Cereal killer? [Game]

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  1. There is a killer that dresses up as cereal ad. characters and kills people. There are cops, victims and detectives. Here is what they all do:
    Cops: tries to find the killer by sending me a PM of their guess of the killer/suspect. Only 1 guess a day. I fyou dont guess one day, the next day you have 2. (points accumulate.)

    Victims: Characters that volunteer to be killed at some point in the storyline.

    Detective: Knows who is a cop and the next 5 victims in no specified order.

    There can only be 3 cops, infinite victims and 1 detective. There needs to be at least 10 players. If you say 'Im in' on this post then you are entered to be any of these positions. Cops and the detective will be filled first. COPS MUST SEND WHO THEY THINK IS THE KILLER IS TO ME. DETECTIVES CAN MAKE ARRESTS IF THEY THINK A COP IS OUT OF LINE!!! AFTER SAYING IM IN PUT BACON AND CHEESE ALSO SO I KNOW YOU HAVE READ THIS. I WILL CHOOSE WHO THE KILLER IS AND THERE IS ONLY ONEE!! (killer chooses what cereal killer he is) When th ekiller is caught, another round will start.
  2. Im in i wanna be that one detective.
  3. I'm in. Bacon and cheese is rather delicious, don't you think?