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  1. Life is like a box of cereal. You always know what you're gonna get. Unless it's a cockroach. Then you'll be unpleasantly surprised.
  2. [​IMG]
    ​But, what if it's sexy?
  3. O.O That is a sexy cockroach.
  4. I'm super cereal right now.
  5. He's also a serialcereal killer.
  7. If there's a cockroach in it....?


    That's how you solve that problem.
    Bon appetit, dears!
  8. This one time a cockroach came into my room at night and I thought it was my cat scratching at the door because it was making this weird scratching noise. Anyway, I get up and open the door and no cat is there. Then I turn around to get into my bed kinda scared (I am a wimp) and I step on it... with my bare foot. It was rather disgusting.
  9. Such is the life of an Iwakuan Footsoldier.

  10. Wait... so you love me?
  11. With pancakes and syrup.
  12. Oh dear! It is dangerous being a blueberry.
  13. and not to mention diseases that would make Papa Nurgle vomit in disgust.