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  1. Let's discuss and give everyone a chance to check in. I'll reopen threads in a few days.
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  2. Oh, I'm freezing all secondary characters until their players, y'know, talk to me.
  3. Hmm. There something you need from me? Or we good?
  4. As with previous scene stops, let's have everyone check in. EVERYONE.

    Tell us WHAT your character is doing, WHY they are doing it, and WHAT you, as a player, want to achieve. More detail is better, but be succinct. Show us that you have thought out your character's story.

    I will go first:

    Ilsa is / has been flirting it up with Vrein. She'll get to experience the true power of his manliness sometime before she leaves for Aldus, where she will run into Artorius who is heading FROM Aldus TO Barvelle. She will likely turn around and accompany him back since she knows the way and he does not.

    Karissa is continuing to serve as Dane's foil and will try to help figure out what is going on with the towers. At some point she is going to get into a lot of trouble, but perhaps not soon.
  5. Thanks for checking in, Slater. You're fine.

    Did everyone forget Asmodeus' chapter 4 rant? The one that preceded his departure? You're doing the same thing to me now.

    Lut Sar: Working with Gulzar to prep Kaustir for a certain military expedition.

    Lanaya: Sherlock Holmesing to a deep conspiracy that corrupts Viridos to its core.

    Three Sages: Teaching Ethelwen and doing other things, like revealing eye-raising plot concerns.

    Ghoul Sage: About to anally probe Dane.
  6. Amalia: Telling her troops where to go during this disturbance in Kaustir

    Tamaa: Heading to Hosia with her pary members so she can finish this smuggling job.
  7. Rakar: With Amalia's group and following her orders.
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  8. I am still battling the sicks and have not been involved in this chapter yet. t___t But as for plans:

    Eirene's told Castagarion to look for a divine weapon while he is on his personal quest. >> She did that super-secret and against advisement. Future plot stuff (not for this chapter) will involve an attempted assassination by a crazy cult. And Eirene secretly leaving Barvelle to meet someone from one of the other countries because of WAR THINGS.

    Jules is just a support character to help aid and push along other players. Presently she is the one making the arrangements for Eirene's future sneakout. Otherwise, she exists solely to help along any plots where necessary.
  9. Nassad: Heading into Hosia to be able to finish smuggling and deliver a letter to Shekar.

    Trystan: Following the orders of General Amalia as he gets to know his new comrades.
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  10. Diana, spoiler your plot reveals!

    As long as you're active and have a plan, it's fine. No need to reveal all good things now. Unless you want to.
  11. My character has yet to be approved .-.
  12. Sorry, I know my head hasn't been with it, and I apologize sincerely if I missed a question or something. Or if I was the reason anyone was held up. You deserve better from me.

    Ayanne is currently camping in the woods with Malachi, Tamaa, and Nassad. Upon returning to Hosia she's going to officially learn what's happened to her home and family while she was kidnapped by pirates, and if everything works out return to helping Malachi hunt for the Grievious

    Shekar is following Zovalias into the jungle to look at . . . honestly I don't know what, though if I'm allowed to make something up I can. That would be my fault for not actually asking.
    Afterwards there's going to be the meeting in her basement and she's going to get involved with Belphebe's smuggling venture.
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  13. Draegal: Running off to Tavark

    Sorry I haven't been posting.
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  14. Darin: on a mysterious island with Raige and an expeditionary force to prevent another Eimund and to cure him of his poison. Slowly going mad.
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  15. Between camping trips and all these parties I'm pretty worn out. Not to mention my internet is on the fritz and can't always be on Iwaku. I'm not even sure what I'm doing with Amara at this point.

    Amara: Chilling for the time being.
  16. As long as you friends check in with me regularly I am totally okay with anything. It's the radio silence that's really killing me. If you're stuck, please approach the DMs or me. We can always get you involved, or even approach the other players who have are up to things.
  17. I'm not stuck per se... I just haven't had time to really plan...
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  18. I'm waiting on the dragon lady. She should have her post up soon.
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  19. Amaltas: We've talked about it. We've also talked about the other thing. He's good for a few chapters.

    Aimee: She's hitting tavark for the funeral and the vote for this chapter.
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  20. Let's keep the check ins going. I've reopened all the threads.
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