favors just to satiate his addiction. He was finally caught in the back alley of a strip club with four grams of heroin and 22 methadone, fucked up and out of his mind. Given his past and generally clean record the court's judge went easy on Felix and gave him mandatory 2 years in state prison.

    In prison Felix met the love of his.
    Marco Vasquez, a young man of only 19 himself was there on charges of assault against a minor (the little shit asked for it though). Marco was a short, stocky ball of fire with a passion burning brighter than the Sun. Felix had never before found himself desiring another male but something about Marco felt right. Felix adored Marco in secret but kept close as good friends. Unfortunately Marco was serving a shorter sentence than Felix so their time together as the unstoppable pair they were came to a dissatisfying quick end. Felix managed to keep himself together after an unusually emotional goodbye and decided he was going to clean up. He was going to clean up for good, hopefully.

    Now, 24 and sick of his own crap Felix has a job at an office making spreadsheets.
    Personality: Social, opinionated, has mildly weird tastes, and secretly gay.
    Name of Glyph: Anima Discerptum- located in the back of his right eye (the glowing makes it hard to see with his right eye but it looks pretty cool and serves as a built-in mini flash light)
    Glyph Power: By focusing Felix can negatively affect other minds either by causing them to become dizzy/disoriented or causing them to doubt themselves. Felix is experimenting with making eye contact with the subject and possibly causing temporary to long term blindness.
    Notable Skills: He has some amateur chemistry knowledge and skills (from his drug use/dealing days).
  6. Maddox Tally
    Age: 24
    Glyph: Maddox's Glyph is located on his Upper thigh, near his pelvis.

    History: Maddox would be described as the black sheep, the delinquent, the smartest one in class. It was said from a very young age that Maddox was very intelligent person and absorbed information as though he was sponge. Although, His redeeming quality is never what stood out to people. His cruel and apathetic Nature is what truly seemed to overshadow people's outlook on him. It was his very own intelligence that had caused this, well, partly. With teacher's and parents praising him for his achievements, his peers would bully and beat Maddox, which caused him to turn quiet...and with his solitude he watched others and began to understand why they bullied him and beat him. It was after he Grasped the concepts for such things that his own behavior turned sour. Though, Maddox eventually stood up to his bullies. He was beaten, but he was happy to have at least stood up. He eventually got better at fighting as his bullies continued to try and beat him to a pulp. Though, one day, Maddox came on top.

    Life continued and his life as an outcast continued. His years alone had allowed him to see and observe people, grasping further understanding...Though, he soon began to grow bored of his fellow man. They all bickered and fought over the same things. Money, woman, petty things. He saw they fought for no real purpose...or any purpose truly living for. Maddox grew bored of his mundane life and joined a Kick boxing club. It was something knew, and it was mildly interesting. Though, Maddox grew bored even with that after about a year or two. He left high school and became a small time writer. Now, to most that may seem boring, but to him, it was something he really enjoyed. He worked for the local newspaper as a journalist and he was the first on the scene when the chains had slammed straight down onto the earth. Maddox's curiosity and sense of excitement for this unknown thing were the reasons he found his hand reaching out to touch it...and how he found his way to heaven.

    Personality: Maddox is a rather cold, apathetic, and detached person. Even seeming cruel at times, but he still has a little sense of good in him..though it doesn't often show. He likes trying new things in order to create some sort of excitement in his mundane life. Even ig it means stirring up a little chaos.

    Name of Glyph: Eyes of the Seraphs.

    Glyph Power: His Glyph allows him to summon or pull a Blue flaming sword out of thin air. The flames do not seem to affect Maddox, but will attach to other living things.

    Notable Skills: His years of torment have gave him a high pain tolerance, both physically and mentally. He's also semi decent street fighter, with a few years of kick boxing under his belt.
  7. Will have my CS up tomorrow.
    What are the types of glyph powers allowed?
  8. Name: Danielle "Dani" Green
    Age: 22
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Dani doesn't exactly have what you would call a normal past. By age five, her mother was dead. As the youngest of eight children, she was usually ignored. Her father turned to drinking out of grief, coming home ready to punch something--usually one of her older siblings. She was protected from most of the violence but not for long. She has a long jagged scar across her arm from where her father tried to cut her open with a knife. She was eight. One day, when she was ten, her father was found dead in a dumpster. The police came to their door and sent them off to various orphanages and foster care systems. She never saw her siblings again. For years, she saw therapists and counselors. Nothing ever helped. She ran away many times, but she was eventually found. The longest she was ever "free" was six months. In school, she was an absolute rebel, openly cussing out teachers and blatantly refusing to do work. However, that didn't mean she wasn't smart. She actually is quite intelligent. If she'd wanted to, she could have had straight A's with maybe a couple high B's. But, in all reality, she didn't care. Graduating high school with a 2.4 GPA meant she barely made it into the college she wanted. It didn't matter because she dropped out within the first year. Now she's taken up a job as a bar tender/waitress.
    Personality: She's very reserved and observational. She would rather listen than speak. What most people wouldn't expect from her is her temper. It's not very difficult to make her anger and, when you do, you're in for a world of pain. She doesn't have anyone she cares about, but she will be fiercely loyal to you if you earn that sort of trust.
    Name of Glyph: Electra -- located at the back of her neck
    Glyph Power: She can control electricity, but she has to be able to drain it from an electrical source. With electricity she can create energy force fields and orbs of electricity to shoot at enemies. If she manages to gather enough power, she could kill someone.
    Notable Skills: She knows how to fend for herself. Running from the authorities meant she picked up a thing or two about street-fighting.
  9. Name: Todd Ericson
    Age: 22


