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  1. There are weird things that happen every second of everyday.

    A good portion of is over the phone.


    What is the weirdest thing that you had happen to you via phone call?
  2. So at one point, I had a lot of people being misdirected into my life. Random folks showing up at the door, calling on the phone, whatever. At one point, this obviously completely stoned guy kept calling me over and over asking if so and so was there and if I had stuff for him. I eventually called back and told him to stop calling me or I'd phone the cops on his ass.
  3. Does Jack Shade leaving me singing voicemails count?
  4. OH! I also was on the phone with Kehv many years ago and he had to hand the phone to someone so he could give his order to a waitress or something. I ended up talking with this guy I was handed off to for like fifteen minutes and didn't talk to him again for like six months. Uh. The random guy I was handed off to that day is asleep in my bedroom right now. My darling Iskari. ^-^
  5. Yes, that is very weird, Ozzie. haha

  6. Weird thing? I don't talk on the phone much. But once when I was younger someone called to my cellphone and told me that there was a package for me to pick up. (They didn't say where I should pick it up though xD haha) But if they had been from the post office then they would have called to our home phone since my cellphone number is written on my dad so no one except people I have told it too would be able to know that I was the one owning the phone. At that time I didn't think about that though xD I told the person that I hadn't ordered any package and didn't know anyone that would send me something and then I hung up.

    Some years later I realized that it could have been a friend that used a Swedish site for prank calls xD It costs like ten or twenty crowns (1-2 dollars) and you can decide if a photo store should make a call about an order or another sort of store. There are a lot of choices. Then you get a list of things the person can say that are numbered 0-9 and you just have to hope those are enough to trick your friend x3 You can also whenever stop the call and start talking to your friend yourself to tell them that they were pranked. But most people don't do that.

    So that was probably the weirdest call, and honestly that was probably the only weird call I have gotten xD I don't get calls that often x3 Except calls from my d**khead friends that decide to call three in the morning just to piss me off x3

    Wait, there has been one funny call.
    I went to bed around ten that evening because I felt really tired and I fell asleep around half past eleven (Tired for me means that it takes an hour or more before I fall asleep) Then just half an hour later at twelve o clock my two friends called me to ask me what the name of that hot guy in my class was. xD
    "Couldn't you have waited with calling until tomorrow? Or sent a text?"
    "....No, we wanted to know now."
    Gosh, whyyyy? Sometimes I wish my friends didn't have my number x3
  7. A couple weeks ago I answered the phone and the guy asked for Gibs (his actual name though. XD) and I told him he was at work. Then the guy proceeded to try and sell me BRAS. And he kept asking for my bra size, even after I told him I wasn't interested in buying bras. XD

    But what was so weird was that he asked for GIBS to sell HIM bras. >>;;
  8. I got a couple voice messages a few years back from some people wishing me condolences for a passing family member, but it wasn't meant for me unless someone changed my name to Mary. They'd also texted me o.O. I was going to call them back but thought that would just be awkward...then the phonecalls/texts stopped.
  9. I had this french dude leave me 10 minute long voice mails, then after about 3 of them he realized he had the wrong number.

    Couldn't even understand half of what he said though, such a heavy accent.
  10. I had this chick from like.. some state call. I answered it because I like not knowing the numbers. So I answered it and she asked for someone. I think it was like Janiqua or something. I said "I'm sorry. You have the wrong number." She said "Sorry". I said "Its fine." Then we hung up. Next thing I know she calls back, but I didn't answer this time. She leaves a voicemail saying. "I didn't appreciate the way you answered your phone. You need to call me back so we can talk about this." I never called her back, and she called like... 4 or 5 more time in the span of a month.

    THEN.. it was like 1 in the morning, and I just started going to sleep. Someone from Lousiana called. I answered, and he started talking in Spanish. I was all like. I do not understand! And he just continued speaking Spanish, but he got louder. I once again apologized about not understanding him then he started like yelling at me. I finally hung up.

    TTTHHEENNN.. This one guy called. He was in my area code so I was like..lets just answer. He started talking like he knew me. We actually had a pretty good talkl until he heard my friend's in the background and he was all like "Baby! Who is in your room with you?!" Then I got freaked out. I told him my friend's and he was like "Evelyn, don't lie to me? Baby tell me who is with you." then its like he realized he wasn't talking to Evelyn and was like "This isn't Evelyn is it?" I told him it wasn't. He apologized then the phone call was over.
  11. Hmm... It's not something that's happened during one phone-call, that's for sure, but I think it's strange enough for me to post here, noting that I'm a guy(albeit my taste in the gender of potential partners is not of the norm *wink wink*), with a satisfactorily masculine voice.

    I don't like talking on the phone too much, I feel like I'm talking to a disembodied ghost or some shit like that. It's irrational, I know, but I can't help it. Anyway, whenever I do answer the phone, especially when I'm the only one at home or I'm the closest to the phone, this is usually how the conversation goes.

    Random relative: Hello
    Me: Hello, who are you looking for?
    Random relative: Hi (insert my mother's name here)! How are you?
    Me: Ahm... This is her eldest son... -__-
  12. im a troll when it comes to wrong numbers and i now know that im going to hell for one thing...i got a phone call and the person asked for a guy now i have never known any guy with that name so i told them this story..word for word because i use this way to many times

    "Im sorry didnt anyone tell you *starts acting like im holding back tear* he was in a accident the other day and he is in a coma." they asked what happened "he was in the shower and someone threw a toaster in with him *looses it and starts sniffing" ((beacuse you cant cry over the phone so i make it sound like i am)) they asked how he is and what hospital he is in "he is stable right now but the worst thing is that the toast in the toaster didnt make it." (thats when i lost it and just acted like i was crying my eyes out)) then they ask if this was a wrong number "no its not i killed him and took his phone...have a good day and dont call this number anymore its mine now."

    and highwind thats normal i dont like talking on the phone i on the other hand have a voice that over the phone sounds like a guys....i still get very pissed being called sir and have been known to grab my breasts and scream "i have tits im not a man."
  13. I was over at my girlfriend's house and we proceed to make out. The phone had rang and I answered it. The male voice on the other end said, "Stop kissing my daughter right now!" I immediately turn to my girl and told her that her father told me to stop kissing her. But then she replied, "But, my father has been dead for three years." I stare at the phone dramatically.. the tone of the phone buzzing as I lost the game. Then who was phone?!