Cell Phone Etiquette

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  1. Do you practice Cell phone Etiquette?

    I was reading this article


    And came to the conclusion that MORE people need to follow these rules. The thing that really grinds my gears is when your having a conversation with someone and they answer their phone in your face, honestly I don't know many -if any- people like this, but they are out there! If i am in public and get a non-emergency, non-work related call I will silence my phone, then return the call later. ESPECIALLY if i am face to face with someone having a conversation. Some people will straight up be like "Oh, can you hold on a sec" and answer their phone. I think this goes beyond the category of rude and into Idiocy.


    What do you think of "Cell phone Etiquette" ?
  2. Yeah, people need to be more respectful of others around them. I don't mind too much if someone answers their cell phone while talking to me... It's understandable if said caller is more important than I am. XP But damn, it is rude. What really pisses me off is when people answer their phones during a class. I see adults--older than me, even--who will talk and talk even while class is in session. It makes me wish that college profs would confiscate phones like teachers in high schools! You're paying thousands of dollars for tuition and not even caring to learn.

    Now, yeah, if it's an emergency, I will answer it. My phone is always on vibrate so I can be certain I'm available to those who may need me; I never have the ringer on. When my Mom or boyfriend calls, I always answer it regardless. Reason being, my boyfriend never calls unless something is important, and my Mom is the same way. Heck, she'll text asking if I wanna talk before even calling.

    >.> Whether or not this is etiquette... No one should be talking on the phone while driving! Put it on speaker phone and set it in your lap, peoples!
  3. 6/10 people on the road in Dallas, TX have cellphones in their hands while driving. T.T
  4. Yea, I hate seeing people talk while they drive. Seeing people text is worse though.
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  6. jammers are niiiiiiiice, and SO funny too.
  7. My BIGGEST issue was completely glossed over in that article! Being a retail slave for all of my working career so far, my biggest pet peeve is WHEN THEY TALK ON THEIR FRIGGIN PHONE WHILE I'M TRYING TO HELP THEM! D:< I swear, if you talk on your cell phone while I'm ringing up your order I will a) refuse to talk to you b) go either as slow as possible or just sit there like an idiot and stare at you while you talk and not do anything c) not be pleasant if you DO finish before I'm done. "Have a nice day" my ass! D:<

    Word of advice: Don't talk on your cell phone when I'm trying to ring up your order. I WILL hit you with a brick.
  8. Santa needs to send Zyph a jammer for New Years also!
  9. One of my friends leaves her phone on all the time, including when she stays the night. I can hear the stupid thing buzzing and singing in the middle of the night and it wakes me up. Just for a stupid text message. I find people who are addicted to their phone even worse then the people without 'etiquette'. Then again, people who are addicted to their phone often don't have etiquette either so I guess it's one in the same...

  10. Agreed.
  11. Actually, it's the conversation that is more distracting than the act of holding the phone in your hands. The split in attention causes more of a handicap in driving ability than you'd think.