Celestial Avians

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  1. Plot and signups [here].

    You may come from a broken past or a rich one. You may have the world wrapped around your finger, or you may be lost. No matter where you stand, you are special.

    You remember little of your Latin astrology class, but for whatever reason, you vividly remember the bird constellations. Cygnus, the swan. Aquila, the eagle. Columba, the dove. Corvus, the raven or crow. Pavo, the peacock. Grus, the crane. Tucana, the toucan. Apus, the bird of paradise. The strangest part of these bird constellations is that you have one of them tattooed somewhere on your body in silver ink, but you don't remember ever getting the tattoo. The tattoo even grows with you, as if it is alive.

    You go to a special school, set deep in a forest located in rugged Montana. Towering trees surround the entire campus, as if sheltering it. There is a small town, not even on the map, a few minutes from the campus by car, which includes a rather large ranger station. The school is an expensive academy with top class facilities, recreational and educational.
    However, you've noticed some of the students, a select few, seem odd. You can't quite put your finger on it, but they're different somehow. Unique.

    RP Rules
    No graphic sexual stuff. We're not in the mature section.
    Swearing is a-okay, just don't swear heavily.
    NO racism.
    You may use spells other than the ones in your form, but those should be your main three.
    IF your character dies (I don't plan on it, but it could happen) you may reapply with the same constellation and gender.
    This is obvious, but no controlling someone else's character.
    No gary/mary-sue-ing (aka, perfect or god-tier character playing).
    You must ask someone if you want to kill their character.​
  2. Luciallia Drove the the academy with an open mind when she had gotten the invitation to join this school she knew nothing about, but had an urge to go. she kept rubbing her neck were the tattoo laid, she wasn't even old enough to buy her own tattoo yet she had one. She arrived at the gate and looked at the school, The gate opened and her foot reacted before her brain, stepping on the gas and pulling into a parking spot, she assumed she would be living at the school, as she heard the gate click locked. She popped open her trunk and grabbed out her bag, and began to enter the school. Sitiing at a desk as soon as you entered was an older looking women. "Hello I am-" The older woman interrupted her. "I know who you are Lucilia, this way please." Lucilia followed, confused she followed. The woman lead her too a room upstairs away from the class rooms. the room was nice, the ceiling was covered with constellations, The tattoo she had on her neck laid above her bed, so she assumed. There was another bed, tom whom it belonged, Lucilia had no clue. "I like your hair by the way Ms. Wing-heart, matches you." The older woman said with a smile and left.

    Lucilia set her bag on her bed and began to unpack, there was dresser and a bathroom, and a bed, and a window. Lucilia walked over to the window and looked out into the...woods. Lucilia grunted, it was quite dull here, not much color, except for her room. Lucilia smiled at that and left her room, to wander about the school.
  3. Watching the old gate from the parking lot of the school yard, she couldn't help but wonder if this was her newest prison or was it the new pathway that would lead to an unforeseen future? Either way, the long winding road that lead to the interstate was beyond the gate and she was now on the inside.

    Arms rested along the old steering wheel of the farm truck she had been handed down - couldn't really call it handing it down when she was getting it from her aunt... could she? The paint was the last thing she had spent money on, making the old Chevy look well... somewhat presentable. At least until you go inside to its retro gleam of a beaded seat cover. Lips twisted, fingers tapped to the wheel, as she had watched the fellow vehicle arrive not shortly after her and go promptly up to the building. She... had no drive to do such a thing currently.

    Her bag had been thrown on the seat with a haphazard care, a binder peeking out while more than a few of her pens were all over the place. Even the luggage bag that she had packed up to live in the strange dorm rooms had been strewn at the bottom of the passenger seat. If there was any place she was a disorganized mess, it was in the beast of a beaut truck.

    Pulling in her bottom lip, they quirk in the corners before she lazily shook out the blond tendrils of hair - attempting to rifle her rear out of the driver's seat.

    Eventually she did surcome to the gnawing curiosity that was creeping around in her belly to get up out of the vehicle, gather her gear properly and kick open the door. Perhaps she should have spent the money on the doors rather than the paint, oh well.

    With a similar treatment as she wrapped the strap of the duffel bag luggage over her shoulder, the flat of her sneakers kicked back the door to shut the truck behind her, hands tucked neatly into the belt loops of her acid washed jeans, all the while the steady beat of louder than any human being should listen too; music came thumping in waves from her ears.

    It wasn't until she walked all the way towards the doors of the school that her attention was caught by the elder woman walking from god knows where, to stop slowly in her tracks and stare her down. As if she was looking to into the inner reaches of her mind. Raising her brow while she had also stopped in mid step - her foot hovering- the woman lifted a finger to beckon her forward. If she was a man, she might have assumed them to be a creeper.

    Her suit was neat and prim as if she had been sewn into it, the elder woman was smiling gently as she came towards her, a little lost in the beat of the music and mostly ignoring most of the surroundings around her. It wasn't until the woman reached forward to tug gingerly on an ear bud to pull it from her ear. "Assuming you are Svenja, yes?"

    Fingers took back the bud from the woman allowing it to drop down to her chest as she shrugged firstly and nodded secondly. They made no further conversation but rather it was indicated that she was to follow the woman upstairs, leading away from the portables that were the classrooms. Eyes began to search and survey the scenery around her, she noticed very few students here already but then again she had left early just to make sure she didn't make well... a scene.

    Leading to the plain tannish door, she gave it a scuffling push to reveal the simple room with the two beds. Side stepping beside the fellow female, Svenja lifted her gaze upwards to the ceiling with the peculiar pattern of the stars before her attention was turned back to the woman with a quirked brow. "Make yourself comfortable," she gestured in a wide hand towards the room, "We'll see you later at assembly perhaps?" she gave a short ta ta wave, leaving the door open to the hallway as if she still had the choice to leave this strange place of knowledge.

