Chains and Choices

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  1. Shadow leaned against the red wooden pillar, staring rather blankly ahead. Servants often went out of their way to either avoid her or stare at her fearfully. She was waiting for Annabella to finish changing out of her dress and into more suitable clothes for a walk in the palace's large garden. She watched, listened, and waited some more; thinking about the way the sun was already beginning its decent. They wouldn't have much time at this rate. Annabella's father would never allow his daughter to roam the grounds at night, much less with a demon. He loathed Shadow, mainly because she didn't listen to anybody except for Annabella, especially him. While it was in her nature to be attracted to such a peaceful, quite place in the dark of night, Shadow found herself lingering more and more inside or just outside of Annabella's room. It was as if danger was lurking just around the corner; not a threat to her, but menacing all the same.
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    Annabella carefully hung up her good gown; smoothing the skirt of her far more simple dress carefully before she stepped out the door. The good gown was to be worn while in the courts and in the presence of noblemen and women. She far more preferred the simple dress she wore on their evening walks. It was a basic gown of pale blue that reminded her of a robin's egg. As always, her dark hair was pulled back away from her face. She smiled at Shadow when she stepped out. "I'm ready." She said quietly. She frowned at her friend and laid a hand on her arm. "You look troubled." She said. "What bothers you?" She started towards the gardens. "I don't like seeing you troubled. I know you don't like being indoors at night. Why don't you roam anymore?"
  5. "It's nothing," Shadow responsed quietly, keeping in step with her, "It is a beautiful day, isn't it?" She would take further steps as to not make Annabella worry. It was better to see her happy than stressed. The gardens were filled with ponds, elegants bridges, and hanging willows, making it an ideal place to relax and think.
  6. Annabella frowned, but didn't argue with her. "Yes, it's a beautiful day." She agreed. "Perfect for a garden walk." She looked around and smiled. "I remember when I used to climb those trees as a child." She said with a chuckle. "It would make father so angry with me!" As usual, the gardens appeared empty. Not many of the nobles bothered with them. "Oh, Shadow." She said suddenly. "I forgot. Father told me that someone is coming to visit soon. I don't know who, but he must be dreadfully important. He's all in a twist about it. Wanted me to tell you to be on your best behavior."
  7. Shadow gave a ghost of a smile. "I will if this 'visitor' does," She said, amusement swimming in her eyes, "I can't really see any human as 'important'. They all look the same to me." She was a bit interested in who this 'visitor' was. He must be powerful in human standards, or else Annabella's father wouldn't have the nerve to think a demon would listen to him. A warm breeze brushed past them briefly before continuing it's journey south.
  8. Annabella sighed as a warm breeze brushed past them. "Well, he'll be here in a week." She told her. "Tomorrow I'll ask Father more about him. Until then I won't worry." She glanced out across the darkening gardens once more before turning around. "We should be heading back." She said. "Father would be very upset if I were out here after dark. He dislikes it."
  9. Shadow looked at her with an amused stare. "Since when were you so keen on following the rules?" She asked, "If I recall correctly, someone did once run away from her home to consort with a demon. How upset do you think he was then?"
  10. She chuckled at that. "Which is why I need to be on decent behavior now." She pointed out. "I need to get in his good graces again, so maybe I'll be able to go out to town every now and again." She smiled at Shadow. "So I follow the rules."
  11. "It isn't so hard to escape from here," Shadow contemplated, "It'd be easy make it to town on our own. Besides, he would never yell at you. He will blame every bad thing you do on me and my bad influence. And, if you still get in trouble," She paused with a malicious grin, "I'll just say I stole you away."
  12. She laughed. "That really is tempting, but I think we should at least be on good behavior until this mysterious visitor leaves." She said. "I wouldn't want to ruin something important. I'm not sure if it's true, but I've heard rumors that my father is trying to arrange an agreement between us and the neighboring country. It would be a strong alliance."
  13. Shadow gave a snort of disbelief. "Strong alliances can't be built on agreements," She said dismissively, "Besides, I have a feeling our views on what is truly important differ greatly." They began to walk back to Annabella's room; the sky looking as if it were on fire.
  14. Annabella sighed. "You're probably right, Shadow." She said. "Let's just go to bed, I'll find out in the morning." She went back to her room and pulled the door open, only to find her father waiting for her. "Oh!" She said, obviously surprised. "Well Shadow, I guess we'll find out now."
  15. Her father was obviously in an irritable mood. "You should stop going out so late with that thing!" He snapped, fiddling with his blue robe sleeve. "Good evening to you, too, Mr.Whyson," Shadow said smoothly, closing the door behind them. "I have something important to discuss with you," He continued on as if Shadow hadn't said anything, "So sit down, Annabella. And you," He said acidly, "Can wait outside!"
  16. Annabella sat down. "Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of her." She said calmly. "Come sit beside me, Shadow." She patted the seat next to her. "Now Father, what is all the fuss about this visitor?" She asked with a soft smile.
  17. Her father looked angry, but before he could say anything, Shadow interrupted. "No, it's quite alright," She assured Annabella, "A demon shouldn't get between a father and his daughter, anyway." She turned around and left with a smug expression, closing the door firmly behind her. She had a sudden bad feeling about leaving the two alone, but she ignored it and took up a place next to the red pillar to watch the sky. "There's an important man coming over from Lithuania," He pressed on, as if Shadow had never been there, "And we will be his hosts while he is here."
  18. Annabella looked a little surprised, but didn't interrupt. Lithuania was a very wealthy country, and she couldn't help but wonder what her own little country had to offer them. She was sure her father would explain it to her eventually. She had a funny feeling that she wasn't going to much like the answer, but she shook it off as paranoia.
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    "He is the son of a high ranking noble; young and handsome, too," Her father said, as if reveling in this facts, "He will be here for two weeks on a mission given by his father to observe our markets, our crops, and our lands. He has never been in a foreign country without his father, who tells me that this will be a good experience for him. I expect you to welcome him fully."
  20. She ventured a question here. "Why does Lithuania want to observe us?" She asked. "I imagine we hold little interest to them." She shifted a bit in her seat as she thought. "We are no threat to their borders, and we have nothing they don't already have."
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