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  1. McMurry - Location: Auditorium - Orientation Day - Mood: Annoyed - January 5, 2015
    Mrs. McMurry paced backstage, glancing out the curtains every once in a while to check if everyone was seated but alas everyone was either walking around or talking. Sighing Mrs. McMurry grabbed a mic and in a calm voice said, "Will everyone please take there seats and quite down so we may begin."

    Peaking out the curtains again McMurry saw the students taking a seat and following directions. Once students were seated McMurry walked out from behind the curtains and slowly made her way to the podium. Shifting her eyes to look at the students McMurry saw the first years look as nervous as the teachers, well most teachers McMurry thought looking at a certain red haired teacher smirking at the students. Stepping up to the podium McMurry adjusted the mic before speaking again. "Welcome students! Whether you're returning or new year we are glad to have you join us for another great year. I do hope we won't have as many problems as last year but, I'm sure with the help of the new teachers this year will be fantastic."

    McMurry paused to look around before continuing, "There are a few rules I need to go over before you can go off to your dorms. Firstly, no leaving your assigned dorm room after lights out. We will not accept the use of your element on a student outside of class. Any fighting will lead to detention. Detention is held every Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 pm. Remember do not leave school grounds. Leaving school grounds means leaving the schools protective barriers. Do not I repeat do not under any circumstances attempt to kill or severely harm another student or teacher. Doing so will lead to immediate expulsion. Now for all new students you should have gotten a welcome packet as well as a map and schedule with your dorm number on it. Please be sure to read though the packet and actually look at the map. We don't want you to get lost. Now for all returning students you should have your schedule and room number. Be sure to not cause your dorm leaders too much trouble, wouldn't want them quitting on us like the last teachers."

    Pausing again McMurry looked around to make sure everyone had understood. "Now to conclude orientation I would like to say what happens here will shape your future. Our goal is to make sure you do not diverge from your path. We don't wish for any of you to fall into darkness." McMurry paused for a moment thinking of an old friend of hers before continuing, "Thank you for your time and I do hope you enjoy your time here."

    Exiting to the backstage McMurry's only thought was of hope that nothing would go wrong this year.

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  2. Jules - Location: Auditorium

    The first few days of school, aside from the last few days, was always the most exciting period of time for Julia "Jules" Harper. Aside from all the returning faces that she was familiar with, there would always also be a new batch of first years, new students who could potentially make for new friends! Of course, admittedly she was used to the routine by now as a third year, so it didn't take very long for her to get seated and silent at the request of Headmistress McMurry, the student listening intently to the speech, even occasionally nodding as the girl put her hands in her lap and simply continued hearing her out.

    The rules were as expected. One thing Jules was glad about was how little things seemed to change around the academy. Change was bad, unless it was good. Yeah. As expected, she already had her schedule and room number by now. Being the charming little sister of a teacher certainly had its perks!

    In any case, after letting out a small giggle (that probably ended up making her feel awkward when she imagined she was the only one to do so) at Headmistress McMurry's mentioning of last year's teachers quitting, Jules would continue to listen until the orientation would wrap up, and with that, stand up, before wondering what to do now.

    Mmm... What time is it again? I already forgot if I had breakfast... but that's okay! I can have it again even if I did! Though... If I get caught eating at the wrong time, Luke will probably scold me again...

    Aaaach, come to think of it, I'm actually hungry now!

    From the point of view of the others around her, Jules was evidently so deep in thought that she was visibly making faces at her own thoughts, pouting deeply at the realization that she was hungry.
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  3. Rosellie Keller - Location: Auditorium - Orientation Day - Mood: Excited - January 5, 2015

    As Rose thanked the teacher handing her her schedule, welcome packet, and map before following the crowd to the auditorium. There were a lot of people here it was quite intimidating to Rose. Glancing around Rose spotted an empty seat next to a scrawny boy with red hair. Cautiously walking over Rose slid into the seat next to him waiting for Orientation to begin.

    It was the end of the Orientation as Rose made he way to the girls dorm. The walk there was quiet with the occasional shout from people who knew each other. It was the scenery that took Rose's breath away. There were tree's as far as the eye could see and the sun was just above the tree line. Stopping in front of the Dorm House Rose finally came to the realization that she was actually here. At the place that will teach her to use her element. Slowly Rose walked up to the door fearing this was all a dream but alas as Rose opened the door she found a beautiful room. The room was extravagant. The walls were a cream color while the couches were white. There was a large TV in front of the couches. A walk way was to left of the living room while a a archway was to her left. In front of her was a set of stares. Deciding to explore later Rose walked up the stairs looking for her room.

    Room 4 was the last room to the right. Opening the door Rose was met by a spacious room with four beds. A bunk bed and two twin beds. Torn between the bottom bunk or the bed next to the bunk beds but finally coming to a decision Rose chose the bed next to the bunk beds. Finally after a long day Rose set her things down next to her bed and plopped onto the bed sighing in content.

    Sarah Louise - Location: Auditorium - Orientation Day - Mood: Bored - January 5, 2015

    To say the least Sarah was bored. She had been sitting in the same seat for the past 5 minutes. Not to mention it was loud in here. It wasn't until Sarah's patience was almost gone when Headmistress McMurry finally told everyone to sit down and shut up. Well not in those exact words. Sarah listened halfheartedly to Mrs. McMurry's speech only really listening when she mentioned the rules.

    Once the speech had ended Sarah quickly got up and left the auditorium before she fell asleep. Taking a walk felt like a good idea to Sarah so turning away from the dorm's Sarah started of on her adventure. Of course there wouldn't be any actual action in this adventure but, she will hopefully get some peace of mind.

    Sirius Kain - Location: Auditorium - Orientation Day - Mood: Amused - January 5, 2015

    Sirius stood to the back of the teachers as he was one of the taller ones. Looking at all the nervous and scared first years made Sirius smirk. He couldn't wait for classes to start so he can give them hell. Listening intently to Headmistress McMurry speech and wondering about what happened to last years teachers to make them quit.