    Raking her nails through the crown of her hair shoulders slugged back to drop the bags on the floor by the bed closest to the door, while she wasted no time to kick off her shoes in two different directions and plopped herself up on the bed. Kicking off the blanket to make it into a disheveled mess that laid half on and half off, while she sorted the pillows behind her back, her gaze turning firm the glass window that graced its vision over the everlasting woods.

    "Home sweet home." she muttered retrieving the IPod that rested in the crest of her bosom and began to fumble through it all.
  4. Outside in the school parking lot, leaning against a car that wasn't his and wishing he had a cigarette, Eamon kept thinking how he would rather be anywhere but where he was at that moment. This school seemed like just another place where he would have to walk the narrow line and stay out of trouble or else deal with a bunch of old people breathing down his neck every second of the day. If there was one thing he hated, it was being nagged at, and this place seemed like somewhere that would definitely happen if he stayed here very long. Everything from the well kept grounds to the classic architecture of the main building and the neatly painted white lines marking the parking places suggested to him this place was going to be strict and boring as hell. Just thinking about it all was making him wish he had a cigarette that much more, but the last place he had been at, like most all of them, didn't allow them. Of course there were still ways of getting them and other kinds of contraband if you knew the right people and had something to trade, but by the time he left he had used up what few favors an bargaining chips he had once had.

    Letting out an exasperated sigh, Eamon got off the car picked up his bag to go inside. As much as he hated going through the motions, he knew this place was expecting him, and figured he would have to be signed in and go through some kind of pat down or some other procedure equally as tedious or invasive. He had lost his favorite knife a few places back, and if he had it now he would have slashed someone's tires just to ruin their day. After all, if he was going to have to deal with something he really didn't like, he might as well share the love with a random stranger. It would be even better if they were someone who worked here at this ridiculous school. All in all, it seemed to him like a good way to start off at this new gilded cage he'd been dumped at.

    Sadly for him, though, he had to remind himself he couldn't do that without his lost knife. Deciding he might as well get it over with, he walked towards the entrance to the main building. As he neared the glass doors, he looked up and saw the name of the school above the entrance spelled out in bold, clean-cut letters. Yet another indication of how dry and dull this place was going to be. Sneering at the school's pretentious name, which he wasn't going to take the time to memorize since he probably wouldn't be there long, he walked into the main lobby and immediately saw the older woman sitting behind the desk. She looked at him with what appeared to be recognition mingled with suspicion, and then spoke to him.

    "Eamon, I presume. Allow me to show you to your room." The tone in her voice was not as haughty as he would have expected, in fact, she seemed to be showing him kindness, even though she doubtlessly had already seen his file and made up her might about who he was. Or who she thought he was, Eamon thought. His record at this point wasn't likely to give a good impression, which made her friendliness toward him all the more puzzling. Figuring she was just faking it for the sake of being professional, Eamon didn't say a word and followed her as she lead him to the the room. "I'm afraid you're the only boy here this semester, so you'll be rooming alone," she mentioned along the way.

    A room of his own. He hadn't had one of those for a very long time. Most of the places where he had stayed required him to share a room with other boys, sometimes several of them, and a good bit of the time they were worse offenders and worse to be around than he was. The thought of having a space to himself to relax and get away from the world seemed so strange now. He hadn't had his own room since he stopped staying with his dad, and that had been a good few years.

    They eventually arrived at the room. The lady from the front desk opened the door and stood aside with one arm extended towards the interior of the room, her hand open as if to indicate he was free to go in and do as he wanted. Blinking and slightly stunned, Eamon entered the room after a few seconds. He heard the tapping of the woman's heels against the polished wood floor outside as she walked away before he shut the door behind him.

    Looking around the room, Eamon could see it was a great deal nicer than most of the ones he had been forced to stay in. There were several beds lined up against opposite walls. Approaching one, he could see it actually had a comforter, something he wasn't used to, as the beds he had slept on in other places were usually pretty bare with just the sheets, a pillow, and usually a single blanket. Pressing against the comforter with one hand, he could feel that it was very soft, light, and plush. Needing no further reason to make himself at home, he dropped his bag at the foot of the bed and then flopped onto the bed like a caught fish jumping out of a boat; a luxury he could afford since no one was here to see him. Most of the time, he would sooner die than let his guard down for a second, but here he already felt he had found one place where he could be himself and not worry about looking weak or uncool.

    Lying on the bed, the tattoo on his neck against the cool softness of the pillow, he stared up at the ceiling. It was the deep blue of a night sky and riddled with bright white points he presumed were meant to be stars. Letting his eyes sweep over them lazily as if he had the time it would take to count them all, he could almost make out a pattern in the spot directly over his bed. He thought there was some kind of discernible shape there, but he couldn't figure out exactly what it was meant to be. Finally closing his eyes, he decided to get some rest before the inevitable boring assembly or orientation that he would have to sit through. Right now, though, he wasn't going to worry about it. At the very least, he had a comfortable place to sleep to look forward to. His mood had improved considerably from what it had been when he arrived here, and if the room and bed were anything to go by, things just might be looking up for once.

    Maybe, just maybe, he thought to himself, this place wouldn't be so bad after all.
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  5. Cameron hid behind the trees where she could see and vaguely hear what's happening at the school's front gate--if it is a school. Cars have been getting in and always, a woman would escort the people coming inside the school building. So far, she has seen two girls get inside, both regular teenagers; none of them looked to be capable of any harm.

