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  1. I have picked up a new hobby in the last few days: Magic: The Gathering. Trading card games were never really something I got into, after I stopped collecting Pokemon cards. I have started reading the rules and intend to find the local Magic social circle and mingle. My curiosity, is having to do with new hobbies.


    What is a hobby YOU were always curious about? Why haven't you taken up your own interest and try a new thing?
  2. Oh goodness, I've really wanted to get into dancing. I love all the arts, but dancing has been something I never got to experience and I really, really want to. A big part of the reason is I'm just not comfortable with dancing in front of people. It's weird because I'm perfectly comfortable with my body when I'm marching or acting or just being silly. When it comes to dancing though, I feel like I'm standing (metaphorically speaking) naked. I also did a musical thing in theater and after doing a musical number that involved dancing and falling on my ass I kinda you know... Stopped trying.


    I have been dancing thanks to Kinect and Dance Central. And I don't care if it's not real dancing. XD
  3. I've always wanted to pick up candle making. I'm a sentimental weirdo who saves EVERYTHING, so I have empty candle jars and holders laying around with no candles in them. I just can't throw them away because I believe they can still be useful. Even the lamer looking ones that were just Febreeze candles are still around, haha. I want to fill them with a mixture of my own and give them away as gifts. :] Seems like an affordable, fun and thoughtful hobby to take up. It'll reduce clutter, too. I can get rid of the candle jar thingies that I'm less attached to, and keep using the ones I adore. It would be so fun to decorate the plainer looking ones, too. I lurve ribbons and stuff...

    I have not pursued this yet because of laziness and finances. There are other things that take priority over crafts, so I haven't really invested in it yet. Maybe soon I'll do some shopping around. I've been saving my money for special things...

    My current hobbies are scrapbooking, collecting stickers, cooking/baking, and writing poetry. And and... Video games are hobbies, right? <<; Also, I consider my obsessive organizing of paperwork to be a hobby. It's something I very much enjoy and look to improve all the time. Right now, I'm trying to find a file box I love that I can put some pretty folders in so that I may organize even BETTER. >>;

    ... Now I have to decide what I want more right now. New filing supplies, or candle crafting supplies...
  4. Lately, I feel as if I should have spent my childhood learning how to play the pipe organ (yes, really) and learning how to draw. It always amazes me just how well other people can draw and it makes me wish I could draw my own characters and maybe even my own scenes as visual aids for my writings. I guess that is mostly because I am a visual person. I simply like seeing things with my eyes and imagining how something may look like, but I often fear that without a picture or two, my audience will get lost in what I am trying to describe.

    As for the pipe organ, I have had a fascination with the sound of the instrument ever since I have been a child. My father used to listen to Bach's pipe organ pieces all the time, and I guess it stuck with me, but until recently, I have never thought of learning how to play it. I think it is far too late for me to start now, though.