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  1. Human beings find themselves connected with different places, for different reasons. Certain colors, time of day, etc all are compounded among the sensations they give us.


    If someone were to crack open the love part of your brain, and your "perfect romance setting" fell out, what would it look like?
  2. Certainly not a man with his head shaved and covered in kiss marks.

    Mine would probably be where you're at a formal event with someone (Be it significant other, or maybe someone you don't know that well, but would like to). And you're having a great time, dressed up in best wears and whatnot, good food and the like- and at some point, you, or the other person pulls you aside, enough that no one can see ya. The place would be at some high-ceiling type place with fancy furnishings and mostly whites and creme colors with golds and whites thrown in. It would be at night, maybe somewhere into the early morning.
  3. My perfect romance setting?

    Being with someone that I truly care about for an entire day. Just the two of us with no schedule or time constraints. Goofing off together and enjoying one another's company. Transition to night after dinner somewhere (be it restaurant or home) and we get to walk hand in hand under the stars and moon. Probably go to a park somewhere and have a good time on the swing set. Then have it end with us either on the hood of the car or on the top of a hill near a beautiful tree with a perfectly clear view of the stars/moon above us.

    As long as I'm with someone i care about the setting isn't really important. I'd make it special and romantic in whatever way i could...