Chains and Shackles

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  1. It was late in the day within the walls of a small town outside of the usual confines of the Government's watchful eye, but still covered by its armed forces. In the streets, merchants were starting to close up shop, guards were starting evening patrols, and those walking the streets became less and less. It was this town that many were still practicing the art of unsanctioned magic, but few were arrogant enough to practice out in the day save one brave soul. He was named Uunia, the son of a famed Magi that had fought against the guard once the law against unsanctioned magic was passed. He was a young man, not more than 20, strong in his hate for the oppressive ways of those in authority. He was strong in body with brown sunkissed skin, hair long and white as the clouds, and deep gold eyes that seemed to peer deep within the souls of any he looked upon. Along with his hatred, he flaunted his magic, not by walking around with a constant aura such as the guard, but in the form of runes tattooed to his skin. The runes seemed crude in nature but littered his arms, chest, back, and legs. Most of the guards know that his markings were not natural tattoos, and some had even tried to bring him in on those markings, but every squad sent for him had ended up crawling back to there commanders with broken bodies, if they were lucky. Today however, things were not as they usually where.

    Uunia had gotten used to walking the streets now, making his way through the open roads as he watched for any would be attackers or guard that went his way. He would go and help those in need when the guard were too busy collecting taxes or rounding up magic users. he had stumbled upon a small group of guards surrounding a young woman who had been known for simply palm reading. Uunia grumbled as he started towards there way, his runes on his arms starting to glow a soft white as he made his way over, "Cant these bastards do something good for a actually stop the bandits that come in rather than goof off...." he said as the mana in his arms started to build up. Once he had gotten close, the guards turned to the strong magic presence, only to be blasted with a large wave of mana that he released in there direction. He looked to the girl, nodding to her as he faced the guards, "alright assholes, now, tell me this, why do you keep going after us like this eh? Especially with me around. You know I always find out, and crush your skulls in..." he said with a grin as eh built up more mana into his body. The guards then recovered from the blast, wielding mage pikes and mana blades, usually meant to drain the mana from a being, leaving it helpless. "You've been a thorn in our side for the longest boy...if you think you're going to just walk over us, then you've got another thing coming..." he said as he pointed the pike to Uunia, "Now lets avoid senseless combat so that I don't have to wipe your blood from my boots."
  2. "Please don't come near me again..." She muttered under her breath. Her eyes were large and narrowed from the sickness of fear growing in her. She was skittish and jumped at any sign of Guards.

    The palm reader had faded away and slipped out between the walls while U did his manly dance of magic. She was told not to tangle with the man if she feared for her life. Which she already did.
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    The little palm reader may have been ready to run and not watch, but there was another. A different, bolder woman from the farthest edge of town, waiting. She wanted to see his signature light show and blood bath of guards. His mana was bright and lit the soul that protected her eyes. It impressed her, the sight of an almost invisible touch knocking one around. This specific force had drawn her out from the shadows her and the palm reader had shared. But she was cautious to be sure that no one was aware of her lurking about.
    Being an assessor y was frowned upon. People usually kept to them selves and tried to avoid any trouble they could.

    Noor flipped up her hood and wandered back into the market to trade good for some food. Her stomach growled and she decided she would be back in a moment to check on him. She had a feeling he would win this battle. The glimpse had excited her so much. It caused stirrings in her blood to rush her choice in food and make a hasty trade. Noor was quick to return to she the last few blow to the fight. She approached quickly.

    "Come..." Noor spoke softly and pulled him back, she lifted her sack of food as a silent invite to something to eat over a word.