    As the speech ended Sirius decided to get to know hes fellow teachers as to not be a complete loner. Looking around at the teachers he noticed there weren't as many as he originally though there would be. Seeing a figure in the corner of his eye's Sirius looked to his right to find a short man with silverish black color. Smirking Sirius decided he would try and talk to him. "Hey shorty. Names Sirius."

    Lilith Mouse - Location: Auditorium - Orientation Day - Mood: Happy - January 5, 2015
    As the auditorium filled Lilith found herself more and more happy to finally be here. She had been extremely excited to finally be able to teach. It was always a dream of her's. As Mrs. McMurry began her speech Lilith listened intently, though had a hard time since her head was consumed with thoughts of topics she can talk about in class. Although one thing that did manage to knock her thoughts away was the mention of the teachers quitting last year. None the less Lilith listened to the rest of the speech before making her way to the girls dorm. She was a dorm leader there so she needs to make sure the students find there rooms and get settled in.​
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  4. Dorian

    As the head mistress concluded her speech, a loud snore echoed throughout the auditorium.

    Lounging back in his chair, with his feet propped up on the one in front of him, Dorian's main concerns at the moment were mostly unrelated to academia. Though he did manage to find a decent use for his schedule; it made for an excellent sleeping mask.

    Another cacophonous snore bellowed out from the young man, resulting in a few hushed giggles scattered amongst the audience. Suddenly, a sharp elbow in the side and a stern "A-HEM" from a neighboring student woke Dorian with a start.

    "I WASN'T - HEURK!" The startled exclamation was cut short as Dorian inhaled the schedule-turned-sleeping-mask with a gasp. A few gags and wet coughs later, and Dorian successfully dislodged his schedule-of-many-uses from his esophagus-of-snoring.

    "I, uh, I probably won't need that anyway." Dorian smirked sheepishly at the student beside him, whose face was transfixed with a partially incredulous and partially disgusted expression, before balling up the drool soaked schedule and tossing it away.

    All in all, a normal start to the school year for the lethargic 18 year old.

    Kit wandered about the auditorium, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of students present. As he had spent most of his time prior to the academy in an industrial town, he was mostly used to seeing old dusty codgers and sweaty middle aged men covered in oil (which is not to say that he disliked said people; they smelled bad, usually, but they made the yummiest food!).

    Most of all, he couldn't believe that there were so many students his age! For the first few minutes, Kit moved from student to student, greeting them with a hug and a smile. Some of the students recoiled, and some seemed indifferent, but Kit didn't mind; new friends don't always happen overnight!

    Eventually, the sound of the head mistress' voice echoed through the room. Not wanting to cause trouble, Kit happily skipped to a seat on the front row; the lights on the aisle floors flickering as he passed them.

    He listened intently to the mistress, who he noted to be very pretty but kind of scary, and made sure to memorize every rule as soon as she said them. When she mentioned the welcome packet, Kit immediately looked down to flip through his pa-...

    Kit didn't have a packet.

    As the realization grew heavier and heavier in his mind, Kit started to breath a little harder, and his eyes frantically scanned the room. Maybe he set it down somewhere? Or maybe he never got one!?

    I can't believe I lost my packet! It's my first day and I messed up! he thought to himself. As his mind continued to race, unbeknownst to him, his aura slowly expanded, causing several lights on the stage to flicker ominously as well.

    Maybe I can ask for another one... Ooh, that's so embarrassing though! I'll just look for it after everyone's gone... Yeah, I'll just wait till everyone's gone so I can look for it without bothering anyone.

    Kit continued to reassure himself until his mild panic attack subsided; his aura soon following suit. He wiped a few newly formed tears from his eyes and returned his focus to the mistress.

    Once the speech had concluded, and the students started to file out of the room, Kit slipped to a corner to wait until the room was empty.

  5. I C A R U S
    {x} location : auditorium
    {x} mentioned: Rosellie @Lulunopia, Dorian @Oaken

    {x} interactions : --
    Icarus had hung onto every word that the Head Mistress was saying, his schedule held tightly in his hand even when she spoke. Although he was a second year, he was new here, not having that first year prior to actually span out and get to know people. He was alone here, and he knew he was going to be alone for awhile, until he forced himself to crawl out of his little awkward shell and either make some friends, or just accept his fate as the school's shut out nerd. By the end of the Head Mistress' speech, Icarus was lost in his own thoughts, only catching the tail end of her 'do not follow the path of darkness' speech. He doubted he'd follow the path of darkness, or even light-- he probably wouldn't make it a week in the school before accidentally burning down the dorm room after spotting a suspicious looking dust mite and mistaking it for a spider. Deep down, he felt his time was limited; he just wanted to draw it out as long as possible. He couldn't help but let his eyes travel to who sat next to him, her hair was nearly as vibrant as his; such an odd lilac shade. She had to be about a first year, she looked young, or maybe just a late bloomer as a second year. He forced his eyes away for the sake of not staring, however, jumped significantly when the older boy seated near him started to not only snore, but also choke.. on his schedule. Icarus grimaced. That was certainly a lovely welcome into Celsius Academy, and he could only look down at his own clean, unwrinkled schedule as he stood, following the line of students through the rows of seats, glancing down at Dorian as he walked past and rolling his eyes. Thankfully he bit his snarky tongue, just forcing his eyes downward as he shuffled along with the fellow student body, heading for his dorm room, room six, to settle in for the year. He couldn't help but worry about who he'd be staying with, his first guess was going to be that they were a bunch of stereo-typical academy boys, probably sneaking in alcohol and the such. He grimaced at just the thought. The red-headed boy just told himself to calm down, to stop worrying, that everything would work out fine. But with his luck, he felt other wise. Like suspected, his first year here was probably going to be chaos-- especially with his new room mates.

