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We're all writers (mostly) here on Iwaku, so I decided let's do a fun and different ( less likely to make @Diana want to throw a wrench at my head) posting game.

The objective: Write a semi cohesive story (multiple if we finish the first one) story through the thread. You may ask, hey Lucky, that seems like a lot of work and it will take a while. Why yes, it would, except there's a twist to this.

Each next poster may add one sentence ( or paragraph, writer's choice) to the story. Also, I'll start us off ( When a new thread is started, please let us know POV and tenses

New Story, Third Person, Past Tense

Life can be strange sometimes.Or at least that's what Luke learned as he stared at two beings who dubbed themselves Fate ( Yes, that Fate) who he could best describe as a woman who had black hair, yellow eyes, was wearing a green dress and sweatpants that had the word Fate written across the butt in glittery letters. She was holding a blue clutch purse. and Destiny (Yes, that Destiny) who wrote terrible fanfictions and sometimes called herself Jessie play chess against each other. " Queen me, Fate," Jessie replied.
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fantasy, scifi, horror, magical, drama
Fate sighed, and tipped her King to resign the game. Destiny appeared disappointed.
"It's losing." replied Fate. "Checkmate in four."
Destiny looked at the board more closely, muttering and pointing and pieces. "So it is." she said sullenly.
Luke observed during their games that Fate played more by the book while Destiny played loose, preferring uncertainty in her games to keep things fresh.