Cerralian: Academy of Magical Boys.

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  1. Axel Gray Ozborne

    Inception Day.

    The day that Axel Gray Ozborne, a sixteen year old Magical Boy, had been eager for. It felt like it was his first year at Cerralian all over again. And he was certain that it would only continue to feel like such as he continued to go to the academy. Vibrating with his eagerness, the long, sleek, black tail that was attached to his backside swayed and flicked about, expressing his joyful mood. He waited patiently yet, at the same time, impatiently for the rest of his family to meet him at the door, where he was packed and ready to be shipped off to Cerralian for another school year. Silently, he wished that they would hurry up. Honestly, how long did it take to get up and get dressed? They were very simple, not-very-time-consuming things that people did every day. As he continued to rant in his mind, the rest of his family finally made their guest appearance. Their presence snapped him back to reality as he locked his turquoise gaze on them.

    "Well, took the lot of you long enough," Axel said in a slightly annoyed huff, tail flicking in an irritated fashion now. His annoyance only rose when he felt a hand ruffle his hair. The same hair that he had happened to spend quite a lot of time on making sure that it looked its best today. Involuntarily, a hiss had escaped his lips, but all of his annoyance and anger and irritation melted as he felt that same hand scratch behind his ears. While it sent waves of comfort through him, he hated how his family used such a weakness against him, especially when they knew he was about to go on a tirade about something. Even his Neko siblings used it against him! You would think, having ears and tails as well, they would stand up to his sensitive places being used against him, but, oh, how wrong you were. Without realizing it, the hand that had been petting him had disappeared and he was left in a dazed state, which he snapped out of after a bit of time.

    Glaring at his family as he gathered his things, he swung the front door open and marched outside, ears flat against his head in the same annoyance that he was experiencing earlier. "Just so you all know and it's clear," the blond started as everyone began loading the car up with luggage and he watched with crossed arms and a pout - though any mention of such 'pout' would be immediately denied, "I bloody well don't appreciate the sensitivity of my ears and tail being used against me to shut me up." Surprisingly, there was a response to his complaint. His complaints were of routine and no one truly responded since they were complaints about silly things, which is why a response now is a surprise to him and everyone else.

    "You might not appreciate the reason they're being used for, but you sure do appreciate the fact that they're being used at all," one of his older brothers, Ezekiel, said.

    "Yeah, mate. Admit it. You could care less about the reason. As long as you're being petted, you're content," his other older brother, Gabriel, added with a smirk.

    It was at that time that Axel bore his gaze into the two older males and began to mutter under his breath. In a moment's notice, he had successfully turned the both of them into a pair of kittens, grinning at their distressed meows and the way they tried to claw at him. The male crouched down and picked the two of them up so they were wrapped up in his arms, petting them on their heads and scratching behind their ears, replacing their irritated meows with purrs of content. "See how it feels to have your weaknesses used against you?" He said as he continued to pet his kitten brothers. At that time, the luggage was all put up and his Mum was coming to tell him to get in the car. The sight that greeted her made her groan.

    "Axel, turn your brothers back to normal, please."

    "But Mum," Axel whined, looking up at her, "aren't two kittens much more cuter and easier to take care of than two older, not so cute, annoying boys?"

    "Why, yes, darling. They are. But I gave birth to those boys and love them very much the way that they were before you changed them. Now, if you could change them back and get in the car so we can go, that would be lovely."

    Grumbling under his breath, Axel sat the two kittens back on the ground. Staring at them like he was before, he began to mutter under his breath once more and watched as they transformed back into the two infuriating idiots that he happened to be related to. Before any arguments could break out, Mum ushered them into the car, where they squished against one another, silence falling over them for everyone was still pretty upset about the event earlier. Once their Mum got into the car, they were off to drop off Axel to Cerralian, which they would then leave and continue to drop off the rest of their Magical kids.