    O P H E L I A
    {x} location: auditorium
    {x} mentioned: Evangeline @Wanderlust
    {x} interactions: Lilith @Lulunopia

    Ophelia stood against the wall, despite not being extremely tall, her arms crossed with a bored, tired expression on her face. She didn't care to watch McMurry walk across stage to give the generic 'welcome!' speech, and she didn't bother to scan the crowd to look at the students, both old and new, because she'd be seeing them in her class soon. Blue eyes were just looking forward, unintentionally staring into the back of some poor teacher's head-- a girl that was taller than her, with soft caramel colored hair. She just blinked owlishly once she realized she had been staring, looking off to the side as the students began to clear out in poor, confused herds, her eyes casting over to caramel colored hair again for just a moment before Ophelia pushed herself off the wall, practically strutting over to where another dorm leader, Lilith, was, catching her before she actually managed to lead the girls off. "Hey, I'm gonna sit this one out, I'm sure you'll do greeeaaaat with the kids." She said as she clamped a hand over the woman's shoulder, giving her a pat before eventually letting the hand slide off. "Just don't dangle fresh meat in their faces, or cute boys, you'll make it out alive." She teased with a snicker, letting her hand eventually drop off of Lilith's shoulder and fall back to her own side. She didn't want to head back to her own dorm yet, but she didn't want to lead a bunch of first years around either, just trying to find some sort of distraction to use as an excuse so she could avoid doing her actual job. She was such a great teacher.

    L U C I A N
    {x} location: auditorium
    {x} mentioned:
    {x} interactions: Sirius @Lulunopia

    Just like everyone else, Lucian was bored out of his mind, barely listening to the speech because it was all-too familiar to him. He'd heard it all before, from being a student here himself, to becoming a teacher here later in life. He didn't feel the need to listen too intently, it hadn't changed much; with the exception of the added 'light side, dark side, stay on the right path' speech that the Head Mistress spoke as a final warning to students. Lucian stood there with his arms crossed, his back straight and eyes observant, looking as bristly, yet professional as ever until he heard a voice beside him. It had snapped Lucian out of his little daze, visibly jumping just slightly as Sirius spoke to him. Not only did he jump, but when he processed what Sirius had said to him, he visibly bristled. "Excuse me?" He asked, arching an eyebrow as he seemed to give Sirius the look of 'you have five seconds to take that back', taking a little step to the side so he could properly glare up at Sirius-- oh boy, was he tall. And very large. It didn't stop Lucian from giving a defensive, icey glare up at the other, as if the latter couldn't literally snap him like a twig. "I am not short, I am moderately sized-- you're just unnaturally tall." Lucian said, biting the inside of his cheek as he tried to keep his cool. There were few things to set Lucian off, one of them was to call him small. The minute you called Lucian small was the minute you started running, because you'll have a small, angry man chasing after you. It was amusing to watch him bristle though, the word 'shortie' enough to make him look like a cat that had been placed in an icey bath.
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  6. Anastasia F. Dimity : In the Auditorium

    This is my second year. Not much to worry about. Ana thought to herself as she took a seat on a chair next to the isle. She looked around seeing some faces she could vaguely recall from the year before. They were different in a way, in the small details. Some guys got taller, some girls got prettier. She felt odd in the room of new people, seeing she still had the same hair style, but she nodded in satisfaction to her new scarf. Everyone likes scarves, right?
    After a minute of people quieting down she began listening to the Mrs. McMurry speech of, "Hello welcome... do this and you're expelled... have a nice day!" speech as last year. She zones out again pondering some reasons as to why some teachers quit, hoping everything was fine, though it usually was so the thought slipped from her mind once more.
    Anastasia shifted her gaze from the silk looking curtains on the stage to the group of new teachers Mrs. McMurry had recruited since her last semester. Younger. She concluded blinking around a little at their barely visible features. Her eyes widened for a minute at the oddly tall figure in the background. Can that be a teacher? What the hell is he teaching? Any shakes her head a little and attempts to focus on what McMurry was saying.
    "Thank you for your time and I do hope you enjoy your time here." With that a round of applause engulfs the room, following the Head Mistress off of the stage. She takes her purse and drags it over her shoulder, opening to her dorm information. Alright Any, let's go. With one last sigh, she makes her way out of the large room.

    Ms. Evangeline Carter : In the Auditorium

    Ms. Carter pulls her hair into a low pony tail, already getting uncomfortable with it on her shoulders. She pulls her shirt at the bottom, sending a smile at some of the first years, trying to reassure them. She stands back towards the wall, letting the cool surface support her weight. The lights dim and her boss Head Mistress McMurry on stage, which the students welcomed with some silence. Why is it so hot in here already? She winces at her own thought before moving her hair off her neck. She looks around recognizing some students she taught last year, remembering funny times with some clumsy students from the year before. She focuses back on the stage, but she can't see a new teacher is standing in front. Down in front. He must be the new plants teacher considering he's a tree. She rolls her eyes and shifts over, sighing a little. All of a sudden everyone was clapping and she just smiled and clapped along. The lights came on and now the day was beginning. She went to turn to walk away, when she saw turned to walk away, she see's a nice shuffling quickly through seats. I wonder who that was? She looked over to Lilith, trying to not get to curious about the teacher she will have to meet later.
    "Alright Ms. Mouse, lead the way," Eva states with a smile, not letting her thoughts wonder too far into anyone in particular.
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  7. A L A N A ♥ M O N T G O M E R Y - Current Whereabouts: Auditorium
    The welcome wagon wasn't one of Alana's most entertaining points of the year. She had already gone through the process in the previous year when she was a freshman. Doing the same routine again seemed redundant in her opinion yet she still had to attend. Orientation is for the young and foolish. She thought as she sat with her legs propped up on the chair in front of her. During the assembly the headmistress went over the rules, simple really but where there are rules, there are rule breakers. Alana fell directly on that fine line.

