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A few things before I provide some fandoms, pairings, and plots:
-I prefer Adept and Advanced RPers, though I will work with Intermediates.
-Even if I have a prepared starter I will offer the chance for my partner to make one.
-All of my plots, fandoms, and pairings can be MxF or FxF. I don't do MxM.
-My favorite genre is fantasy.
-This will be updated as I get new ideas.
-If you want to change things around (i.e. furries) please ask me first ^^
-IF you are over 18 we may have some smut.


Plot 1:

After years of conflict, the human-ruled empire of Azote has conquered all of their neighbors to form a single, enormous superpower. However, they have an unusual practice that demands that the nobles and royalty of any kingdom they conquer are to be sold into slavery within the kingdom. Now the elven princess, the last remaining elven loyalty in the region, is sold upon the auction stand to a new owner for whom she is to work.

Plot 2:

Among the elven world, there has been an unspoken law that an elf should not court, marry, nor have children with a variety of elf different of their own nor any other species in order to preserve the purity of their magical blood. However, it is not easy for some elves to uphold it as their curiosity and desires grapple with their adherence to ancient tradition and law. Because of this, two elves of different races find themselves falling in love with one another. However, both are afraid and are extremely committed to keeping their relationship secret.

Plot 3:

War takes away many thing that are precious to people. Family, friends, and homes are only some of these things. For one in particular, it took a father and husband. A young woman whose husband was forced to serve in the army of their governing noble in a provincial conflict now finds herself pregnant with her previous husband's child and struggling to earn enough to care for herself. The mother now finds herself serving as a maid in the manor of the noble, as well as the target of their affection and advances. Unsure of how to feel and how to react with her husband recently deceased, the young woman must decide how she feels as tension rises once more in politics between the kingdom's nobles.

Plot 4:

With the death of a pharaoh means a powerful man ascends to godhood, and that his crown heir must take his place. The previous pharaoh, however, only had one child of their own. Given that they have reached they age where they are to be married, it is up to the new pharaoh to find for themselves a spouse and further secure the blood of the pharaohs so that Egypt can continue to prosper.

Plot 5:

The Yuki family have long been members of the Shinto priesthood, with the sons of the family becoming priests and their daughters becoming mikos. Due to their devout loyalty to the fox god Inari, Inari blessed the Yuki family with the gift that a kitsune would be born to them every fourth generation. This time it is Yuki Masami, a young kitsune beauty and the first to be present in the modern day. Recently graduated from her high school, Masami finds herself embarking on her life as a miko as she runs the family shrine by herself as her parents leave for a vacation home as they arrange a blind date for her with a priest from another shrine dedicated to Inari so that she may find a husband for herself soon.

Plot 6:

The lost city of Atlantis: has there ever been anything more alluring to man? A lost city where an entire civilization thrives beneath the seas, with technology far advanced than ours. Every Atlantean wears a crystal about their neck, which connects them to the heart of the city's power and the life force of all Atlanteans. However, what happens when a deep-sea explorer washes up on the Atlantean shore?

Plot 7

For as long as anyone could remember, the village sent up tribute to the vampire count/countess whenever demanded, the tribute itself consisting of a virgin woman that, should they be accepted, become the vampire's bride. Now sent into the manor where lesser vampires labor for their pureblooded noble, a human must prove herself worthy of marriage or suffer the consequences if she fails.

-Pregnant WomanxOC
-Single MotherxOC
-Harem GirlxGuard
-Victorian LadyxPeasant
-Arranged Marriage


-Monster Musume
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Dance in the Vampire Bun
I'm really interested in the SAO idea ^^ not many people seem to like the anime (or do a roleplay on it) here on iwaku. I'm willing to play the male or female as well. ^-^
Plot 6, the Atlantis idea, sounds absolutely awesome. If you'd like, PM me, and we can discuss.
I like plots 1, 3, 4, and 7 do you want to do either one of them in particular?
I can PM if necessary but I'm interested in plots 1, 5 and 7, though the WitchxGuard and Pregnant womanxOC also sound fun.
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