Cell Phones

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The other day I forgot my phone at home and felt violated/isolated the whole day. My question is:

How much do you rely on your cell phone?
My cell phone is my clock, alarm clock, and calendar. But if I forget it one day it doesn't really matter, but my friends get irritated on me when I don't answer my phone xD so I don't rely that much on my phone, I can go without it but all my friends rely on MY phone xD hahah
Honestly, as many people can attest, I forget my cell phone all the time.
Another common problem is that I don't like my phone making noise, so I tend to silence it and forget to turn it back on.
When I need it, though, it's distressing not to have it.
I rely on it mainly for getting in contact with people on a very important basis.
I almost never use it, and I am constantly forgetting where I put it and having to dig around the house when I hear it go off.

I wouldn't bother having one at all, but it comes in handy for emergencies when out and about and needing to call someone. o__o
I usually always have my iphone. I use it to the full extent of its capabilities, and it is a lifesaver in boring situations. It is very cool, essentially having a computer with me wherever I go. However, I don't feel 'lost' without it.
Mines a pre-paid and I haven't put money on it for about a year and a half. I use it as an alarm clock and calendar (as some people have said). So I sometimes lose it, and it sucks, because I don't have my alarm clock. But really it's seldomly an issue and is left beside my bed.
I've come to rely on it for things such as alarm clock, emergency, clock (especially since I no longer have a radio/clock in my car) and keepign in contact. However, similar to kitti, I almost ALWAYS have it on silent or vibrate so I often don't hear it go off and such. however if I can't find it I tend to freak out and go on a hunt...though some of that is conditioned into me because my mom frequently calls to check up on me while i'm at school and SHE freaks out on me if I don't pick up or call her back within a day. i've gotten upwards to 5 voicemails from her cuz I didn't hear my phone go off and didn't bother to check it until the end of the day. And once I left it at a friend's house and she tried to call me about something...couldn't get ahold of me, and then called the campus police to check on me >.> sooo yeah even though I use it mainly for texting, calling, and alarm/time, but i'm not CONSTANTLY on it usually...sometimes I barely look at it during the day
It's very useful, but not extremely essential. Since I have it and the idea of having it is so you can get a hold of people, and people can get a hold of you, I try to keep it on and powered. Seems a bit ridiculous to have one and never use it for it's purpose. Why have a cellular device if you are so put off or uninterested in it? Perhaps, and it is more than likely, perhaps I am unable to see the other view of things.
Without it I lose contact with those I have plans with and plans go unchecked. I also rely on it for work. So rather important LOL
constantly rely on my phone.

i use epocrates on it, which is a pharmaceutical formulary that has all the drugs, doses, adverse effects, and adjusted doses for certain situations. i also use my phone to handle outside-the-hospital emails, schedule everything on the calender, and basically use it as my landline since its cheaper.

i have 1 game on it that i never use. for me, the cell phone is basically a minicomputer to help me get through the workday