    As the assembly drew to its conclusion Alana found herself not only bored from the complete lack of interest, but in need of an early nap. Going all the way to her dorm was a bit more effort than she was willing to put forward but a tree will do all the same. It was something she had done often last year in between classes. I wish the headmistress mixed things up a little. Would've been more interesting. She sighed as she picked up her schedule from the floor and exited the building. Next stop was the first tree she could find.

    S A M ♦ W E S T L E Y - Current Whereabouts: Auditorium
    Sam gladly accepted the welcome packet. It had everything he would need and would save him the trouble of asking for directions. He took a seat near the back so it would be easier to leave after the assembly had concluded. So far so good. He thought as the headmistress began her spiel about the school. He retained everything she said as if his life depended on it. This woman did not look like someone he would want to be on the bad side of.

    Before he knew it the assembly was over. Shoot. He looked down at the map, focused on trying to find the dorms as he made his way out. The herds of rushing freshman eager to explore were ready trample over him right outside the door. Luckily, Sam was just tall enough that the crowds of oncoming newbies tried to avoid him. With his destination set, he proceeded to the dorms to get settled in to his section before anything else.
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  8. Luke - Location: Auditorium

    "Perhaps it's a little bit of both, if I do say so myself," Mr. Lucas Harper, the young teacher (who seemed to surprisingly not be the youngest teacher around) who stood at a modest 5'8, would suggest, nonchalantly letting himself into the conversation between Lucian and Sirius, adjusting his glasses and giving them a nod as a greeting, "Good morning to you two, Mr. Yule, Mr. Kain. I trust that we'll start this school year off on civil terms, no?" He would inquire with a smile that some would say almost looked a little too nice, though anyone that knew Luke would know that he really was just that nice, and other teachers who knew Luke for the admittedly somewhat short term he had worked here, this year being his second year of teaching, that he was evidently hard to get a rise out of.

    Provided you weren't pushing the precise buttons.

    With his arms folded behind his back, the kind of posture you would expect from a well-mannered person who knew all there was to etiquette in day to day conversations, Lucas continued to speak.

    "The students are quite energetic this morning, and it seems that the teachers have caught some of that energy. Or perhaps it's the other way around? Hopefully we'll be able to keep the boys under control as dorm leaders, hmm?"

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  9. Cordelia Armethia Nelus De Yourne
    3rd Year Student Bisexual Auditorium
    Mentions/Interactions: Jules (Verite), Dorian (Oaken)

    Candy merely glanced around the auditorium before standing up from her seat, running her long slender fingers through her pink tresses as she did so. The headmistress just finished her speech and it caused quite a buzz of excitement around her. Everyone was so... happy...and busy. She saw a lot of activity around her and its starting to get on her nerves. She saw a couple of girls huddled among themselves, freshmen looking lost and guys being rude and noisy.

    "This is so boring" Candy sighed out of irritation, clicking her tongue hard and loud before pulling a lolly out of her pocket. Everything happening around her was the same for the past three years.. except for the guy from her class snoring so loud that a student sitting beside him woke him up. But overall, everything was the same.

    She unwrapped the candy and popped it in her mouth, her cherry red lips pursing as she sucked and savored the sweet candy. The excitement around her is starting to get on her nerves and if this keeps up she's going to have a bitch fit. She looked around the auditorium and scoured for some fresh meat. The only thing she can do right now to relax is to find a prey to play with or find someone o flirt with.

    Candy brushed the invisible dust off of her skirt before looking around. It seems like the interesting freshmen already went to the dorms and this pissed her off even more. Her eyes then found Jules who was deep in thought. "That could work" she muttered to herself before brushing her hair once again and unbuttoning the first two buttons from her blouse. She then pushed her breasts together and lifted them up to show her cleavage, sauntering towards the unsuspecting girl afterward.

    Her black stilettos clicked against the floor, her hips and hair swaying seductively as she walked in front of her prey. Candy and Jules never really talked before despite the two of them being in the same class for three years so this would be the first. She needed to leave a great impression.

    "Hey~" Candy greeted as she stood in front of Jules, popping out the lollipop from her red succulent lips before smiling sweetly, batting her long eyelashes for effect. "Looks like you're in deep thought. Perhaps..." She then leaned in incredibly close for a whisper, her perfectly manicured hand cupping her mouth as their bodies pressed against each other, her hot breath tickling the blonde's ear "you're thinking about me. Am I right, Jules?"
  10. Jules - Location: Auditorium

    With her brow furrowed as Jules crossed her arms, thinking over the extremely important matter of if she had already eaten or not, the girl was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice Candy approach her until she was right in front of her, becoming somewhat startled when the other girl would approach her with a peculiar mien. Jules had always been vaguely aware of Candy's existence, but didn't really know anything about her, having never talked to her before, so to see her here and now so suddenly in front of her...

    ... and uh, invading her personal space... was a bit... yeah.

    It was a little uncomfortable, but Jules would be lying if she'd tell herself that Candy didn't smell nice... or that she wasn't pretty.

    "A-Awawawa...?" She uttered in confusion at Candy's words.

    That said, she couldn't help but turn beet red and instinctively lean back, as though intimidated by Candy's confidence as the girl would lean in real close to her. Though not completely oblivious, Jules, cheery and "genki" as she was for a lack of a better term, wasn't used to the workings of flirting and other things concerning romance. Then again, neither did her brother, so maybe it was just something that ran in the family.

    Attempting to compose herself, Jules held up her hands and gave an uneasy laugh. "A-Ah... Candy, was it? What exactly brings you over to me so suddenly?" She asked. Jules didn't exactly want to sound any semblance of rude, but it was evident to the two of them that they were hardly acquaintances, likely knowing little more about each other than their names, so the more "innocent" girl had to wonder about it. Maybe now that this was their third year, perhaps Candy wanted to become more... social? From what little Jules knew about her, she had always been "social," but... Maybe that was a different kind of social.