    She looked at the invitation letter that she has been clasping since on her way here. She has read the contents over at least a hundred times to make sure all of it was legit and has probably memorized every single word, but she looked all the same. She was invited to a school, it said. A special school where all her needs will be met.

    Cameron knew it was all too suspicious. There was no record of the school in any of the libraries in Helena. Heck, even Google had no idea what it was. In normal circumstances, she would have thrown the letter away, but her circumstances wasn't exactly normal, was it?

    She can't just keep jumping around from state to state, evading the DeLanceys. She had to live at least a semi-normal life, and going back to school might just do the trick. Besides, she had a gut-feeling about this place, the same gut-feeling that pushed her to run away.

    "I am glad you made it, Ms. DeLancey."

    Cameron whirled behind her, only to find the same woman who had escorted the others inside. I must have been too caught up in my thoughts, Cameron thought. For this old lady to have crept up on me.

    "I didn't mean to scare you, Ms. DeLancey," the lady assured her.

    "No, I--I just thought you were someone else." My father's henchman, perhaps.

    "The school is most welcome to have you, Ms. DeLancey." And as if the lady read her mind, she added, "The school also knows what you went through, and in behalf of the school, I assure you that all students will be safe inside the school grounds. Please, come with me."

    The woman had already proceeded towards the school gate before Cameron could protest. Surely, my father wouldn't invest on such an elaborate trap, Cameron reasoned. Besides, mystery was calling her. There was something deep about this school. Why all the secrecy? And how did they find out about her? The questions tugged at her, hoping to be solved.

    Then solved it shall be, Cameron promised as she pulled her leather bag and followed the lady inside the school.

    They stopped at a room in one of the halls on the second floor. "This shall be your be your room," the lady said, opening the door to reveal an average room meant for two people. One of the two beds already had her name on it; the other bed on the opposite side was blank. "Please, make yourself comfortable. Assembly will start as soon as the others arrive. A little while later, I believe."

    "Wait," Cameron stopped the lady before she could leave. "I need to ask you something. Or rather, I need to ask the school a favor."

    The lady nodded for Cameron to continue. "From now on, I am not to be called a DeLancey. Instead, call me...call me DeMeritt."

    "As I mentioned before, the school is interested of your safety, along with its other students. We will do as you ask, Ms. Cameron DeMeritt."

    Both women smiled at this. Then, the lady left Cameron alone in her quarters with her thoughts racing.
  6. Dwiirok stood apprehensively in the parking lot next to her ratty silver Grand Prix, watching a few other students file into the building at their own pace. She was worried; what if the other students didn't like her? What if the classes were hard? What if she fell down the stairs or tripped over something? What if people made fun of her abnormal name? What will the teachers think of her?

    Pulling herself from her racing thoughts, the girl took a deep breath, brushing a strand of cerulean hair from her face. She adjusted the position of her backpack and the two duffel bags on her right shoulder and sighed, forcing herself to walk forward. I am different. I am strong. I am not weak-willed or easily hurt like they are. Carry yourself with dignity, Dwiirok. She thought with each deliberate step. Her heart sank in her chest as she entered the building through a set of heavy doors.

    "Hello, there! You must be a new student. Please, follow me." A friendly enough-looking woman said cordially, with a smile on her face. Seeing no other choice, Dwiirok followed. The woman led her up a flight of stairs to the second floor. "Floor two of this building holds the girls' dorms. There are also a few empty rooms around this floor that may be used for studying in groups if you'd like to get away from your dorm, or just to relax." She informed the girl. Dwiirok nodded, half-aware of what the tour guide was saying. "Here we are." She stopped, opening a door to a dorm. Shyly, Dwiirok stepped past the woman into the dorm. There was a pretty girl standing in the room, looking somewhat confused.

    Her eyes slid to the floor and her cheeks flushed pink at the sight of someone else. She was never good at making friends, or at first impressions. Quietly, she made her way to the bed furthest from the girl and dropped her things, then plopped down on the bed next to them. Part of her wanted to attempt to greet this girl, but a larger part of her kept her silent. She twiddled her thumbs in her lap, feeling awkward.

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  7. The Social Service worker drove away, leaving Raonaid standing awkwardly with a book bag slung over her shoulder and a trunk by her feet. She wasn't even told who she was supposed to meet. She shifted the strap of her bag from where it dug in. The scars on her wrist brushed against the canvas. Glancing around, she knelt and shuffled through her bag. There. She wrapped her cuff bracelets around both wrists. Somehow in the swirl of nerves, she must have forgotten to put them on that morning. When she straightened, she was startled to see a woman standing before her. She tried not to yelp.

    "Miss Morrigan? Would you follow me please?" The woman had kind eyes, Raonaid thought, as she hefted her trunk. She followed the woman across the parking lot to the elegant building. The breeze tugged her short black hair across her face. She glanced up at the trees reaching for each other, and nearly collided with the door. Trying to shake off her embarrassment, she continued along to a flight of stairs. "Do you require help with your things, Miss Morrigan?" The woman asked.

    Raonaid shook her head. "I'm fine. Thanks." The woman nodded, and led her up the stairs. Everything in this place had a quiet beauty in it, from the carved railings to the light fixtures. The woman told her about general sleeping arrangements and what the spare rooms were for as the walked. Finally, she pushed open a door.

    "-and this will be were you will be staying." It was almost surreal. The room had two generous beds, and more space than her past three living places combined. She set down her trunk and sat her book bag on top. She did a slow turn, trying to take it all in. "A schedule should have been sent with your acceptance letter, but for now, feel free to make yourself comfortable." The woman ducked out of the room, closing the door softly behind her. Raonaid stood still for a very long time.
  8. Cameron looked around the room. So this is where I'll spend the rest of the year in, she thought, unsure whether to be grateful or not. First things first. She plopped her leather bag on her bed and felt every nook and cranny inside the room looking for hidden cameras and listening devices.

