Centaur girl and young knight

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  1. Well, I think and i want ask you, if interest on someone a RPG with centaurs. My Idea of plot are:

    The actions spend in Middle Ages. A young servant boy aspire to be a knight. All tkink he not capable to be a knight and not give a horse. Also, all horse not accepted and it gave lower in saddle. In a day, in forest the young boy meat a nice teenager centaur girl, which accpeted for equitation lesson and open the way by his dream.
    Not more time start a war and young boy is called a war. He make a team with centaur girl in this war.

    My character are centaur girl.
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  2. I think you need to polish your ideas, refine them and make them look more presentable, as well as coherent. The idea has some thought into it at the very least, but it looks all too bare.
  3. Hello! I will be here youre ideas.
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