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  11. Dorian

    Satisfied with his nap, Dorian stood and stretched; a rogue yawn escaping at the last moment.

    A quick scan of the room revealed that most of the student body had already dispersed. A few couples and clusters still spotted the auditorium, but nobody seemed to catch Dorian's interest.

    After a quick hand wipe across the chin to clear away any drool, Dorian started to saunter towards the door.

    "Woah, ladies, starting off early huh?" Dorian said with a smile as he walked past Jules and Candy, two female students that he recalled from last year; though he didn't quite recall seeing such an... interesting connection between them.

    "Remember, as older students, you're gonna be setting examples for all the newcomers," He called back to the pair as he neared the door, "Not that that's a bad thing."

    The courtyard was definitely bustling; a stark contrast to the now mostly deserted auditorium. Dorian noted that the natural clique sorting of school life was already in action moments after orientation.

    The jocks were with the jocks, the whores were with the whores (who were also with the jocks), and the nerds were with the nerds. Amidst all of the premade groups, several sizeable pods of wide-eyed freshmen scuttled across the courtyard, bouncing from group to group in hopes of eventually finding the nirvana of acceptance within this vast world of sex and self-loathing.

    "Ahh, home; how I've missed you." Dorian sighed to himself as he absorbed the spectacle. After spending a few minutes in the ambiance, he started towards the dorms.

    Along the way, his eyes were suddenly drawn to the image of a small girl with a large scarf. Dorian slowed for a moment, trying to place where he had seen the girl before. She looked familiar, but at the same time something seemed different...

    Ah, dammit, what was her name? It started with a, uh.... oh, an A. That's all I can remember... should be good enough, though.

    With a quick turn on his heel, his left leg swinging wide, Dorian successfully amended his course. He wouldn't engage in conversation just yet, it would be too hard to do so without a full name to use.

    "Yo, A!" He said as he strafed past the young girl, pivoting his body about to maintain eye contact "Nice scarf, I barely recognized you! It's very becoming on a woman like yourself."

    With a smile, Dorian turned again on his heel and meandered towards the dorms, satisfied with setting his hooks in yet another target. Whether or not he was actually successful meant little to him; merely the idea was enough.

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  12. Cordelia Armethia Nelus De Yourne
    3rd Year Student Bisexual Auditorium
    Mentions/Interactions: Jules (Verite), Dorian (Oaken)

    A small smile graced Candy's lips, her perfectly lined and pearly white teeth showing as Jules got flustered and red. Jules reaction was so cute that Candy can't help but want to tease her eveb more. She wanted to play with her and perhaps have lots of fun.

    Candy leaned away from Jules before grabbing her lolly and rubbing it on Jules' bottom lip to gloss it. She made sure to keep eye contact at the girl, just so she can really see her reaction. "Oh, nothing love. Just thought I'd say hello. We've been classmates for three years and we haven't really talked. But, how foolish of me not to notice your beauty? and your lips! I wonder what they taste like..." Candy whispered those last words as she started to lean in once again, planning to steal a kiss from Jules. Candy's been with a girl before so what's she's doing isn't really weird in her perspective.

    As their face grew incredibly close and their noses touched, Dorian decided to ruin the moment by strolling in and making comments. Letting off an irritated sigh, she leaned away from Jules once again and stood up straight, putting the lolly back into her mouth, twirling a strand of her pink hair afterwards. As much as she wanted to tease the hell out of Jules, Dorian was right. She needed to set an example and stop herself from raising the alarm bells of the first years. Who knows what will happen to her school year when the fresh meat learned she's just playing with them and stayed clear of her? "Fine. I'll behave... For now." She then turned around and started walking away towards the door, not even sparing a glance to Jules.

    She decided to head to the dorms and perhaps take a nap, before going back to attend class.
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  13. McMurry - Location: Her Office - Mood: Serious - January 5, 2015
    Interactions -

    McMurry paced her office, thoughts of the war filling her mind. She was worried they would break through the barrier. It was always a problem every year. They wanted to recruit people for there side but of course McMurry would do her best to not let that happen. It was of course her job the make sure students didn't delve into the dark side of life. Though she had been keeping a close eye on one student. Rochelle Diako. The one student McMurry wasn't sure what path she was following. None the less she wasn't who McMurry was worried about, no it was them she was worried about.

    "No need to worry Murry dear. All in good time they will come crashing down. Just like always," said a sickeningly sweet voice said from behind. Sighing McMurry turned around to come face to face with Vivian. Vivian stood at a height of 4'11" with long black hair reaching her mid-back. Her cold red eye's stared at McMurry as if she were her prey. "Vivian. I don't remember letting you in here." McMurry replied coldly. One person McMurry despised was Vivian.

    "Don't worry I only came with a message from you know who." Vivian paused making sure McMurry understood before continuing, "He say's 'We will be coming and there is nothing you can do to stop us." With that Vivian disappeared. McMurry clenched her fists in anger and frustration. He better not do anything stupid, McMurry thought to herself before walking to her desk to work on paperwork and distract herself from what Vivian had said.​

    Sirius Kain - Location: Auditorium - Mood: Amused - January 5, 2015
    Interactions - Verite: Lucas, Mysty: Lucian

    Chuckling to himself Sirius watched 'shorty' try and scare him. It wasn't working, obviously, cause' all Sirius felt was amused. Then again it took a lot to really scare Sirius. He was strong and big enough to take on most anyone. He didn't really need to worry unless it was Mrs. McMurry. It was only then that he would have to worry. As he was about to retort Sirius heard a voice to his left. Glancing over he saw Lucas one of his fellow teachers and dorm leader. Sighing Sirius answered, "No problem here. Just getting to know my little buddy here." He purposely put emphasis on little as to annoy the 'shorty'. He had just found himself something to entertain him when he's bored. Of course he also wishes to become friends with 'shorty' but, that will come in the future.