    Since escaping the DeLancey manor, she was almost caught once. A CCTV camera caught her getting inside a motel on her way to Connecticut days after her escape. A couple of her father's henchmen arrived within minutes. Thankfully, she had seen the two suspicious characters arriving and jumped out of the fire exit before the agents figured out she was gone. Ever since, it had become her habit to check her rooms and cover her hair and eyes outside public places.

    Her search found nothing, not even a couple of dust bunnies or forgotten pennies. Spotless was the room's motif if not completely average, something Cameron didn't like at all if she were to stay here for a long time. The floor wasn't carpeted, leaving the wooden floor cold and bare and the closet was tiny compared to her own back home. Even the room itself felt a little cramped for two people to sleep in, although Cameron was sure the middle-class would be more than satisfied.

    While scanning her room one last time, her eyes fell on her leather bag. Cameron didn't plan on unpacking---another recently developed habit---in case she needs to bolt right away.

    She picked up sounds of movement outside. People. Most likely more students. Curious, she opened the door but found no one in the hall. Instead of getting back inside, she walked towards the window at the end of the hallway where she could look down and observe the front gate and waited for more students to arrive, wondering if they seem sensible enough or just plain idiots.
  9. Bouncing up and down on the springy bed that had been given to her, she deemed it no rules while her arms rocked to the melody of the hard rifts in her ears, strumming the air guitar without a single care in the world! Which she really had none anyways- the blond hair stuck to the gravity defying spree before she pounced forward to roll across the ground, shoulders strewn back while her back arched towards the ground allowing her face to look at the ceiling again.

    The song finished with her display of lack of maturity to the moment, she chuckled more so to herself allowing fingers to rack back through the roots of her bangs, before she corrected herself to stand up. Jeans had been rolled up around her calves with the imaginary stage slide, though she cared little to fix her attire as fingers tugged on the cord to pull both ear plugs from their comfort.

    The once silent hallway was no longer as she could hear the sound of students arrive with vigor causing her to pad towards the open door of her adoptive room. Priming her hands against the door frame, she leaned right out watching as girls were floundering through the boring aisle, some bickering to themselves while mostly others weren't about to give themselves consent to speak to anyone. Unless they were spoken too firstly but then their answers would be short sweet and simple. Yes, no, perhaps, maybe so... drab filler conversation.

    Pursing her lips into a thin line, curious blue eyes rolled upwards to take in the white ceiling of the hallway, though that only lead to her lean right backwards to look upside down from her doorway to the roof that was in the room. Hands released the door frame, allowing the limber body to flex over itself as if she was attempting to mimic a wheel going through its progression, she stopped in the bridge position before her bed; staring aloft.

    She knew there was a meaning for painting the stars on the roof but seriously... she blinked realizing the truth behind her thoughts as she straightened herself to have her back facing the door - she lifted up the right side of her shirt looking over the smooth flawless tattoo that had been etched into her flesh. She knew the constellation well as it was part of the reason of her name; though she didn't really expect the same one to be over her head in this room of this school of all places.

    Eyes darted over to the secondary bed, did that mean... that there was another person here with the similar fate? "What's next? The zodiacs?" she huffed as she stubbornly reamed down the cuff of her shirt back over her stomach. Rubbing her crown with an impatient look upon her face, she could only shortly laugh after. What in the hell did she just get sent too? "Ma would call that the twist of the fates." she mumbled beneath her breath.
  10. “Shai’ahn, wake up! You’ve overslept again!”

    “No, I didn’t get up. There’s a difference.”

    With little effort, Shai’ turned, throwing her blanket over her head to prove her statement. Her intentions were quite clear through action alone, that she was not going to attend this new school. It didn’t matter that the place was highly secured and highly prestigious, as she was told by her guardian, but it was also way too full-to-capacity for her taste. She was not going to waste her time.

    “You’re not going to miss your first day of classes while you’re under my watch.” Monica sighed, trying to maintain her temper. “Your father’s orders stated for you to attend classes here and work on meeting people; mingle and get use to social activity and any youth your age.”

    “I rather return to Korea and continue my home classes there. This is ridiculous! Father shouldn’t have married that woman…”

    Monica Torrex had been a parent and a big sister since the beginning – when she was adopted by the Torrexes. She was actually her cousin by adoption, but that’s never been a problem for their friendship. Monica’s been a patience manager of her life, trying to help her transition from an ‘overly-protective Asian household’ into a more ‘relaxed and independent American household”, regardless of how harder her cinder block of a mind became. She knew exactly why Shai’ahn disliked the American woman her father sent her to live with. A Gold-Digger she is…Shai’ has no respect for her because of it, and her father’s far too blind to see it.

    The shower started without any added suggestions and Shai’ was in and out, refreshed and free from most of her gloomy attitude. As she dressed, a black beret upon her up long drape of black mane, a short, black single shoulder top and black stretched jeans, she caught the look on her face and hated her existence. Quickly, a call for total peace recomposes her face, altered her emotions and allows for her to continue dressing without complication. Her many bracelets, bracers, and anklets made of natural steel and iron, wrapped around her wrist, ankles, and toned upper arms; and if she didn’t look freaky enough, the odd tattoo that Monica said looks like a Bird of Paradise, sat vividly alit down her lower spine. Her adopted parents and her guardian seem to know how it got there, but they’ve never told her when she’d ask – and they’ve never gave her an answer about why the silver ink job suddenly began to burn five years ago – as if she’s been freshly branded…

    “Come on, you’re going to make me late for work!”

    “You can go. I’ll walk.”

