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  1. They are many types of relationships, each with their own dynamics.


    My curiosity has to do with certain preferences.

    What kind of relationship do you want to be in? Why?
  2. A partnership. I want a relationship where I can rely on him and he on me. I want a playmate as well. Someone that wants to DO things with me. Love of course in nessisary, but respect is also important. I don't want a hero, I dont want someone that needs to be "fixed", no one is perfect but it's more about complementing the other person then being better then them. At least that is what I think.
  3. I'm already in the relationship I want to be in. :3

    I love it because we're friends before we're lovers. This is important to us both because it means we can joke with each other a lot, be "bros", enjoy each others company, always have each others backs, nerd out together... You know, qualities that two close friends would have. On top of that, we can be affectionate with each other, share secrets, have stupid arguments, and do other sorts of things that are exclusively couples-related. My boyfriend's gifts to me are awesome, too. It'll often times be things like a a new video game with a box of chocolates, or a new knife with a cuddly stuffed animal. Hehe, I couldn't ask for better.

    Also, he isn't turned off by my 'flaws'. He tells me all the time that it's my flaws he embraces, my qualities are just bonuses. I have some frustrating mental disorders that take a strong person to handle, so he's been a great support system on my road to recovery! Sometimes he acts like a dick about it all, but that's expected. I can be an irritating person sometimes. >>;

    Relationships aren't easy. It's all worth it though, if it's one that you want to keep alive forever.

    Now I feel like I've been too sappy. .__. *sneaks off to slay Rebel scum to balance things out*
  4. Well I'm currently in hte relationship I want to be in. In short we take care of each other, making sure each tohers needs are met. She helps my blindness by reading, I help her autistim and help ehr remember stuff and so on so forth.

    She is like my best friend.

    So I'd say the one i'd want ot be in is one where friendship and tenderness is the focus, and the reason is because i like tenderness and such. I have needs and they are met int his system.
  5. I'd like a relationship where we're both friends. One where we both know that we can lean on each other if we have to. Someone who makes me better and that I make better. And I'd also like some shared interests, I think. It'd be really nice to have someone I can play games with and bounce strategy ideas off of. I would just seem too strange to me to be in a relationship with someone and we don't have any common hobbies or grounds, someone who is just not a part of my life if I'm playing a video game or Magic or something. Then again I've debatably never had a relationship with anyone in the first place, so how the hell do I know what I really want.
  6. A marriage with a good man. I was a wife for a few years before my husband died, and now I'm in a terrible relationship. I guess I'm trying to work on it though, and would like to be married again. I just love to be a wife I guess.
  7. The type of relationship I want is the one that I'm in... but closer, dammit.
    Overall, though, it's the only thing I would change.
    The person that I have now is my best friend, whom I trust and can talk to about whatever.
  8. This one!

    Charlie and Mohawk! (open)

    But yes, MohawkMan (Right now, GentlemanHawk) is my boyfriend! On Valentines day 2010 at 14:32 he asked me to be his girlfriend... Well... I said to him "are you going to ask me?" and he did... BUT SINCE THEN! We've been together for 3 years this years Valentines and it's the best relationship.. ever.

    True, we argue over petty things usually when I get jealous and a too sensitive about certain situations.. But I can't put it into words how much credit I owe him for how much shit he puts up with. I too have a lot of issues, pretty high maintenance but he just cuddles me and comforts me. When I'm in tears he won't sit and tell me 'it's okay' he'll pull his cute face, and then say something totally out of the blue..
    We're playful and have our own little voices and facial expressions, we do everything pretty much together. Talk everyday, skype all the time, even though we're in two different towns - we see each other so much it's like living together! Which we hope to be doing by 2014.
    It's fair to say I really love him, he's a brilliant lover, tends to my needs and I do my best to tend to his... He isn't sex obsessed, and with the past I've had with men - he's brought to light a trust I didn't know I could ever hold again.

    I don't care if it's sappy because he is the man I love, and I always will. <3 ^^
  9. I'd actually love to have a boyfriend...it's just everytime I try or people ask me out and I go with them it just ends up with me getting super stressed and them trying to push me and push me and push me. It always ends after days sadly.
    I want to have a friend who one day turns into a relationship.
    I was just raised to believe that you should have a love interest be a friend for awhile before taking that next step and hell if we're being honest I was also taught no sex till marriage (nothing to do with religion) and I'm totally fine with that idea...but lmao most guys are not.
    Everyone who's asked me out barely knew me to begin with and when I said 'just friends to start' they'd basically say I don't give anyone a chance or deem 'friends for a week, okay? Let's go out now.'
    Yeah...after all those fail dates and what not I'm extremely antisocial and don't go near any kind of relationship, especially after my most recent fail.
    Even started to shy away from anyone wanting to be my friends in real life...I need to work on that.
    One day though I'll find the right person :3
  10. I'd like someone who I can have a long-term relationship with. A friend, companion, lover etc. Someone i can trust, rely on, care about, respect/be respected by and who loves me for who I am no matter what crap I might throw their way. To be honest I may have that soon down the road, but time will tell. I'm sure there will be ups and downs etc, but I need/want someone who is willing to work through those hard times with me and compromise. Someone I can laugh with and enjoy myself with. Nothing too extravagant, I like to think I'm a pretty simple individual, but it seems my luck with guys tends to be poor. :/

    No matter if things go well soon I'll have what i'm looking for :)
  11. I love my baby. She's exactly the relationship I want to be in.

    A long time ago, I was told that the best way to find happiness in someone is to marry your best friend.

    I'm not married yet, But it's working pretty well so far.