    Lilith Mouse - Location: Auditorium - Mood: Confused - January 5, 2015
    Interactions - Mysty: Ophelia, Wanderlust: Evangeline

    Lilith was walking toward the auditorium exit what Ophelia stopped her to basically say she was skipping out on her duties. Sighing Lilith called for first year students who didn't know where to go to follow her. Walking towards of to the girls dorm with a group of first years following her Lilith noticed a women with caramel colored hair walking just a way's in front of her. I know I've seen her before but were, Lilith thought to herself her face changing to one of confusion. Walking so she was just next to her Lilith finally spoke out to her, "Excuse me miss what's you name I can't seem to remember."
  14. I C A R U S
    {x} location : dorms
    {x} mentioned: --
    {x} interactions : --

    Icarus was just another face in the crowded hallways, probably mistaken for a freshman in between his scared, confused expressions, and the awkward way he clutched his schedule close as if it was his life line. And perhaps, maybe it was. Although his nervous expression blended in with that of the first years, his bright red hair made him stick out like a sore thumb, looking like a bad dye job despite the fact it was all natural. It had taken Icarus a few minutes to actually reach the dorm, having a hard time finding his way through the halls until he eventually ended up outside the dorm room. His home for the year. Icarus just stood in front of the door, gold eyes staring up as if he were a deer in headlights, glancing down at his papers to make sure that this was indeed it before he barged in. Indeed it was, boy's room six, but he hadn't the clue who his dorm mates were. He just hoped they'd be.. somewhat decent, after all, he was stuck with them for a year. He pushed his way inside the dorm, surprised by how nicely it was put together. He was expecting more brick walls, less class, this was so much nicer than expected, he could only stand there and stare. It was so much nicer than anything he'd owned in his life, and that was for sure. Icarus just set his papers down on the bed which he had decided to claim as his-- it seemed that he was the first one in the dorms, and he assumed that the other boys would probably want the top bunks, so he took the bottom. That, and he didn't trust himself not to slip off his bed in the middle of the night. Icarus just slowly sat down onto the bed, unsure as of what to do now, still looking around the dorm room with an overwhelmed expression. Again, it was so much nicer than anything he was used to.. his family was never too well off, sheets these nice and a room this pretty was a luxury to him, even if he had to share it. With nobody around for the moment, he could be as giddy as he wanted to be, just clutching his schedule to his chest and collapsing back on the bed, letting out an excited little squeal as he kicked his feet with excitement. "Okay Icarus, don't mess this up. " He whispered to himself, just staring up at the ceiling with a small, giddy smile.

    O P H E L I A
    {x} location: wandering.
    {x} mentioned: Lilith @Lulunopia
    {x} interactions: --

    Ophelia had narrowly escaped responsibility, literally just shuffling through the halls as she occasionally glanced at the students, all faces so new to her. It was her first year as a teacher here, she hadn't known anyone previously-- so naturally, on her first day of work, she blew it off. It's not like the Head Mistress was around to yell at her for it, and the other girl.. she seemed to have it covered, with showing the students around. She'd meet them soon enough when they appeared in her class, Offense, which would be insanely fun to teach. It gave her an actual excuse to splash people with water, and get a little violent in the class room. This year was going to be so fun, and she felt it deep down in her gut. Someone, please, fire her or take her students away from her. She literally just walked down the hallway with the tiniest of smirks, probably looking like a crazy person as she shuffled her way through the building, heading to the girl's dorm, which held her apartment, so she could go home, eat some food, and sleep. She just hoped she didn't run into any other teachers on her little escape of responsibilities, she wasn't in the mood for a chastising.

    L U C I A N
    {x} location: auditorium.
    {x} mentioned: --
    {x} interactions: Sirius @Lulunopia, Luke @Verite

    Lucian turned his head to look at Lucas, literally having to lean forward a little so he could see around the tree that called himself Sirius. He just glanced between the red-headed man and Lucas, eventually giving a small nod in agreement. "Good morning to you too, Mr. Harper. Or should I say, it was a good morning until a rather large tree obstructed my view." He said, his tone changing from pleasant to bitchy as he glared up at Sirius, crossing his arms as he did so. However, he turned his attentions to the students, looking over the already clearing auditorium. "I'd like to think it's the students, because frankly, I'm exhausted. I can only hope to catch their energy and excitement, but as of late, the idea of this school year is making me on edge." He commented, referring to the recent events-- the war of light and dark, nearly half of the staff leaving the school because of it. He hoped the war would stay out of the school, but lately, it felt as if it was in the center of it. Which of course, would drag them all right into the fight as well, and Lucian wasn't so sure he was willing. He had seemed to calm down some, that was, until Sirius called him little. Never in Lucian's life did he turn to bitch face someone faster, an eyebrow arching and literally placing a hand on his hip. "I am not little, and I can say in confidence that I will gladly turn you into a human shish-kabob if I have to." He threatened, literally poking Sirius in the chest-- more like his stomach, since that was more eye level, as he spoke. He still glared up at Sirius with his finger on his chest, just giving him a look of 'try me', yet still having a strangely professional composure even while angry.
  15. Marisol Reyes
    In A Hallway

    Listening to Headmistress McMurry talk still gave Marisol shivers of apprehension. She'd gone through this whole pony show two times before, but she still felt like a first year whenever she sat in the auditorium and listened to the welcome. Once they were all released, Mari quickly pulled out her phone, dialing her mother. It had become a tradition for the young Columbian that whenever she finished listening to the headmistress in the auditorium that she call her mother and let her know that she was safe and reassure her once again that this was a safe school, not a cult or some other crazy idea that her mother came up with. Quickly heading out the door and toward the dorms, Mari sighed as her mother quickly picked up. Her mother almost immediately bombarded her with questions, making the poor brunette pull her phone away for a moment before responding. "¡Habla más lento, por favor Mama! Estoy bien. No necesitas preocuparte con mi. La escuela es segura y las estudiantes son amables. ... Sí, tengo mi programa y dormitorio. ... No, no se quien es mi compañanera de curate. ... Extraño a ti y todos tambien..." Mari glanced around as she walked, glad that she had managed to lose the crowds as she talked with her mother. She didn't want people to listen in on her conversation whether or not they could understand her. While Mari assured her mother in Spanish that she was fine and that the school was completely and utterly safe, she couldn't help but let her mind wander. Who would be her roommates this year? Would they get along? Or would they ignore her like her last two sets of roommates? Mari leaned against a wall in the empty hallway, continuing her conversation half-heartedly.