    “Yea, right back into your room; I don’t think so.” The locked bathroom door opened and Monica entered with a smile to match her bright peach dress suit. “You’re going to be fine, Shai’. Just stick to the crowds, socialize with people your age, and stop avoiding people.”

    The two left their apartment and jumped into the limo her father gave her and her guardian that was more of an embarrassment than luxurious. Shai’ checked her bag to make sure she had all the little schoolie accessories, and Monica told the driver to go. The tension was thick. Regardless of being delivered to this school, Shai’s was planning on flying the coop – first thing.

    As they maneuvered through the morning traffic towards the campus, Shai’ahn wondered if she could actually seem normal enough to make a friend or two here. It’s hard being the Foreign Student, but it ten-times worse when that student’s been sheltered like a royal all her life. She wasn’t special – but her father, the Business Mongrel of South Korea, is. Even though he’s done good for South Korean for many years, he still has tons of enemies across the border… And, for some reason, her father felt that it would be safer for her to live in America (in Montana, of all places) with her mother, who felt it would be wise for her to leave the country as tensions continued to build up.

    Shai’ahn shook the negativity out of her mind and tried to enjoy the ride. Maybe, if she really worked at it, this new school, this new life she’s being forced into, might not be too bad.

    The limo drove through the gate and parked before the main building. Monica had just gained employment at the campus library – mainly so she could monitor Shai’ahn. Instead of walking with her to the main building, she pointed Shai’ in the right direction and headed the opposite way while the limo drove away. As soon as they left, her bracers began to vibrate strongly – a sign of her nervousness… She crossed her arms to grab them, trying to calm herself in order for them to stop.

    “No, I can’t do this…”

    She turned around to head back through the gate to leave, but suddenly an old woman stepped from behind a nearby tree, almost startling her as she did. She looked kind and dressed like an administrator. The look on the woman’s face did not match her surprised expression at all. This woman seem to know her instantly.

    “Shai’ahn Torrex, correct?”

    “Um, yes…”

    “Good, follow me please.” The woman passed her and began back up the pathway towards the building.

    “Oh, I’m… I’m sorry, but I don’t want to waste your time. I’m at the wrong school…I’ll be out of your hair…”

    “But you’re not in my hair,” the old lady chuckled, reminding Shai’ of a familiar tone from a familiar memory. “And you’re in the right place. Come, come… I’ll show you to your dorm room.”

    Shai’ sighed, glanced around as if she could make an escape, but the old woman had already grabbed two of her bags and was already halfway up the walk with them. Taking what was left for her to carry; she followed the woman up to the rooms in the dorm. It was packed with people going here and there. Shai’ felt her bracers were going to fly off her arms from their rattling, mimicking her nervous eyes jerking back and forth as if she was paranoid of everything around her. Well…she was!

    The old woman kept looking over her shoulder, trying to give her a few words of encouragement like her father and guardian does. She’s just met this woman, but somehow she knew exactly what to say to calm her anxieties. IT was – strange, but comforting, and helped Shai’ make it up the stairs and down the hall without losing herself. The woman knocked on one of the doors. Obviously someone was already inside, which caused Shai’ to automatically freeze up again and turn shy and unconscious of her surroundings.

    Then something unexpected began to happen – her tattoo started burning again.
  11. Lost in thought, eyes glazed to that of the ceiling over the secondary bed in the comfy cozy room; she had been adequately starting her trek through space when she heard the knock ramble against the door. Effectively pulling her attention away from the lofty view, spinning around with the curtain of fair blond hair as feet trumped promptly towards it all.

    Booting her one shoe that had landed in the kitchen towards back to that of her claimed bed, it might have been proper etiquette for her to at least clean up the slight mess she had made already but she didn't.

    Again the knocking came, perhaps more insistent demanding her attention this minute.

    Cuffing back her bangs that hung down in her face- her hand grabbed the smooth knob turning it open with a fluid jerk back, blinking at the elder woman that had brought her to the room earlier. Though she was not alone this time, rather another female was with the elder. Looking to the right and left of the hallway, she stepped back to stop in a lazily rest of perching herself on one leg over the other as she crossed her arms under her breasts.

    "Nice to see that you have taken out your headphones long enough to hear us." the woman chuckled- with a tone that mimicked one that a parent would use to reprimand a child- she pursued her lips before shrugging and turning flatly on her bare heels to walk back inside. Opening a hand to show the curious dark haired girl into the room, Svenja jumped back up onto her bed to plop straight down and folded her legs over one another. Watching the elder woman opening a palm towards her, her brow furrowed a little as if she was about to get a reaming of a lifetime while tour guide woman sucked in a slower breath; "Miss Svenja Page this is your room mate; Miss Shai'ahn Torrex." she grinned while her hand turned into a long point of an index finger, "Play nice now."

    Giving a short wave to that of Shai'ahn - mostly questioning the oddity of her name- she tucked her hands behind her head and flopped right down to sprawl over her bed though she made no attempt to stuff her ear phones back into her head.

    Seeming to take note that she was suppose to vacate and find other wondering souls to escort to this school, she shut the door to the room leaving the pair of them inside.

    Kicking a leg up to rest across the other, she peered through the corner of her eye to the girl. "You look ready to bolt for the door." she smirked some. "I don't bite often."
  12. "You look ready to bolt for the door." she smirked some. "I don't bite often."

    "I..uh..I'm just..not use to places...like this."