    After his parents died in a fire accident, Todd's uncle decided to raise him as his own. But even with a father figure like his uncle, Todd can't help but feel pain after losing his parents. Because of this, he tried to forget it all by getting into trouble and picking fights with random people on the street even if he ends up getting beat up. Knowing how he feels, his uncle decided to bring Todd to a circus when his uncle works as a magician. Todd used to think magic tricks were just childish stuff but when he saw his uncle perform, he was blown away. Soon, he got obsessed with studying magic tricks and performing them to the crowd. He found out that the basis of a perfect magic trick is dependent on how he directs the attention of the crowd away or towards something, which is what he's been trying to do to forget the death of his parents. After bidding farewell to his uncle, Todd moved to the city with a dream of becoming "the greatest magician alive".... then the chains fell from heaven.
    Todd may seem like an arrogant bastard with a chatterbox mouth and proud disposition on the outside, but he is actually a clever guy that can back up most of his exaggerated claims (Err, most of them. The rest are bluffs). He's laid-back, reckless, and riddled with senseless humor, but is capable of thinking three steps ahead. He's generally a nice guy to anybody, yet a formidable foe to anyone who pisses him off.
    Name of Glyph: Trickster's covenant- located on his right arm.
    Glyph power: Casting illusions that distorts a person's or a group's point of view on things. He can use this to either make himself look like someone else, hide from someone's point of view, or cause temporary hallucinations on an enemy.
    Notable Skills: Improvised Street fighting, S
    leight of Hand
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  10. You know I change my mind. You have a decent amount of players already and I don't want to join right now. However if you need people in the future feel free to contact me.
  11. If you need another female I don't mind making one
  12. ___________________________________________________________
    Name: Clementine Delilah Hackery
    Age: 19
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Clementine or CC, which is what her close friends call her, was born in Dallas, Texas U.S.A., the Hollywood of the South. She is the youngest of 4, two older sister and one older brother. Clementine was always the more free spirit of the bunch, she never liked to do things the way everyone else did it.
    The day the chains fell from above, Clementine's parents told her to not go near them. She didn't listen, she was curious. When she touched them she was shot up to Heaven. Now she has powers to help save her family and everyone else on Earth. Most people think Clementine is too naive to do it, but you'll be surprised at what this Southern Belle can do.
    Personality: Fun | Charismatic | Thoughtful | Brave | Curious | Creative | Free Spirited | Southern Belle | Kind | Helpful
    Clementine would be described as the Hippy Southern Belle, she was raised in the royal south. Among the high ups in Dallas, but she never really felt like she belong in that crowd. Clementine would rather be out in the beautiful Sunlight and watching the animals frolic in nature. Clementine has that deep beautiful Southern Belle drawl accent, with a city girl mindset, and a hippy free spirit attitude.
    Name of Glyph: Helios' Gift-It's on the palm of her right hand, it glows hot white when she uses her powers.
    Glyph Power: Solar Manipulation-She can shoot solar beams out of her palms. Her powers are weakened at night, since they are connected to the Sun.
    Notable Skills: Cooking | First Aid | Medicine Making | Herb Collecting


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  13. Sorry for the long delay guys. I was busy for the easter holiday doing charity work. I'll go ahead and look over your C.S' now
  14. @sleepinghat Your c.s seems ok, but my only problem is that you didn't mention the specifics of these illusions your character can cast. If you can fix that I'll review and accept your c.s

    @Karma200 I really enjoyed reading your character sheet. I found your character's powers to be acceptable. I won't start allowing two characters just yet. I'm waiting to close the sign-ups before I do that But just keep in mind that we start playing just before the chains actually start falling and not after. Other than that, your accepted.

    @DacksonFlux I loved the detail in your c.s. As it pertains to your question, I will indeed be allowing players to create Yami characters. Though there will be a limit of five. Your c.s is accepted.

    @Void_coffin Certainly a very interesting character. Your glyph power seems ok so I'll accept your character.

    @kimsim12 I liked your c.s and your glyph powers are ok. Though I'd have prefered an anime picture I'll work with yours anyway. Accepted

    @Shattered♦Secrets™ I liked your c.s as well, but your characters powers seem a bit too much right now. If you could tone it down a bit then I'll review your c.s and accept

    @RainDash Too bad but ok. I'll be sure to link you if we need future players

    All accepted characters can be posted in the Character Roster. I'll post the link to it at the top of the thread as soon as I've created it. We will be kicking off the rp in a few days, after everyone has gotten their c.s sorted out.
  15. I didn't see the edits. Sorry abt that. It does seem ok to me. Your character is accepted!
  16. Its fine, and thank you.
  17. What if she can just shoot solar beams for now, and they her powers are weakened at night, since they are connected to the Sun. Later on the powers grow right?
  18. Like Lux from LoL?
  19. Was that towards me or someone else?
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