Celestial Avians

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  1. You may come from a broken past or a rich one. You may have the world wrapped around your finger, or you may be lost. No matter where you stand, you are special.

    You remember little of your Latin astrology class, but for whatever reason, you vividly remember the bird constellations. Cygnus, the swan. Aquila, the eagle. Columba, the dove. Corvus, the raven or crow. Pavo, the peacock. Grus, the crane. Tucana, the toucan. Apus, the bird of paradise. The strangest part of these bird constellations is that you have one of them tattooed somewhere on your body in silver ink, but you don't remember ever getting the tattoo. The tattoo even grows with you, as if it is alive.

    You go to a special school, set deep in a forest located in rugged Montana. Towering trees surround the entire campus, as if sheltering it. There is a small town, not even on the map, a few minutes from the campus by car, which includes a rather large ranger station. The school is an expensive academy with top class facilities, recreational and educational.
    However, you've noticed some of the students, a select few, seem odd. You can't quite put your finger on it, but they're different somehow. Unique.

    Okay, horrible plot/intro/thing aside, this is a roleplay about teenaged kids. I like to view them as an incarnation of the bird constellations, of sorts. The kids each have a tattoo of a bird somewhere on their body, as previously mentioned, and it's a bird that is also a Latin constellation. With this silver bird tattoo comes certain powers or abilities based on that bird. (For example, having an eagle tattoo could give you the ability 'Rally', which inspires you and your nearby allies to fight harder or something.) Each character should follow these guidelines, at least roughly:

    Character must be somewhat like their bird (like a peacock could be beautiful, an eagle could have darker skin [because of their brown feathers], etc)
    Character should have first letter of their name the first letter of their bird (Priscilla the peacock, Carl the crow, Tom the toucan, etc) [Not required, but I think it'd be awesome to see c: And I'd love it even more with more 'outlandish' or exotic names, such as Priscilla]
    Character must be experience in at least one form of fighting (hand-to-hand, using a spear, using a bow, etc) [no more than two types]
    Must have a tattoo
    It'd be greatly appreciated if one of your abilities was to shapeshift into your bird for a certain amount of time (the form would be like a patronus from Harry Potter)

    No perfect characters (commonly referred to as Gary/Mary sues)
    No controlling someone else's character
    No overly explicit scenes (porn is really what I'm getting at, or super heavy language, especially racist remarks. Those will not be tolerated)
    Try to post at least a few sentences, please c:
    There can be one male and one female of each bird
    Please, use common sense when filling out your form and RPing
    Can we please have some male characters now? xD The only one so far is Phazaeke's character, Eamon.

    Tattoo location:
    Personality (just a little, I understand most personalities are usually RPed out):
    Combat type:
    Other info:

    *Females are listed first on the Birds list

    Bird of Paradise - Shai'ahn and
    Eagle - Esther and Eamon and Francesca-(admin)
    Dove - Dwiirok and Danial
    Crow/Raven - Raonaid and Grimm
    Crane - Cameron and Caelestinus
    Peacock - Peranawiand Aiden
    Swan - Svenja (Sen) and
    Toucan - Tashanee and

    *Name (tattoo) - rank

    The Ophiucus

    Geneva (neutral) - Serpens
    Orestes and Octavia (snake) - Ophiucus
    Hektor (snake) - Hydra
    Dusty - (snake) - Draco
    Monica - (snake) - Sobek

    RP thread - [LINK]

    If I screwed up anything here you need to tell me o3o​
  2. Form

    Name: Dwiirok Ceiria
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Bird: Columba / Dove
    Appearance: [Link]
    Tattoo location: Left side of left thigh
    Personality: Dwiirok is normally a pleasant, curious girl. Sometimes, she is childlike in emotion, but for the most part, she demonstrates emotion as most would her age. When upset or angered, she tends to act rashly, more rashly than she usually does.
    History: Dwiirok, born of a Norwegian mother and an American father in America, was always a perfect daughter when growing up. When she hit her early teenage years, she hit a rebellious phase, then eventually grew out of it. She had a brother, Vonse, who was killed in a wreck at the age of fifteen. He was in the car with a friend and they were hit by a high driver. At the time, she was only nine. She continued with school, earning slightly above average marks, and was sent to the secluded school at the age of sixteen.
    Likes: Talks with people, animals, swimming, sparring, mythology, gaming.
    Dislikes: Loud people, obnoxious people, sexists, racists, liars, overpopulated areas, loneliness, darkness.
    Combat type: Best with a spear and still a threat with a bow.
    Abilities: Scatter - Gains additional speed and agility in life-threatening situations.
    Buffet - An unnaturally quick flurry of strong attacks.
    Shapeshift - Shifts into a dove for ten minutes unless the shift is cut short.
    Other info: A huge music fan.

    Not my best work x_x

  3. May I join?

    Name: Raonaid Morrigan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Bird: Raven
    Appearance: http://data.whicdn.com/images/16314346/tumblr_lod2fpq31U1qgjw3qo1_500_large.jpg

    Tattoo location: Inside of her left wrist.