    Shai' looked around the decently sized dorm - already 'lived in', or 'broken in' as some would say. She found the unoccupied bed and dragged her bags over to rest them nearby. Looking over her space, she lifted her eyes to find a familiar sight. The tattoo design on her back was right there above her bed, painted on as if the person knew she would be there....which also means they knew about her strange tattoo. Turning around, she looked over her new roommate's bed and found a different design over hers. She wanted to ask her...to find out if, by chance, the girl had a odd tattoo that looked just like that image, but she wasn't sure if she was joking about the biting comment, or if she had her rabies shots. All she could recall though is Monica's constant mantra - don't hide away from the world, unless you want to be a stranger.

    "Um...are you new at this school too?" Her strong Korean accent was not as bad as it use to be. She's had enough linguist retraining her tongue for various languages and accents over the years, but she could hardly be called an American at all with the way she left out vowels sometimes.

    Shai' sat down on the edge of her bed and began to unzip one of her bags to go through the contents - not for sure what Monica packed for her - and begin to place them in their new locations in the large dresser at the foot of her bed.
  13. Bouncing her foot in a swaying motion to some beat she was making up in her head, she chuckled gingerly as she forced herself to sit back up on the edge of her bed. She could hear the evident accent in this girl's tone but it wasn't strong enough to suggest she just come off the boat from her native land and was looking for directions back that way.

    She was a might bit curious to know what sort of places this girl was used to staying at but without she stammered over her words, Svenja realized how nervous she really was. Then again the tension that was building in the room was enough to choke most.

    Watching with a careful eye to the dark haired girl, she raised her brow while her elbows rested against her knees, lazily dropping between as the blond tendrils filtered over one side of her face. "I heard that second year or third year students get dorms by themselves," she answered firstly, "So yeah; I am as new as a fresh piglet in spring to this stuffy zoo." Listening to her newly acquired roommate, she shrugged her shoulders some. In turn she could not be called an American either, but she only lived up north for a while making her speech almost similar to that of the Americans. And she made a point not to say 'eh' after every sentence like most American's assumed.

    Pushing the pads of her feet against the ground to stand up, she walked over to the large window again looking out of it before she would point up to the roof. "Three things I'll state off the bat; there is no way in the nine living realms I am ever going to be able to pronounce your name properly, so have a nickname? Secondly, I usually go by Sen;" she turned with a scrambled sort of hand gesture, "Most people like to pronounce the j in my name, and thirdly; " she pointed upwards, "What's your constellation? I'm figuring that you must have one too as I have rightly been put under one myself."

    She stopped as she tapped her bottom lip, "Oh better tell yeah, that if you are a clean freak don't be touching my bed. I like it the way it is," she grinned sincerely while she made a dramatic display of her hands towards the scene of the crime. "Disorganized! Too much neat and tidy things already in this world as it is," Retrieving her attention to come back to that of Shai' she held her smile. "So dare I ask why you are here in the school of mystery out in the middle of nowhere? Or should we save that for lunch time gossip?"

  14. Well, Shai'ahn knew that she wasn't the only one new to this place. That made her feel - a little better...

    "Three things I'll state off the bat; there is no way in the nine living realms I am ever going to be able to pronounce your name properly, so have a nickname?"

    Shai'ahn's eyes enlarged like mini watermelons at the girl's introduction to her list of commands. Her light voice responded, "It's like shy - ann, but many just call me Shai' for ease. It's Korean..."

    "Secondly, I usually go by Sen;" she turned with a scrambled sort of hand gesture, "Most people like to pronounce the j in my name, and thirdly; " she pointed upwards, "What's your constellation? I'm figuring that you must have one too as I have rightly been put under one myself. Oh better tell yeah, that if you are a clean freak don't be touching my bed. I like it the way it is," she grinned sincerely while she made a dramatic display of her hands towards the scene of the crime. "Disorganized! Too much neat and tidy things already in this world as it is,"

    Shai' was overwhelmed at everything Sen was talking about, but shook her head, focusing at what was more important for her to respond to. "I don't mind the clutter... I'm the same, but others take care of my things for me..." Stopping herself, not really paying attention to what she was talking about, Shai glanced up again at the ceiling.

    "I'm not understanding how this school knows about my tattoo, but...I have a Bird of Paradise on my back just like it. My adopted father said I've had it ever since he can remember..." She stood up, lifting her shirt slightly as she turned to show her roommate the markings, hoping to find out something that might help her understand more about it. Instantly, it began to burn more, and she cringed, and her bracers began to numb her arms with their warnings, but Shai' did not take heed to them.

    "I've been told all my life that I should never mention it... or show it to anyone... But...do you happen to have one too - of that symbol above your bed?"
  15. Finding her reactions rather amusing, she couldn't help but let out a heartily laugh to it all. Though was she serious that she had other's clean up her things? Was this girl some rich royal that had maids and servants wading on at any given time? If that was the case, talk about ritzy!

    Posing her hands behind her head, Sen tilted her chin as she listened to Shai' speak about her tatty and actually lift up her shirt to show it to her. "Well I'll be damned." grinning lopsided while keeping her attention to being polite, meaning she was listening it was only when Shai would make mention of her marking.

    Blinking somewhat, arms dropped lazily off her shoulders to wobble momentarily before giving her a nonchalant shrug. "I don't know where your fasha came to the idea not to show anyone, but each their own. He afraid it fly right off of yah if you showed someone?" she was teasing before she pointed towards the roof without moving her gaze from Shai, "Cygnus." she spoke simply while she leisurely began to rock on her feet, "I'll spare you the flash show as mine is on my ribs, and sorry I like a dinner to be bought first before I show my twins off to anyone." she at least rolled up a little of her shirt to show the tail end of the silver marking. "My pa and ma didn't know why I have it either, actually at one point my pa threatened to kick me out of the house cause he thought I did it illegally!" Hands cuffed out in a wide gesture, "Shows how much he changed me as a kid, but my ma told me that I've had it since I came right outta the womb." she mimicked a plopping sound, before her hands came up in a whatever sort of movement. Though the wheels in her head were clicking, as she leaned inwards towards Shai, "Makes yah wonder how many others are running around with stars on their bodies."

