Celty's Partner Search (Lots of Plots and Pairings inside!)

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[bg=#0000FF] Hello those who are interested! If there are any of you... I guess...

Anyways! Here are a few things to know about me before you decide to rp with me:

  • Post length: I will not accept one liners on any occasion. Not even on Christmas. I typically require atleast one paragraph of 5-7 sentences.

  • Grammar: Capitalization, punctuation and correct spacing are what I consider suitable requirements. I'd appreciate correct spelling, but sometimes an error in that is acceptable.

  • Libertine: I will not roleplay libertine plots with anyone under age 18. These plots don't necessarily need libertine.

  • Roles: I generally play female roles when it comes to libertine RPs. I am not interested in learning on how to play a male role for Libertine, but I will play male for certain non Libertine plots, for a good reason. My characters are a wide variety of dominant and submissive.

  • Activity: If you plan on disappearing for a while, please let me know. Even it's because you're bored. Otherwise I will continue to weekly pester you to respond.


And now for the plots and pairings!

Note: The role I'd prefer to play is in bold. If nothing is in bold, then I'll happily play the either role.



Slice of Life/Modern
Idol x Fan/Normal Person
Teacher x Student
New Employee x Strict CEO
Mafia Leader x Office worker
Mafia Leader x Heir of Yakuza

Diety x Human
Diety x Yokai
Human x Yokai
Witch x Human

Science Fiction
Hybrid/Experiment x Scientist
Hybrid/Experiment x Human
Alien x Human

Historic (can contain Fantasy if requested)
Gladiator Slave x Master
Assassin x Noble
Samurai x Shogun
Peasant/Servant x Noble


Slice of Life/Modern
Idol group x Normal Person
Mafia members x Leader

Dieties x Human
Yokai x Diety
Monsters/Demons x Demon/Monster King
Monsters/Demons x Human
Magical Girls x Human
Magical Girls x Familiar God

Science Fiction
Hybrid/Mutants x Human
Aliens x Human

Historic (Can contain fantasy)
Bandits x Traveler
Servants x Noble
Assassins x Target
Samurai x Shogun




This plot contains: Comedy, Drama, Japanesque Feel, Liberteen, Optional Lesbian, Reference to Folklore, Romance

A long time ago MC and YC were best friends. The two met in primary school, at the summer festival, playing one of the games that all the children were good at. MC was always a shy girl, with two or three friends. Throughout both lower and secondary school, her shyness attracted many boys, but she never went out with any of them, claiming there was someone she already had in her sights. YC was a bit of a troublemaker, but had a sense of righteousness, as well as good organization skills, and was definitely the more responsible one of the two. The day that MC decided to confess her true feelings, YC told her that they'd be moving, and left the next day, never to be seen again. The two were separated for years. That is until they accidentally move in next to each other, now they have the possibility to make up for the time lost seeing as summer vacations are just around the corner.

Classical Pianist x Punk Rocker
This plot contains: Comedy, Drama, European Feel, Optional Libertine, References to Classical Art, Satire

MC is a classical pianist, who is working on their dream of becoming a player in an International Symphonic Orchestra. YC is a member of a rising punk rock band. The band is well known among all age groups, with one or two songs that are recognizable for anyone who keeps up with the music of modern popculture. YC happens to move into the apartment next to MC. These two musicians from very different sides of theie world don't get along at first, but after a while they begin to grow intimate with each other.


This plot contains: Action, Adventure, Extreme Violence, Gore, Magic, Optional Harem, Optional Libertine, Optional Romance, Physical Abuse, Psychological Thinking,

YC is an adventurer, traveling the world seeking thrill and adventure. They come across a rather strange town, and soon come to realize that after entering, that they are unable to leave. They make their way through the town and find out that the only way out is to climb to the highest floor in the center tower. YC, confident in their skills, voyages into the tower. On the way up, they come across MC. The two join forces, although MC seems to be nothing more than a nuisance. MC turns out to be a powerful support, locked away in the tower for hundreds of years. They know a lot about the tower, and prove to be a helpful addition to the party as the story continues. But will the two of you be enough to clear the tower?

In the year 3025, Earth had finally been able to unite as a world, achieving world peace and creating a world-wide system. A long time ago, an angry god threatened to destroy the world and start from scratch again. The people of the world decided to offer a sacrifice, in order to calm the god's rage. They ended up sacrifing an entire nation, allowing the god to do whatever he pleased with the land and the people within the nation. It wasn't a large country, and only a sixteenth of the world's population was given up. In other words, the government had made a rather smart move in their sacrifices.

Within that nation, the citizens lost their abilities to think, becoming mindless zombies in the new land of sacrifice. It was a necessary loss. Every thought within the land formed into a physical projection, and these projections materialized within seconds. Each human's last thought had turned into some kind of creature, and these creatures wander among the zombies.

MC is one of these creatures. They take the appearance of a human, although they have abilities similar to but lesser to the god of the world. YC is a prophesied human who travels into the world, mind intact. YC learns more about the world and uses his abilities of thought to rise against the god, planning to overthrow him.

This post contains: Action, Adventure, Anime Physics, Dark Theme, Historic Settings, Japanesque Feel, Magic, Ninjas, Optional Libertine, Psychological Themes,
MC is a ninja recently graced with inherited powers. She finds herself facing off their clan's greatest enemy, after an attack on the clan's palace. Along the way she meets YC, who is a member of an ancient ninja clan, thought to no longer be in existence. The two of them begin to work together to defeat the enemy, learning more about each other as they do so. Will they be enough to stop them?

