Centaur Female. MxF Looking for Sub/Dom Males.

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  1. Hello! I'm Akumulosis or Aku as many many people have taken to calling me. So recently I started planning a single centaur rp with someone, and it just got me so excited! I really wanted to do more of it, as I just love the idea, as much as it might be weird to a few people to like such things. Now, What I am looking for is a submissive or dominant guy. I have no leaning towards either, and have plots for each. I am also not looking for another centaur. I am looking for a human, flat out at that. No furries or anything of the sort outside of that. I am sorry If I am to specific with all of this, but I just want it all to go good. Here is a small list of rules.

    1. I don't care about your grammar as long as I can read it then it is fine.
    2. Posting length is a different thing though. I am an adaptive roleplayer and will just write the same length as you. Unless it is less than a paragraph. That is all I require.
    3. I mostly roleplay through PM, but I of course don't mind threads.
    4. Please, please don't try to get into sex as fast as possible. I want a relationship first. No fuck at first sight stuff.
    5. I like waffles...and eclairs. :3
  2. Aku~ (~^-^)~ Does this mean you're open for an RP now?
  3. I'd love to do a centaur RP with you. :D *gives eclair*
  4. Hello! I love trying out different and interesting plots and I also know how hard it is sometimes to get a plot going that you really want to do. So if you are still looking for a dom male character please shoot me a message, I'd love to rp with you.
  5. Centaurs x humans YES PLEASE!
  6. Always looking ^-^
  7. Oh what the heck... I'll give it a try if you are still open :D

    *hands pancake* >:D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.