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  1. There are a lot of different tv programs out there, right now. Everything from CSI to Pawn Stars and Family Guy to Sportscenter can be seen if you have the right channel. No matter who you are, there is probably a program out there that you at least somewhat enjoy.


    My curiosity is this:

    What if your favorite show was just
    abruptly ended? No final episode, or warning for that matter? I just ninjaed out, never to be seen again.
  2. Honestly it had. They started a new series of Zoids and it wasn't the best but still was pretty cool.
    Then suddenly it just vanished. Turns out it was pulled because it didn't get enough viewers, really sucked D:
    I spent a few weeks trying to find it online, then downloaded XD
  3. I had an anime called fairy tail i was watching and before it even ended it just shut down. It turns out there are over a hundred episodes online.
  4. That's how I ended up online. No joke. See way back in younder times there was a little Japanese import called Sailor Moon. I'm not saying it was my favorite show by any means, but I loved the fact that this "cartoon" was an episodic series instead of how cartoons are traditional more episode based with maaaaaybe an over plot. In the middle of season two they stopped translating and airing the show in North America. There you were, a conflict just completed but more lose ends then ever before, and nothing! I waited and waited for new episodes but nothing ever appeared, so when my dad first got Internet in our house I went hunting for anything related to Sailor Moon.... And the rest is history.
  5. I admit I'd be upset but I'd get over it quickly. It's just a TV show, not my life. I have books to entertain me.
  6. If that happened, it would piss me off a little but it wouldn't take me long to get over it. I'd just make up my own endings or assume the best happened for the main characters. Television isn't important enough for me to feel bad about it for too long. It's when the internet has problems that I get really heartbroken and desperate. :3

    There's a show I absolutely love called Better Off Ted. I've never fell so in love with a cast before. There are only 2 seasons of it, and a 3rd season was planned on. It got canceled before we could see what happens with the characters. :| It annoyed me. Season 2 had a good ending, but... Well, lots of questions went left unanswered.
  7. I used to watch Shin-Chan and Chowder and both ended abruptly. You can just imagine how disappointed I was lol but if they EVER stop making episodes of Dallas I'm gonna start a freaking riot!
  8. I wouldn't even blink.

    I don't own a TV, Any series I do happen to watch have already been canceled.