    Ryland Davis
    In his Dorm, @Mysty

    Ryland shifted and squirmed in his seat while Headmistress McMurry talked. Yeah, yeah he got it. Stay on the good path, do your homework, don't kill the other students. He had the gist, he didn't need to listen to this all again! Once they were released, Ryland let out a sigh of relief before snickering at Darian's snores and getting caught. He pitied the people who roomed with him. His snoring probably would keep the whole dorm up if it was anything like that! Stretching languidly, Ryland smirked and winked at some passing first years before getting up and heading to his dorm room. Might as well get settled first before he went off to go check out the newest hotties. Luckily he opened the door to his dorm room to find a cute red haired boy giddly laying on one of the bottom bunks. Feeling a Cheshire smile coming, Ryland piped up. "Oh hello. Looks like I've found a little spitfire in my room. Are you one of my new roommates?" Ryland asked, walking up to the boy with a swagger, his hands behind his head as he tried to casually show off his muscles to the boy. "Nice to meet ya, spitfire. Name's Ryland. Do you have a name as deliciously bright as you?" The boy smiled, holding a hand out to the red haired boy on the bed. Ryland hoped that all of his roommates were as attractive as the little spitfire on the bed. It would make rooming with them so much more fun.
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  16. Jules - Location: Auditorium

    "H-Hey, wha--?!" Jules could only exclaim when Candy would only grow just a little more aggressive with the flirting, going far enough as to rub the lollipop that had been in her mouth on her lower lip even, unable to react much more than that. Jules was the kind of person whom you could easily label as self-confident, but it was actually rather rare that she would receive a compliment, especially such flattering ones concerning her beauty, so she was only brought further into a state of embarrassment, paralyzed by Candy's sudden forwardness. When she would try to lean in for what seemed to be a kiss, Jules felt her heart drop. Or was it a flutter? Who knew? She certainly didn't.

    And then just like that, it was all over.

    When Dorian would nonchalantly interrupt the conversation, prompting Candy to evidently leave, Jules was just left there, stunned, wondering to herself if she was more relieved or disappointed that she had just taken off. Maybe a bit of both.

    Pouting, she'd cross her arms, wondering what to do now.

    Hmm, maybe she should go find and say hi to Luke? Where was he anyway? Even with all the students clearing out of the place, Jules still found it difficult to look for him in the crowd.

    Luke - Location: Auditorium

    Evidently seeming to catch onto what Lucian was referring to when mentioning that this particular year seemed to make him wary, Luke's expression shifted to that of a serious one for a moment, as though considering his words, before changing back into his usual pleasant, cheery expression just as quickly.

    "Well, it's as they say; the only thing to fear is fear itself. If we apply these kinds of teachings to our students and that kind of example for them, then they hopefully won't fear the dark, and will know that in the end, it is nothing more than an absence of light that they can remedy themselves," he said, creating a small trail of golden light with a slight of hand, making a small demonstration of his power.


    Though it seemed that Lucian was more interested with confronting Sirius about his complex for now.

    This certainly was going to be a long year.

    Interactions - Lucian @Mysty, Sirius @Lulunopia
  17. Kit - Location: Dorm Room 8

    Kit clutched an information packet to his chest, making sure not to lose this one as well. Though he wasn't able to find his own in the auditorium, he managed to nab an extra that was sitting on a desk outside. Thank goodness the teachers are so prepared! He thought.

    He made his way through the crowded courtyard, a massive smile on his face as he observed the chaos of the student body. There were so many new sights, sounds, and smells! The trees were especially interesting, as his old home was mostly filled with dreary gray concrete and stone. Not all of the trees were green, most still missing their leaves, but they were all still so very nice. Kit giggled to himself as they swayed in the cool breeze. It was almost as if the new school year made them so excited, that they had to dance!

    The most amazing thing to Kit, though, was seeing so many same-sex couples in the courtyard. Seeing them so openly involved in such a way was almost a relief to him. Despite how nice his friends in his "hometown" were, he knew they always found the way he looked and dressed somewhat strange. It was nice to be in a place with so many unique people!

    It was then, while observing two older boys holding hands, that Kit's mind drifted back to the sight he saw while searching the auditorium. Two older girls pressing up against each other, one rubbing her lollypop against the others lips...

    The thought made Kit blush and feel a little uncomfortable, though he didn't understand why. Before Kit could delve deeper into the issue, though, he realized that he had succesfully wandered into the boy's dorms.

    Thank goodness I remembered my number! He thought to himself as he stepped silently down the hall.

    He stopped in front of the 8th door, unsure of what he would find inside. Whoever was in there, Kit was sure they would become the best of friends!

    "Well, eventually we will," he whispered to nobody in particular. With a smile, he tapped on the door and waited a moment...

    No reply.

    Kit shrugged and turned the doorknob, carefully pushing the door open as he entered the room. It was much prettier in here than he had expected! And the beds looked so soft! Kit could hardly contain his excitement.

    "Hello?" his voice called out softly, "Is anyone in here?"