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  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Adrian picked up the letter that was sitting inside his apartment's mailbox. It was all pretty and pink, so it grabbed his attention immediately. He ran inside his apartment and sat down on his bright pink couch. "I wonder what's inside?!" He said excitedly. He quickly opened the letter to find that it was an invitation to a magical academy, which he, at first, thought was a joke. He laughed to himself a little bit, but he wondered if this invitation was actually the real deal. He knew that there was magic in the world, but he was sure that he didn't have any powers. He had never had any so-called 'special' purpose in life. That, he was sure of. He just wondered, if the invitation was real, and what if he did have a special purpose in life? What if he was able to help others through using his powers? These thoughts immediately sparked his interest. He never thought he had any powers, but with this invitation, it indicated that he might.

    He went straight over to his dresser and started to pack. He was so happy that he was able to have the chance to go to a magical school. This was a chance that not a lot of people were able to get. He always wanted to be a magical boy, but gave up the dream when he realized that he didn't have powers, but now, that dream is coming to life again, back from the grave.

    He smiled as he ran outside of his apartment, hailing a taxi. He stood there as a taxi drove up to the curb. He was so excited that he could barely hold it in. The taxi driver looked back at him. "Where to, Miss?" The taxi driver asked. He smiled and simply said, "The airport please." As he drove away from his apartment, he knew that his life was going to be changed for the better, he hoped.

    As he arrived at the airport, he became increasingly more excited as he got closer and closer to the place that would change his life forever. He ordered a ticket to the place closest to the academy and started to walk towards his flight number. It took him a few minutes to walk there, and a number of questions rushed through his head. "What kind of powers might I have? I wonder what kind of people I'm going to meet there? WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! What if I'm not what they're looking for? What kind of powers do other people have? Am I going to get hurt? AM I GOING TO DIE?! N-No way... I couldn't die. It seemed like a safe school, so there won't be any people dying there. I mean, after all, everyone there can use magic to defend themselves."

    Then, he was suddenly standing in front of his seat on the plane. He quickly sat down and waited. Very impatiently. He wanted to leave so bad, but he couldn't because people were going so slow. Soon enough, he was directing people towards their seats so that they would HURRY UP AND SIT DOWN SO THEY COULD LEAVE. A flight attendant tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Ma'am, we're taking off. Please take your seat." He sat down when she said that. He looked out the window as he saw the city he knew become progressively smaller, but as the city became smaller, he knew that the decision he made to leave was the correct one.
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  3. Sasha Illya Bessonov

    It had just been yesterday that Sasha had received the invitation to Cerralian, but it felt nearly a century long to the young boy. Sasha had been ecstatic when he first read the letter, as had his family, but Sasha had not settled into a quite excitement the swelled into a knot in his throat. Sasha never had much luck interacting with people outside of his family, but since it was based on invitations, Sasha was certain that the quality of the other students would likely be high.

    Sasha's family had spent most of last night, and early into the morning, helping Sasha pack up for the trip. The boy never packed much luggage, but his sisters always insisted he took more clothes than he needed, which is why Sasha ended up with three packed bags. The boy had spent most of the early morning reaching the airport and standing in line, but it wasn't before long that he reached his flight. Sasha had cursed his luck as he realized that his flight had quite a number connecting flights and lay-overs.

    The next several hours became naught but a blur to the young Sasha. Sluggishly walking from flight to flight, and waiting in lay-over lobbies. Eventually, he found himself on his last flight. The flight that would drop him at a place fairly close to the academy. The ecstatic-like excitement dully built up in Sasha, but exhaustion had kept it from getting him quite too excited.

    Sasha now sat in a comfortable seat, with his bags stowed above him. Sasha had lucked out extremely well. He had the two seats next to him completely open, which allowed him to stretch out, slightly. The plane had already taken off, and the city he had left from turned into nothing but a mote of concrete and dirt to him. Sasha had not paid attention for the majority of his flights, and when he thought about it, he had no idea what country he was even in. Sasha was lucky that he was taught a few different languages, so he managed to keep track, slightly, of his location. As Sasha started to pull out his itinerary to check on where his last flight had taken off from, but, seemingly on queue, a huge rusted copper statue edged it's way into his window's view. New York City.

    Sasha could hardly believe him so that he'd be so negligent to forget his last flight took off from New York City. Sasha had always wanted to see the concrete jungle that was the Big Apple. Sasha regretted that he couldn't of explored some while he was in the city, but he made it a mental note to come back to New York City as soon as Cerralian allowed him to.

