CEO's and Siblings - Isabelle x Milton, Oz x Nickolas.

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  1. Today Isabelle was dropping Charlie back to Nick's house. He was excited to see his son. his ex-wife? Not so much. He was also preparing to interview a possible nanny. Both Isabelle and himself worked for the same company and had high demands of work, looking after Charlie was difficult. After looking for a while, Nick believed he had found a possible person to look after his son.

    He straightened out his desk, hoping to give a good impression the woman would be working in a suitable environment. The desk was clean anyway, everything was in it's own place and was all ready for an interview. Nick straightened out his beige suit as he walked back out of the study into the large landing, which looked down over the lower floors of the large house. From outside his study, Nick could see the front door. Maybe he should just go and check if everything was ready for Charlie in his room. Just as he got to the boy's room, he heard the doorbell.

    Nick jogged down the stairs and unlocked the door, not greeting the stranger until he confirmed who it was.


    "Charlie darling, put mommy's shoes down." Isabelle sat in the front of her black Mercedes, eyes shaded with huge sunglasses. Her son was in the back, rooting through his mothers bag and playing with the trainers he found. She was planning on visiting the gym on the way home.

    Ever since her split with Nick, Isabelle had managed to buy her own relatively large home and had recovered as well as she could. Her and Nick definitely still had that competition and contempt between them, but it had diffused considerably since the divorce. She tried her best mainly for her son. "Sweetie please." Isabelle had to ask him again as she drove down the roads, focusing on getting her son to his other home.

    When she reached the door of her old home, she noticed a figure standing outside of the house. It when occurred to her that Nick wanted a nanny. Isabelle requested she looked after her son when she could, but Nick was keen on having a nanny, "Come on Charlie!"

  2. tragus-piercing-body-art-for-girls-piercing-ear-scarlett-johansson-pics.jpg

    Having spent the better part of the morning pouring over clothes in the hotel room, making her brother help her pick an outfit, she had finally settled on a nice blouse with blazer. Not that her brother supported it, but she’d be damned if she wore a dress, nice dark jeans and brand new converse completed the look. If she wasn’t going to get the job she’d be damned sure it wasn’t because she didn’t feel comfortable enough to answer his questions. With her hair pulled back into a bun on the back of her head she wore her glasses, trying to look as professional yet approachable as she could.

    After returning to England from a long time off from the real world, she had sworn off working with archaeology and anthropology. By far over qualified to be a nanny, there weren’t any better prospects right then that would actually pay the bills. Her brother always picked up a job as though he belonged everywhere he went, it was honestly irritating. The train ride and walk to the house had only reinforced her decision to not wear heels, her brother tagging along for fear someone might do something to her. It was adorable, if unnecessary.

    Standing in front of the large doors, in front of a mansion she could never afford in her wildest dreams, Ozymandias suddenly began to doubt she could take care of anyone in this tax bracket. Leaving her brother at the fence, his glances through the fence telling her he wasn’t going to leave. With several fake confident knocks she waited, not long, as the door opened on a man that seemed far too young to have an eight year old.

    “Hi, I’m Ozymandias Byrne, here to interview for the nanny position?”

    Oz had been making him watch her try on clothing all morning and he was almost positive he was bleeding through his eyes. How someone as pretty as her had such insecurity issues was beyond him, he had come to terms with his own effect on the opposite sex. It no longer bothered him but was just a part of his life. Knowing better than to let her loose in the world, especially as she was meeting up with some man for a job at his home. It always helped to have someone along who could be the protector if things went wrong.

    Having dressed in his business casual clothes, an all grey suit, he got many a look as well on the train. Paying less attention to those he focused in on his plans for the day, well after he was doing his own baby sitting and ensuring she was okay. Wanting to go sight see, he wanted to get a feel for the new country he found himself in. The last time they had been here, both he and his sister had been too young to remember much. It was also a great way to make new friends, having needed some social interaction for a few months. His twin being the only person he’d been around for a long time.

    Giving Oz a reassuring pat on the back, Milton found himself glancing through fancy iron gates to watch her, seeing the door swing open and a younger looking man answer the door. Not thinking he was more than their age, it was weird that he had a son so old. Well…not old per say but definitely not an infant. Watching her reaction, moving into the house he leaned against the wall waiting. His phone was on loud in his pocket, ready to storm the castle if he got a text or call from her. Seeing a car pulling around he raised an eyebrow looking inside as it passed. A middle aged attractive woman and a young boy. Guessing it was the wife and son he wondered why they were hiring a nanny if it was a two parent home.
  3. "Oh, Miss Byrne. Come in." Nick opened the door properly as he finally cracked a smile, opening the door for her. He shook her hand with strength before stepping aside. She seemed young and was dressed sensibly, something Nick liked to see in a person taking care of his son. "Follow me to my office and we can begin talking." Nick said, closing the door behind Oz. He nodded at her as he begun to walk up the large stairs. Once they reached his office, Nick offered Oz a seat opposite him and Nick sat down.

    "So, It's nice to finally meet you." Nick smiled, lacing his fingers in front of his chest before leaning forward. "Now, I'm sure you know who I am and all, I know enough about you to feel like you're capable enough." Nick started, talking like this was another business meeting, "I think the most important thing is your understanding of my son." He nodded. As he went to say more, he heard the front door open and the excited patter of feet into Charlie's room, "Ah, Isabelle must of brought Charlie home." He smiled, although the name of his ex-wife left a stingy taste in his mouth.

    With her hand on her son's, Isabelle walked down the driveway with purpose, her heels making an intimidating click along the way. As she got to the door, she eyed the man waiting outside. "Charlie honey, go and put your dinosaurs back in their homes!" Isabelle handed Charlie his backpack and he excitedly ran into his home. Her son wanted to grow up to work with dinosaurs, his room was covered with Jurassic park memorabilia and all the dinosaur toys you could imagine. Although Isabelle was amused by the fact Charlie was the only kid not to be terrified of the T-rex.

    "Hello? Are you the new nanny? I assumed Nick would hire a woman." Isabelle turned to the young man waiting outside of Nick's house. She wasn't being that rude, but Isabelle was blunt with her words. "Nick is inside if you're waiting for him." Isabelle took off her large sunglasses and moved her hair away from her face. She eyed the man. He didn't seem her age, but probably not far off. Definitely younger than Nick. But then again, Isabelle always said that Nick's soul was older than his face.
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