    Shooting her hand up to point towards the sky; "I say we investigate, no one shall be safe with their clothing!" she grinned wily before she would wrinkle her nose, "Well if there is a uber hot guy here, I dib stripping him." she was teasing all the while, "Look out first suspension, oh pa is guna be so proud." Pretending to wipe away a tear from her eye, Sen glanced back to that of Shai - "Where are yah from anyways, if you don't mind this naive of a bloke asking."
  16. Tashanee looked up at the building and her heart skipped a beat. All the other schools. They just weren't right for her. She could feel it in her heart that this place was going to be very different. She took a deep breath and began to walk into her new life. She took every detail in and her eyes sparkled with wonder. It was so beautiful. She could imagine many other students disagreeing on the point that an academy was "beautiful", but Tashanee couldn't find a more fitting word. Then again, she found an inner beauty anywhere and in anyone, even if it was a sliver. She turned around, still taking it all in and then she jumped upon a tap on her shoulder. She span around and came face to face with a woman, a smile on her face. She was very pretty and couldn't have been older than 28 or 29. Her brunette curls framed her face and she wore a very comfortable looking red andblack dress suit. Tashanee took in her aura and emotions. Pleasantness, calm, optimism and a hint of tiredness from the early start. Very relaxing emotions and Tashanee let her tense shoulders drop.

    "Getting adjusted to new surroundings?"

    She nodded enthusiastically and then blinked when she realised the more appropriate thing to do was to answer in English. Her first language was of course Brazilian and her English has vastly improved since she had arrived on this land, but she was not entirley fluent.

    "Oh, yes! So very... It is so very beautiful... I think." she blushed a little at her own speech and the woman's comforting smile just grew softer.

    "Tashanee Oliveira, right? Bem-vindo. Não fique nervoso, o seu Inglês é brilhante."

    Tashanee blinked in surprise. The woman had welcomed her and assured her that she shouldn't be nervous and that her English was brilliant. She blushed a little more and replied back to her in her own native tongue. What a relief!

    "Muito obrigado. Eu estava preocupado que ninguém me entende!"

    The woman laughed and put a hand on her shoulder, "I assure you, you speak wonderful English. Clean, crisp, clear. Better than some native English speakers!"

    They both laughed together and suddenly, all nerves were replaced with pure happiness and excitement. This was turning out so wonderfully. Like a dream! She was even picking up such a great aura from the Academy itself. A feeling of friendship, comfort. It was enough to make Tashanee give a wistful sigh, but she held it in.

    "So here is your room number and your key." A piece of paper was handed to her and a key for a standard door. She opened up the piece of paper and found a room number and even little directions. She looked up at the kind woman and beamed at her.

    "Thank you very, very much for my warm welcome. I am loving it all so much sooner than I was expecting!" She realised that that didn't sound totally correct, but she couldn't care. The woman returned her big smile.

    "Not at all. You have ay probelms you come to me. I'm Miss Steele. Will you able to find you're way to your room?"

    "I'm sure I will be able to do so, thank you Miss Steele."

    Miss Steele gave her a small wave, turned and walked away. Tashanee turned and began to climb up the stairs that was like her open gateway. She took a deep breath to contain her joy. She did a few gleeful skips before returning to normal walking pace, smiling happily and taking in the wonderful aura from earlier. She looked at her direction again and then back up at the way she was heading. She nodded her head. This seemed right...
  17. "I don't know where your fasha came to the idea not to show anyone, but each their own. He afraid it fly right off of yah if you showed someone?"

    Shai' was confused, but understood Sen well enough to get her meaning, "I'm not sure... He just said it was dangerous and valuable...which is why I've been hidden for so long."

    Replacing her shirt, Shai listened as her roommate mentioned her tattoo, commenting about not showing - her twins - before dinner? Shai figured it was an American expression, for, regardless of what she said, Sen still slightly rolled her shirt to show a partial of the silver tattoo - similar to her own.

    "Unbelievable!" To think, she was roommates to someone else who had a similar mysterious tattoo. Again, her tattoo scorched her, which caused Shai to bite her lip as she listened to Sen.

    "My pa and ma didn't know why I have it either, actually at one point my pa threatened to kick me out of the house cause he thought I did it illegally!" Hands cuffed out in a wide gesture, "Shows how much he changed me as a kid, but my ma told me that I've had it since I came right outta the womb." she mimicked a plopping sound, that made Shai' hop slightly at the spontaneity of it. She giggled lightly at her jumpiness, feeling somewhat okay with this new person. Sen didn't seem so bad - even though, she's still a bit concern about the whole biting warning from earlier.

    Sen leaned forward on her heels directly towards Shai, who naturally leaned in the other direction to maintain personal space. "Makes yah wonder how many others are running around with stars on their bodies."
    Shooting her hand up to point towards the sky; "I say we investigate, no one shall be safe with their clothing!"

    Shai'ahn began to think... So many stars in the heavens - if two had shown up after all these years of no answers, then there's bound to be more somewhere... She hardly heard Sen as she began to think of a way to figure out how to find others with similar silver tattoos.

    Sen glanced back to that of Shai - "Where are yah from anyways, if you don't mind this naive of a bloke asking.

    "Wha?" Shai shook herself out of her brainstorm. "Oh, I'm from
    Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province of South Korea. My father is an Accountant, and my stepmother is from here, Montana. She's a Professor at the University of Montana." Shai sat down on her bed again, trying to figure out Monica's organized construction of her clothes.

