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  1. There are many ways to get around.


    What is your ideal form of transportation and why?
  2. Bike! If things were a lot closer to me I would happily bike to school or work but alas, but that wouldn't be possible. >.< I love biking because not only is it good exercise but it's faster than walking and doesn't burn a hole in my wallet.
  3. Walking. Knocking out, what, 4 birds with one stone? Exercise, closer look at the scenery, fresh air, and it's all for free!
  4. Boat! I love being on the water be it a canoe, ferry, or fishing boat. I haven't been on a cruise yet, or sailing, but I imagine I would enjoy it!
  5. i really dont like driving and shit ((cant ride a bike so thats out))
    if anything i love being driven because i can stick my head out the window...no joke my friend has a big dog and he gets the back seat and i get the front and we both have our heads out....
  6. I really love trains. o__o But I have never been on a real train, just subway trains. I like them too though. 8D I'm not sure what it is about trains a i like, though... >>;
  7. i was on a murder mystery train and i must say that it was the best thing i ever did...trains rock...sheldon cooper was onto something with his love of trains
  8. I've got a thing for bike riding, even though I haven't bothered to own a new/working bike in quite a long time... I make due with walking anywhere within reason.

    An interest I've had despite my fear of heights is flying. I just want to experience it at some point.
  9. Flying, of course. I love all things to do with that. If I could fly everywhere, that'd be it.

    More realistically, I really love motorcycles. I like the feeling of riding on one, the freedom and the speed.
  10. I prefer walking. Exercise does wonders, and its nice to enjoy the scenery.
  11. If it's not too far away then I love to walk, it doesn't do anything to the environment and it's healthy for me :D
    If it's too far away then I either take the car (dad drives since I dont' have a licence) Or bus if I have money for it. But I prefer walking or biking. That's better for the environment and myself x3
  12. I like to take long walks in pretty much any environment, but most of the time I take any type of public transport available to me, because it is much faster. Still, if I have the time or the mood, I always walk to places, and I usually enjoying taking long treks through nature, mainly because it is the only time I can switch my mind off.