This Plot contains: Action, Adventure, Anime Physics, Character Death, Dark Themes, Fantasy, Libertine, Magic, Psychological themes, Ronance, Science Fantasy
History books usually don't tell the whole truth.
During the Primordial age, when humans were starting to walk out of caves, they were ruled over by the creatures of the night. Yes, the very same creatures you think of. Goblins, Wraiths, Demons, etc. Humans were used as numerous things: Slaves, play-things, meals, anything that their masters could think of, it happened. They were the epitome of the sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. Under their rule for thousands and thousands of years, the humans flourished and grew, until they began to think for themselves. They began to steal, lie, cheat, and stand up to their masters. Usually this met an untimely end, but that was all about to change.
During the Dark Ages, a human boy and girl stole from the archives of their masters. The magical Zenith archives. These archives were used to teach young fledgling magic users. A practice that was forbidden to humans and other lower species.
How they received tomes and books without alerting their masters is still a mystery, but with this knowledge and their natural abilities, the humans slaves fought back their masters. Soon it was an all-out war.
Surprisingly, The humans were winning. Their tenacity to be rid of their overlords caused them to do things that their enemies couldn't even fathom.
The boy and girl, fully realized mages of the magical arts, the leaders of the human revolution, fought back with all the power at their disposable With their powerful magic, they sealed all the creatures of the night in another dimension. The nightmare was gone, and very soon the human race forgot all about the magic that they used. It was no longer needed, seeing now they were safe and were allowed to do what they pleased.
They grew and grew, until the human race became what it was today. Billions and Billions of people, all of different races and creeds, yet so divided.
The barrier is weakening. Holes are beginning to appear, and all sorts of creatures are squeezing through.
The only hope of keeping the barrier from falling, and repeating the nightmare that kept them from being free, is placed in the offspring of the first Wizard and Witch. The same boy and girl who led the revolt against their masters. The creatures of the night know this, and so does the only line of defense against these creatures. The order of The Black Rose.
Now it's an all out race to see who can reach the fabled Witch/Warlock first.


This post contains: Action, Anime Physics, Comedy, Drama, Libertine, Modern, Romance
YC is an average, honest-living person. They have lived a good life through hard work and a positive attitude. With plenty of friends, a good job, and a decent home, YC has never had any second thoughts on their actions. A large box arrives on YC's doorstep one morning. Out of curiousity, YC opens the box, only to find MC with no clothes on in the box. After they adjust to the strange sight, they realize that there is a switch on MC's back. They are not a human, but rather some kind of inorganic organism, or a robot of sorts. When MC awakens they claim to be some sort of servant for YC. What could possibly make this situation anymore insane?

More plots will be added later!

This post contains: Comedy, Drama, Libertine, Modern, Realistic Physics, Slice of Life
YC is fresh of college and seeking a job in the business management industry. They find an offer with a salary of 350,000.

After doing a bit of research they find out that they had five people in the position, but all of them had quit within a month of getting hired. Curious as to what caused so many people to quit so soon, you do a bit more research in the company.

The company is rather normal company, although a rather successful company with multiple fields. YC decides to apply for the job. A week later, without any kind of interview, they are notified that they got the job.

When they start the work at the company headquarters, they find that the six other people they're working with are all beautiful women, including the president herself. Unfortunately, each of these women have some kind of odd quality, each more weirder than the next. Will they be able to handle the job? Or will they quit from the strangenes of the job?

This Plot contains: Action, Adventure, Anime Physics, Comedy, Fluff, Libertine, Magic, Romance, Satire
YC is a new adventurer. There is no particular reason for your adventure, but you have a goal of forming the strongest party in the whole world. Everyone tells YC that it's impossible, until one day they come across a town and some random girl asked if she could join your party. They weren't having much luck in getting many members as it was so you decided to let her join. They later learned that she's actually one of the strongest gunners in the country. Together they travel across the world, gaining members and experience, and gradually becoming a party of 7 people, considered the strongest team ever. Will they stay this way?

More plots will be added later!


I refuse to use any cannon characters for these plots, but I don't mind doing a roleplay with borrowed ideas from a Fandom. This rule has a few exceptions.

(I've watched a lot more than this, so if you have something else your interested in doing with me don't be afraid to ask)
Tokyo Ghoul
Mekaku City Actors
Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Madoka Magica
Soul Eater
Darker than Black
Kill La Kill
Fairy Tail

Okay, so for this idea, obviously the main characters can't be taken out. I refuse to use the TV Series given personalities though. You can use the personalities from the game, or replace them with your own.
Also, I refuse to roleplay Animals or Furries, so obviously that means pokemon too. However, gijinka forms of pokemon are not out of the equation.
I have a specific plot for this game that I've been craving to try.
Okay so we all know of this guy, right?

The guy who goes, "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"
I want to give him an entire personality, and pair him up with the main character, but without Libertine. I don't have too many details decided yet, but I'm willing to throw ideas out with anyone who's interested in trying this out.
Earth Bound
Fire Emblem
This one I will allow the cannon characters to take part of.
Once again, no furries, but I'm willing to pair up human/personified versions of the villagers.
Another fandom I'm okay with bringing in cannon characters.
Also, no furries or anthro, but personified/human versions are okay.

American Cartoons/Animations
Adventure Time
Cartoon Hangover stuff
Steven Universe
My Little Pony

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If you're looking, I'm interested in "Diety x Human" and "Human x Yokai"

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Romance, Mature, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, fantasy, Magical Vampires
I was interested in one of your harmed rps

Enkou666 Regedashi

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I'm interested in your Magical Girls x human idea.


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I'm interested in either the separated best friends SoL plot or a SAO related plot.


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I would be interested in the Idol x normal person, the teacher x student, employee x CEO pairings
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