    Personality: Playful and sarcastic at times, somber and ponderous at others, almost as if she's two different people. She tends to keep up a front of confidence around her peers.

    History: Raonaid's parents were killed by a burglar when she was 7. She survived by hiding in the closet of her parent's bedroom, staying quiet and still for hours until police found her. She spent the next ten years in foster homes. Her tattoo partially covers scars from when she tried to kill herself less than a year ago. After she recovered, Social Services placed her at the school.

    Likes: Books, music, shiny bits of broken things, dancing when she thinks no one is looking, Celtic myth.

    Dislikes: Thieves, small spaces, real jewelry, being interrupted, dinosaurs.

    Combat type: A self-taught blend of hand-to-hand fighting styles.

    Abilities: Shapeshifts into a Raven for a short amount of time.
    Prophetic dreams. Can act as a medium for spirits.

    Other info: She can imitate sounds and voices uncannily. ​
  4. Form

    Name: Eamon Cartwright

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Bird: Aquila/Eagle

    Appearance: {Link}

    Tattoo location: Back of neck

    Personality: Eamon is a guy with one hell of a chip on his shoulder. Bitter, cantankerous, and above all else rebellious, he has always had a serious problem with authority and other people telling him what to do. He's not good at making friends and has a habit of pushing away those who manage to get close to him despite his surly demeanor. Cold and distant, he usually remains aloof unless someone tries to confront him, which is something to which he typically does not react well.

    History: Eamon lost his mother to cancer at a very young age and ever since he has resented the world for (as he sees it) taking her away from him. His father later remarried, straining their relationship to the point that Eamon hardly talked with him at all from the time he turned 13. His churlish behavior tended to get him into trouble at school and pretty much everywhere else, and so he was eventually transferred back and forth between a variety of boys' homes and alternative schools. Now he is about to find himself in yet another such place. Although it definitely seems fancier than most of the places he's been to, Eamon still only sees this place as an attempt to keep him out of the way and out of trouble. We'll see how well that works out...

    Likes: Motorcycles, fast cars, leather, knives, tattoos, playing with fire

    Dislikes: Talking to people, working in groups, authority figures, high achievers, conceited people
    Combat type: Uses two razor edged chakrams at both close and long range

    Abilities: Can shape-shift into eagle form for several minutes at a time
    Possesses acute long range sight and the ability to see details imperceptible to average humans
    Lightning fast reaction time

    Other info: Secretly keeps a necklace that was his mother's with him at all times​
  5. well now this looks very very interesting! would it be alright if i joined up?

    Name: Svenja Page (Sen for Short)

    Gender: Female

    Age: Sixteen

    Bird: Cygnus/Swan


    Tattoo location: Right side of Rib Cage

    Personality: Strongly appearing aloof from the first appearance it isn't until she deems some a good soul before she starts acting rather humorous. She is fun loving and jokes around a lot while being rather dramatic with her gestures. She has quite the strange vocabulary and a advent imagination. You'll often see her doing something eccentric (bouncing on her bed playing air gu[SIZE=3]i[SIZE=3]tar) but through the end of it, [/SIZE][/SIZE]Svenja is a very easy going person that is rather difficult to rile up. Though she does have a rather explosive aggressive temper when finally provoked.

    History: Born in Jena, Germany; her mother is Canadian while her father is military man from Germany; she was never raised in the beautiful lands but rather they all moved into the cold climate of Cardston, Alberta! At least until the age of ten before they moved into the mountain range of Montana; nestled a little outside of Great Falls. Reserved generally most of the time, she is not a 'A' student nor a failure in her grades, but there is no doubt about it that she would rather be elsewhere than school. She has been reclusive to herself within her schooling systems as her parents thought it may be necessary to attempt sending her to an exclusive school elsewhere in Montana while living with an unrelated Aunt.

    Likes: Trail Riding, Reading, On-line gaming, painting, camping, mudding with trucks and quads

    (more in bio page)
    Dislikes: Hunting, racism, crowed places, overly touchy people, being asked something three times, filler conversation. (more in bio page)

    Combat type: Close Range Assault - Meele-


    • Rosary Blades - Capable of summoning a pair of twin blades from a inner reaches of her own body; they are a finely crafted blade balanced twin swords that are ebony with a single silver strip through the center of it. They are light allowing for ample ability to wield with with exceptional grace.
    • Demise Assailant - A barrage of consecutive blows that range around the body of the enemy, inflicting damage each time. Cannot be used consecutively without a break between each time.
    • Illusionary Stalk - Confusing the victim, it appears as if she disappears from sight when in truth she has not, it allows for great stalking!
    • Shapeshift- Typically used to escape the scene, only effective for short spans of time. cannot be used to maintain great periods of flight.

