Ceru in the afternoon

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  1. I wanted to do something else for Sci-Fi month. I put everything together, and did the voices/lines. Effects were added in from wherever I could find them. xD It is also my first time.

    Enjoy. Please? :}
    Caution: Contains a few swears. So if that offends you, please click out. Thank you.

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  2. I was told that the video was set to private. It is fixed. Thanks, Revi. Sorry anyone who tried to watch. xD
  3. that was amazing!!!!
  4. That was pretty good, especially considering that it is your first time doing something like this. Your voice sounded a little bit lifeless, though, and the sound effects could have been a little smoother. The robot voice was interesting, but changed pitch a little too much. But the idea itself is great, and I wish you luck in continuing it.
  5. Really awesome, dude!
  6. WHY CAN'T I VIEW THIS?!?!?!...oh right I'm at school -facepalms- I shall watch it when I get home!
  7. Thanks! If you guys really like it, I just might make more. After all, I only did this for Iwaku to get a quick giggle out of. xD

    Lstorm, I apologize for that. Hopefully, if I do actually make more, things like the pitch/smoothness will get better. As for my voice, I guess some free online lessons are in order. When I first heard my recorded voice, I was startled. Though, I must say I blame fear. Or maybe I am just untrained deadpan performer. haha

    Thanks again!
  8. I shall listen to this over and over!