    Sasha turned back around in his seat, crossing his legs as he did so, sitting patiently. Sasha was terribly fighting jet lag as it was, and it was unlikely he'd adapt as soon as he got to Cerralian. Having never really traveled this much distance before, Sasha was at a marked disadvantage. Sasha soon put how difficult it'd be once he got to Cerralian out of his head, and instead started to wonder how things at Cerralian would be. Soon, Sasha found himself wandering in the gardens of thought, as the plane slowly but surely took him to his destiny.

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  4. Azrael, aqua
    First day a new school was never easy for anyone but even more so for a non-earthian like Azrael. As a Celestial he had obligations and practices to keep up with, but after his betrayal, the only safe haven he could find and be accepted into was this academy for Magical Boys. From his studies, magic was known to be quite rare. Flight seemed the only proper way to arrive, and as he did so, he watched the bustling schoolmates belong, entering the giant doors. His nerves overpowered him and he landed on the rooftop. The idea of being in the crowd of excited Earthians—and other creatures—made his stomach flip. He glanced once more past the protective roof fence before entering the school from the top. He made his way down flights of stairs and hesitated, unsure about joining the crowd. He adjusted his vest and tie before making his way further down. His blue and black wigs were carefully pulled into his back, safely hidden. He was surrounded by energetic highschoolers and it was all too surreal. Azrael began to regret his decision, but where else could he turn?

    He was small but forced his way through the crowd to the receptionist, giving the best I.D. and resources of his identity he could. He wondered if this was where he would receive a uniform, if they offered them. Next, he would eager to find his room. And that was when the receptionist, with a warm smile, informed him that he would have a roommate who would be there shortly. The idea of sharing his space concerned him. Azrael had not mastered his main skill and if he felt too much excitement, fear or discomfort… then he would change. Even partially switching would be embarrassing enough.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Dante wasn't exactly doing what he wanted to today. Something happened a few miles away from his home that drew too much attention to the news, which only led to panic then eventually it disappeared. The male was up all night in the shadows trying to find out what had really happened only to see that it was just a random person starting up crazy shit. Today was the day that he would go undercover and study the new students at the Academy, maybe even recruit a few of them. He sighed to himself and stood up from sitting down on the window seal half of the morning. He had then grabbed his shades and slipped them on before making his way down to the school. The smell of broken dreams and foul food stung his nose and sickened him, what have people become? Not that he care anyway of the pity race, they make more of their own kind just to somehow end up killing them or killing themselves. He shrugged it off and continued to walk just to make sure he wasn't being followed. When he walked up to the double doors on the Academy, he had already sensed bad behavior which made him grin. "Great, just how I like it..." he said with a small laugh before walking inside. Only about a few minutes after he walked down the hallway, some stupid kid bumped straight into him knocking his shades right of his face and onto the floor. "Hey! Watch where..you're...going..." the kid slowed down his words when he took a glance at Dante's eyes. He gulped and watched as Dante picked up his shades and put them back on then stand close to him. He looked down at the small boy and grinned, "Shouldn't you be in class?" he asked not breaking gaze with the trembling male. The guy nodded and backed away before running off down the hallway and into class. Dante sighed before straightening his clothing and continuing down the hall.
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  6. Will
    Will leaned against the window and watched the new kids filter into the school. He was still without a roommate at the moment and he wasn't sure if that was going to change. Even if it didn't, he didn't mind, it meant more room for him. He was sure that people who came in would be interesting, they always were. Will got up from the window and glanced around the room. He had set up his spot and it was neat, although he doubted it would stay that way for long. The room had photos on the board next to his bed with pictures of his family and old friends. He had one of his dad in the corner, it had been a little over two years since his death and even though his mom had remarried, Will had never really taken to her new husband, it just didn't feel right.

    Will picked up his sweatshirt and put it on, he had decided to walk around a little bit. He opened the door and closed it softly behind him. He could see kids being led around the school by people so he figured he might as well head back down to the receptionist to see if he could be used for anything, its not like he was doing anything anyway. He started walking and zipped up his sweatshirt.

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