Celia Vera, Goddess of Justice

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  1. Celia Vera is a very very very old character of mine, and I would love to have some original artwork. Bonus brownies if it's full color detail!

    THIS IS HER BIO it has a basic physical description and her personality!

    Outside of the details in the bio, I would be thrilled to see people's different interpretations of this spoiled goddess of justice. I don't have any other specific things in mind, but I am good at answering questions. O__O

    And to abuse my admin powers: For completed full color portraits I'll give you (or a member of your choice) a month of the donator's subscription.
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  2. Hello!
    This is sort of what came to mind when I read Celia's bio:

    This is her chilling and generally being bored with having to do things.
    BTW, that black rod is the stick she uses to smack people. She's too lazy to hold it up so she just leans it on her shoulder.
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  3. Oh wow, that's absolutely gorgeous, I loves it! O___O
  4. Thank you!!! And thanks for the donator membership~
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