Cell (By Stephen King)

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  1. Cell
    Based on a novel by Steven king.


    The "cell" of the title refers to cellular phones. In this case, cell phones are the instruments by which civilization as we know it dries up and blows away within 24 hours. On and after a particular moment, which becomes known as "The Pulse," everyone talking on a cell phone gets their brain fried- As in, they go completely insane, killing many people for no reason, then evolving enough to kill just the ones who aren't crazy. Think of how they ACT (they cannot think for themselves) like a flock of birds, or a hive of bees- One mind that may be evolving even more...
    So, in terms of the roleplay, we are the survivors- aiming to get to the "Refugee State"- Maine. The problem is, we start out in California, where THE WHOLE POPULATION besides us are long gone. The 'crazies' have destroyed the airplanes and wrecked the streets, forcing the survivors to be usually on foot.

    The rules are the usual roleplay rules pertaining to this site.

    Character Skeleton:
    Reason for not having a cell phone:

    Template (open)

    Reason for not having a cell phone:

    Note: If you really want to, you can be one of them. Just have a very good idea and reason. We'll need at least four people to roleplay, but anyone can join after we start, basically like a jump-in, although you'll have to post you Character Skeleton here and wait for my go-ahead.

  2. Name: Chad Sugg
    Appearance: Chad Some Nights.JPG
    Weapons: 12in knife, Russian automatic, Glock handgun.
    Bio:None- memory loss.
    Reason for not having a cell phone: Chad believes they're useless.

    Name: Tessa Maria Mae
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Appearance:(Original Drawing! :) )
    Weapons: Sig Saucer 1911 centerfire pistol, fifteen inch blade.
    Bio: A photographer out away from home, she finds herself stranded in an unfamiliar state- California.
    Reason for not having a cell phone:Never bothered.
  3. Name: Sidney "Sid" Meyer
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Medium length dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall, Red t-shirt, Light brown Cargo pants, and a Saving Abel sweatshirt
    Weapons: Baseball Bat, 9mm pistol, PP Sh 41
    Bio: Just finished college and tries to find a job but cannot. She was attacked in a shopping mall when it happened.
    Reason for not having a cell phone: Can't afford one.
  4. Accepted, although you didn't need the "Character Skeleton" part :)
  5. No problems, 'Noob.' XD
  6. *Arrives late with the smell of engine oil and cheep perfume still clinging to him.*

    Mind If I pretty things up a bit? Also are you doing a direct copy of the setting or mixing in other elements?
  7. I'm mixing in a few other elements (Unspecified for now), of course. The main ideas of the book, though, (Kashwak= no fo) will stay in place.And no, I don't mind.
  8. Name: Rick Ironhide
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Weapons: Pair Of Counterfeit Ceremonial Swords, hand made By the owner.
    Also He owns a Motorcycle (Personalized).


    Bio:Does not wish to reveal, but Loves Blades weapons from a young age.

    Reason for not having a cell phone: It fell off his bike and got Broken a week ago.

    I'll remake another one if not accepted.
  9. Tensa- Accepted. Dangerous to own a motorcycle though, as you may know from reading the book...
    And Vay- WOAH. I like it. But why is it in the middle? O.o
  10. Because the server hates my timezone, fixed now.
  11. Alright :) You gonna join?
  12. Ooh this sounds fun. Cell = a most amazing book. Might I join?
  13. I Said I Own One. Never said I'm riding the Armored Bike now. XD

    I read the book too. So, I know it's going to be dangerous.
  14. Yes. Yes you can.
    Tensa- Just checking :)
  15. Alright cool :3
    I'll start working on an app
  16. Good. For now, I'm adding a second character for certain purposes.
  17. Name: Kelven (Cross) Riverrend
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has long black hair and blue eyes and wears a long, black trench coat
    Weapons: Cross uses a short sword that he keeps in his bar and practices with every day
    Bio: Cross mostly keeps to himself and spends a lot of time practicing swordplay in a small bar he owns. He has little to no friends and rarely leaves his bar except when he absolutely has to.
    Reason for not having a cell phone: Cross is a loner type of person that doesn't have too many friends, so he wouldn't have a need for a cell phone because he'd have no one to call with it.
  18. Good, but appearance doesn't seem to be working, and weapons? You may need them... -_-

    And one person remains to sign up before we can start.
  19. Fixed. Better?