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  1. H'ok ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to say thanks for taking a gander over this thread so let us get right to it.

    First off, any of the roleplays you see can have potential for romance. I am okay with there not being romance, but I just want you to know that it can be an option. As for smut, anyone under 18 will be reported and dealt with swiftly.
    I don't need that kind of crap in my life.

    I generally like to play Male OC type characters, but I usually have no problem doubling (Heck I have played up to 4 characters at a time before) or up or playing a different/canon character. This doubly true if the plot is strong enough.

    My posting can be sporadic. At any given time, you may get multiple posts a day, or you may not get one for 5 days. I have a very shifty schedule. So if you are the same way, I understand. If not, post away, and I will get to it when I am able.

    I usually RP in the forums, threads, and even skype from time to time. Libertine RP, however, will only be done on Iwaku.

    Because I know this will come up, I generally try to get a couple of paragraphs every post. Take that, as you will. =)

    As for Character Sheets, I generally like them to have the basics: Basic Info, personality, appearance, etc. Of course, the more you have the more I get to read so do what you like.

    What I value most is good communication. We have PMs and things for just that sort of thing! So if you have an issue or will be going away for a while. Lemme know!

    Not sure what else to put, so I will just jump into the plot stuff now! I also have an RP Resume you can look at, in addition to this thread.

    I really like collaborating, so if you have an idea, I would be happy to hear it.

    Ceru's Likes (Some of them anyway. These all also open for group as well as 1x1)

    Genres I like the most: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern

    Themes I like: Superheroes, Combat, Humor, Sports, Music, Hardship, Love, Misc. Games, Magic, Supernatural, Drama, Chance, Change, Sacrifice, Good vs Evil, Perseverance, Happiness, War, Friendship, Truth, Justice, Kindness, Leadership, Ideas, Life, Revolution, Power, Performance, Morality, Travel, Character, Death

    Random and intentionally vague Plots:

    1. There is a blight within the land and only one way to stop it. Our characters must destroy the chalice!
    2. It is beginning of the season and it looks like another stinker, for the team. We arrive and look to shake things up.
    3. Zombies!
    4. A semi-famous band as recently lost members and they are looking for people to fill the spots. It's time for our audition.
    5. We get pulled inside of some sort movie/game/etc. And we have to get out before it's too late!
    6. Crime has taken over the city. Our characters decide it is time to take it back while wearing masks!
    7. You and I are in an underground fighting tournament. Let's kick some butt!

    Fandom (Just because.)

    Remember The Titans
    Star Wars
    Starship Troopers
    WWE Wrestling
    The Godfather
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Men In Black
    Jurassic Park
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    Power Rangers

    Lord of The Rings

    Video Games
    Mass Effect
    Mortal Kombat
    Assassin's Creed
    Resident Evil
    Far Cry
    Street Fighter
    Gears of War
    Dead Island
    Elder Scrolls Games
    Army of Two
    Call of Duty/Medal of Honor/Battlefield/etc. ;P
    Dragon Age
    Left 4 Dead
    Red Dead Redemption

    Character Gallery

    Any questions? Feel free to ask.
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  2. Star Wars, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Marvel, Resident Evil, Far Cry, Borderlands.

    All of those I listed above I am interested in ^-^ pm me if you like.
  3. I would love to role play with you! If you are free, message me and we can chat! I have several ideas you may or may not be interested in and if not, we can find stuff! :)
  4. mass effect, fallout , or dragon age sounds good.
  5. Number 1 of
    Random and intentionally vague Plots:
    is right up my alley ^^
  6. Star wars and WWE sound fun.
  7. Oh gosh, I didn't the get last couple of reply so I didn't think to check this thread. My bad! lol

    Oh they do, do they? XD I am up for any of those. Which do you like the most?

    Wait, there is a blight from a dark chalice in the alley?! Where do you live, Diagon Alley? ;P But yes, that sounds good! Would you like to move this to pm so we can discuss further?

    Up for either of those, but I will say WWE is a type of rp I have yet to explore with anyone on Iwaku. =D Could be fun!
  8. uh any of them sounds good.
  9. Fair enough, I rolled a dice and ended up with Mass Effect! Lets move this to pm for plottings and things!
  10. My oh my, I didn't expect to get this many rps. XD Still, I am open to requests!
  11. Life has gotten a little less hectic soooooooo who is up for a new rp?
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  12. Didn't realize I was following this xD
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    • 6. Crime has taken over the city. Our characters decide it is time to take it back, while wearing masks!

    I'd be up for doing this, PM me if you're interested? :)
  13. Well... Anyone wondering, this fella is awesome. So if you are debating if you want to or not... I say go for it. ;P
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  14. You are pretty awesome as well. Always welcome to rp with me. =D

    That said, I am currently open for more rps.
  15. Added another vague plot.

    Also, still looking!
  16. Ha, you're willing to try with me again? Sure! I'm up for it! Anything in particular you are craving? Or PM me when you get a chance. ;P
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  17. Open for another rp! =D
  18. Would you be into Cowboy Bebop?
  19. For what I watched of it, it was pretty cool. I liked the universe. Missing a good bulk of the series though, so some of it will probably elude me.