Cerulean's Curiosity 5

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  1. Alright, thanks for coming. I am currently running though an idea here and there for a new plot bunny. I want your opinions. What would you like done? What do you like?

    whoa.png whoa2.png whoa3.png

    Now, these are just rough drafts. So which is your favorite?
  2. middle oneee
  3. I'm pretty keen on 'Tophat Bunny' but that might be because I'm secretly a pretentious bastard?
  4. Yep. Tophat. Because I only drink the finest of plot bunny blood~
  5. I liked Tophat bunny myself too, but middle bunny was also great. 8D

    I have already told you I would like a series of head bunnies. >:D And maybe a series of middle bunny with different expressions.
  6. Tophat Bunny!
  7. I vote for the bunny in the middle because it looks elegant and stylish.
  8. Tophat bunny. The finest of blood indeed. Can only come from a gentlemen.
  9. Alright, guys!

    A series of heads and such, coming right up. =)

    Thanks for posting!
  10. I likes the middle one the best. <3