    Interactions: Sam, maybe? (@kryptonicangel)
  18. Anastasia F. Dimity : The Academy Halls

    She continued to shuffle down the isle passing students, pausing when the crowd, shifting forward with the crowd. She winced, her hair getting caught in her scarf leading her to move it off her shoulder for it to dangle down to her waist. Where is all of the students from last year? It's not like I talked to too many of them anyway. She picked up her left foot to start walking when someone moved quickly from behind and next to her.
    "Yo A!" Anastasia flicked her gaze up to see Dorian, a guy she remembered from her first year. She blinked at his smiling face, waiting for him to continue in case he wasn't actually talking to her. He's a third year and I'm not the only one with the initial 'A' in my name. But she was honestly a little surprised when he didn't look away.
    "Nice Scarf, I barely recognized you! It's very becoming on a woman like yourself." Anastasia smirked a little, looking down at her packet, opening her mouth to say, "Thanks Dorian," but when she glanced back up to see him, he was gone. She couldn't help her smug smile that dashed across her face. Forgetting her surroundings for a minute, replays the altercation in her head over a couple of times.
    She was careful not to think about it too much as she made her way down the familiarly changing halls of her home for the next chunk of months. Her eyes immediately found the sights outside the window, her favorite part about the school was the view of the simplicity outdoors. The tranquil thick brush that called it home around her academy walls made her feel safe. I might not be able to see through the guys here, but at least I got that to look forward to. She shook her focus back to the center of the halls, and what she could remember from her packet, her dorm looked to be quite close.


    Ms. Evangeline Carter : The Academy Halls

    Making her way down the hall towards the dorms she would be looking over, Ms. Carter was stopped by another teacher, who she recalls to be Ms. Mouse. She seems really good with the first years, something she could respect because they are the toughest to teach for the first few weeks. Alright Eva, how did you feel then? She looked back at her fellow dorm room leader.
    "I'm Evangeline but the kids call me Ms. Carter." She kept walking with her down the hall. She seemed so happy, just in love with everything they were going to being doing for the kids and it honestly warmed her heart a little.
    "I'm honestly really excited to be a dorm leader this year." Angel admitted. As she finished her sentence her eyes caught sight of the dorms they would be in charge of and got a warm shiver, almost as a little sign for her that this year might just be a good one.
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  19. S A M ♦ W E S T L E Y - Current Whereabouts: Dorm Room 8 - Interactions: Kit @Oaken
    Sam had heard the knocking loud and clear but chose to disregard it in hopes of them going away. When the door slowly creaked open he knew that dream was gone. "Is there something that you want?" He asked plainly, not looking away from what he was doing. He had chosen the bottom bed closest to the window since climbing stairs was effort. "Listen I.." He paused midsentence as he looked up to see Kit standing in the doorway. He.. or she, Sam wasn't very sure as this was something 'new', was rather short compared to himself and had longer hair. Where Sam was from there were girls that looked exactly like Kit. He cleared his throat briefly attempting to compose himself. "I don't particularly care what you do but don't touch my stuff alright? We'll get along just fine as long as my things don't go missing." Sam gave a halfhearted smile before rummaging through another box of his. "Oh and I'm Sam by the way."
  20. Sirius Kain - Location: Auditorium - Moody: Mischievous - January 5, 2015
    Interactions - Lucas: Verite Lucian: Mysty

    Tree? That was the only thing Sirius caught from 'shorty'. I'm a tree, Sirius thought confused before realizing how much taller he really is that 'shorty'. Smirking Sirius devised a plan. "Well Mr. Harper I do hope we can keep those boys in line but, I'm not to sure shorty here can handle it," Sirius smirked pulling 'shorty' in front of him. Bending down to his height Sirius whispered, "If I'm such a big tree does that mean I've got big branches?" Smirking Sirius stood to his real height, saying a quick goodbye to Lucas he walked off towards the dorms.

    I wander what shorty's reaction was, Sirius thought not having stuck around long enough to see it. Sighing Sirius looked off towards where the dorms are thinking of the strange things that might happen. Though he did have a feeling something bad was going to happen this year.
    Lilith Mouse - Location: Dorms - Mood: Excited - January 5, 2015
    Interactions - Evangeline: Wanderlust

    Oh so this was Ms. Carter, Lilith thought finally understanding. Ms. Carter was one of Lilith's fellow dorm leaders. "Oh I'm sorry. I can't believe I forgot who you were. I must be getting forgetful," Lilith explained looking at some passing students. They were all so full of life it warmed Lilith's heart and made her even more excited to start classes. Then again classes start tomorrow so she won't have to wait long.

    "As am I. I always find it so much fun to take care of kids and help them make friends. Well, and to also become there friend," Lilith said as they reached the dorms.

    Rosalie Keller - Location: Dorm Room 4 - Moody: Bored - January 5, 2015
    Interactions -

    Laying on a bed in dorm room 4 was Rose. She was very bored with nothing to do. All she wanted to do was make friends, but no one was here so that was impossible. Sighing Rose sat up, walking out her dorm room, went to the living room to hopefully meet someone new. Once there though she was met with emptiness. No one's here yet? Guess I'm the first, Rose thought sadly sitting on one of the couches, staring off into space. She did this often if she was bored. Staring at nothing and thinking of nothing was normal for Rose.
    Sarah Louise - Location - Wandering - Moody: Confused - January 5, 2015
    Interactions - Ophelia: Mysty

    Wandering around in one of the random halls of the school was a confused Sarah. She had no idea where she was or where she was going. Honestly she didn't even care enough to look at her map. Plus Sarah didn't want to leave her quiet surrounding just yet. She knew once she did she would most likely get a head ache. Maybe I can go hang out in the boys dorm for a while, Sarah thought to herself as she rounded a corner to find what looked like a teacher also wandering the halls. Shouldn't she be with the other teachers,you know making sure first years don't get lost, Sarah was confused as to why a teacher would skip out on there responsibilities and risk being fired. "Hey teach!," Sarah called out hoping to catch the black haired teachers attention. "Aren't you supposed to be with the other teacher's helping first years?"
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