    "Father wanted me somewhere away from the issues arising around us in SK, so he sent me here. My stepmother and I...are not close, so I'm living with my cousin. She's a Librarian here, and the reason my Father choose this school for me..." It seemed as if the more she chatted with Sen, the more open she'd become about herself. Maybe she shouldn't be so. Her Father always said that there were many out there to pay close attention to, because the world was not safe, especially for her.

    But, to meet someone who carried a similar mark... she felt more at ease.

    Shai's smile was noticed, but still minute and somewhat awkward as she pointed towards her mouth, rounding it with her finger and shaking her head, "Your...voice? Your accent is - interesting too. Are you from America, or another country as well?"
  18. She had to admit when she first arrived here, she thought the school was going to be plagued with the snobbish type preppy school girls that made you want to gouge out your own eyes and she was prepared to do so. Too often in her prior schooling years, she had encountered the very girls she thought about and that was enough to make her grit her teeth.

    But by speaking with this nervous girl, she deemed Shai' decent in her books; perhaps why she was acting the way she was. Herself, foolish and random to the most part but not remotely the klutz that was usually associated with such actions.

    Following the same suit as Shai', she sat down on the edge of her own bed; eyes of inner most blue watching while she spoke about growing up in South Korea. She hardly thought this girl was that far east, but she found it rather interesting. Though hearing that her adoptive father sent her to the states to avoid the mishaps in the eastern lands, she couldn't help but frown.

    Scratching the side of her temple, her lips parted with a warm laugh all the while she shrugged her shoulders forward. "Born in Germany actually, but I was raised north of here." she pointed north ways, "My ma is a Canadian gal and I was too until more recently. My dad is military so he moves around a lot still and mom goes with most of the time. I was invited to this school, so they shipped me off from Great falls to live with an unrelated aunt and I came here." she dished out, "So all in all, you can say I am from a different country, but not all that different from the US."

    Standing up again, Sen ran around the room to gather up her shoes as she began to jump in place attempting to slip on the sneakers. Unlike Shai', she hadn't unpacked at all and wasn't planning on doing so quite yet either. Taking a minute, easily more to fumble with her shoes - nearly falling over onto the floor once or twice- she stamped her feet to make sure they were on before trumping over to that of Shai' and extending a hand to her. "Since your here now roomie, I don't have to play watch and wait anymore!" her tone was uplifted and wild in a sense but all the time keeping a sense of sensible grace, "Let's check this place out for other mystic beings, eh?" she frowned momentarily at saying eh, before shaking it off. "I'll be fun, I promise! We can work as a team if you want too?"
  19. Shai smiled when Sen revealed her living experience, finding that they both share a somewhat similar situation. Then, she'd completely lost her train of thought as she watched the girl bounce around the room, making a circus out of putting on a pair of shoes. It was nothing Shai's ever seen before in her life, and looked quite fun at the same time as quite dangerous.

    Turning back to her bag, she realized what she was doing and decided to not worry about her clothes. Instead, she's found a bottle her father had given her with an herbal pain killer he'd had his mother make up for her. Shaking a little in her hand, she lifted her shirt slightly from the back and rubbed the lotion into the now hot-to-the-touch mark, massaging it in to calm the irritating sensation. She returned the cap back on the bottle and tucked it away in her bad, before turning back to Sen - finding her now standing with her hand extended out to her.

    "Since your here now roomie, I don't have to play watch and wait anymore!"

    Shai grinned and shook her head, her natural way to say she didn't understand, "What do you mean? What were you watching and waiting for?"

    "Let's check this place out for other mystic beings, eh? I'll be fun, I promise! We can work as a team, if you want too?"

    Shai took Sen's hand and stood up, "Work as a team to find...others like us? How can we do that, when we don't have a clue as to how?" Sometimes, Shai wished she'd lived in the outside world long enough to understand how other people think. Did Sen know a way to figure out how to find other students with a silver tattoo? That was an exciting idea if she did, but worried about anything new, Shai'ahn was still standing like a timid piece of bark. "Will we...get in trouble for...wandering around campus so late?" Regardless of her concerns, Shai still followed.
  20. Bouncing around with her show, she began to tie her shoes properly when Shai' applied whatever she was apply to her back before she sniggered with a bright smile watching her shake her head to her.

    "I was waiting for you, my roommate. Didn't want to leave and suddenly come back to another girl. Rather I was waiting around to meet you firstly." she gave her a stern pull forward to help her stand up when she took her hand before she tucked her hair behind her ears.

    Shai' made a avail point as she worried her bottom lip for a moment. Thinking on it for a moment she grinned and shrugged. "I don't know." she admitted, "I mean we could go knocking on all the doors in the girls dorm asking if we can see their ceilings, I'm assuming if there is more like us they would have roofs like us. Otherwise," hands lifted to wiggle her fingers before her temples, "We maybe take a stab in the dark." hands moved in a bobbling expression, "Did you get any weird vibe from me that might have told you that I had a tatty too? Or was it just the ceiling that said that, cause that's how I figured it out for you Shai'."

    Retrieving the IPod that still rested in her bosom, she tossed it to the bed before stopped and looking at the girl making the observation about getting into trouble. "I don't think we would, I mean it's our first day. If anyone asks, we just tell them that we are exploring the school so we know where we are going!" she tapped her thumb to her chest, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it." She winked, "And if worse comes to worse, you can blame it on me. I've perfected the art of looking sorry and guilty with them big ol' puppy dog eyes. Works especially well on men." she grinned wildly as she pulled open the door of the room, pointing her finger out into the hallway. "Maybe we can find your cousin too and see how she is settling in here," she offered, "Come on Shai', I promise you won't get into any sort of trouble. I'll make sure of that."