    Other info: Typically seen with head phones on or in her ears, music is a life blood that loves with great gusto, any genre any time typically. Minus rap, opera and religious music. Two things in her world that will be a total mess, her bed and her truck. Prepare! She is able to play a few instruments (personal faves usually with the Saxophone, bass guitar and violin)
    (more in bio page)

    Completed Bio is up in Blog section! Check Often as I updated Sen a LOT!
  6. Name: Shai'ahn


    She has extremely long hair, reaches almost to her ankles, which she normally has braided in various fashions down her back, or pulled in a ponytail and twisted and flipped so the length of the loops reaches to her lower back.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Bird: Apus - Bird of Paradise

    Tattoo location: the lower back, sitting on the spine just above her bottom


    Personality: Very paranoid about the world. She's been sheltered her whole life by her adopted father and mother, who both know her abilities and wish to keep them hidden - for some reason. But, Shai'ahn is rather enjoyable to be around, has a slight kleptomania issue that she's learning to control, and loves to sing...regardless of the almost obsessive reaction it's hypnotic tone tends to have on others. Although, she somewhat favors the attention she gains for using her abilities, but is aware that their friendships are false. Friends are great - stalkers are not...

    History: Just put it this way, she's on the Foreign Exchange Student Program and is not planning on returning home.

    Shai'ahn was an orphan of indeterminate parentage. She was apparently found wandering aimlessly in a forest in South Korea by a lowly gentleman, and it was presumed that she had gotten separated from a caravan or lost during a journey. However, when no parent ever appeared to claim her, the consensus changed to the idea that they must have been killed by robbers. Under the care of the gentleman, for he did not believe in sending her to an orphanage, she grew into a polite, unassuming child. He'd noticed her untrained skill in her voice and began to teach her music and voice - learning immediately that she was granted a Muse's cords.

    Little Shai'ahn became his protege and adopted daughter. He took her with him as he traveled all over the world, using her skills to make a small living for themselves - through stealing or pulling on the heart-strings of the wealthy with her big eyes. His craft - bookkeeper - had him moving where ever his skills were required. He'd taught Shai'ahn how to care and defend for herself while he was a way to work, but after an attack from a person who knew what her special voice was all about almost killing her; her father decided to mold her into a timid creature by hiding her away from the outside world.

    She has had a basic homeschool education in the womanly arts (weaving, sewing, cooking), and was taught some low-level reading and writing; but other than that, she was unlearned for the longest, until her adopted farther grew older and decided it was best to settle down.

    He married an Enchanter who taught Shai'ahn, now eight years old, more about what her voice could do, as well as prepared her education wise so she could attend the best school there is. They told her to keep her skills under wraps, because there are many people out there in the world who will not understand her - and many who would want her for their personal use, or want her dead.

    Her step mother suggested that they keep her secured at home, away from the outside world because her abilities in the wrong hands would be dangerous. Shai'ahn has been living in her home for 9 years with no contact to the world around her.

    Likes: Music, voice, performing - if she can get over being scared to death of the audience. Likes shiny things....

    Dislikes: Large groups of people, but she tends to place her within them in order to train herself to handle them. Doesn't really know anything about the outside world to dislike. Afraid of being in cages, stuck in corners, or locked in small areas (claustrophobic).

    Combat type: Magic and weapons combat: Bow and Arrow. Own four steel, nickel, and iron bracers and bracelets for her wrist, upper arms, and ankles. Used to transform into weapons of choice, or anything else for that matter. Can also magnetize them to use against her enemy. In avian form she attacks with claw and beak, and has the ability to dress her feathers in metal and extend them to use a invisible wires for tying, tripping, or strangling; or to use as projectile daggers.

    Abilities: Muse: she has a magical aura in her voice. Through songs or simple speech, she can heal, cause pain, and many more. Can transform into her Apus form, both in humanoid and full avian states.

    Metal / Magnetic Manipulation: Can wield magnetic and static energy from her environment or body. She can also use the metals in herself, others, or her environment to form into weapons or other objects of use. Has senses much like a blind person would - can feel vibrations through her body from the ground or other objects she touch.

    Other info: Still not sure why her adopted father, of whom she has seen on rare occasions and still calls Mr. Davenport rather than father, decided to send her and her cousin, Monica Torrex, to this new school. In all honestly, there's a lot about Mr. Davenport and her step-mother's history she's unaware of...or has forgotten. Or, according to Monica, might have been washed out...
  7. AceofMana, Phazaeke, and GeekOut, your characters are accepted C: Sorry for not responding, I've been busy the past week.

    I'll reserve your spot in Apus, Phi Chisym.
  8. If you don't mind, can I have Grus the crane?
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  10. Name: Lucillia Wing-heart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Bird: Peacok
    Tattoo location: side of neck
    Personality:Very outgoing and obnoxious, not afraid to say what she thinks and what is one her mind, does her own thing and likes it that way. She is a little crazy too....but in a good way XD

    History: Lucillia grew up with her mom and dad a normal life, for the most part, her dad was a drunk and mom a stripper. She had no siblings. She kept too herself in school, for the most part she had friends but they were just like her, so one or two. She went through years of being depressed, cutting and attempting suicide. She never wanted to die, she just wanted to have a normal life, with loving parents and a mom who only showed her body to her father. She has never been in a stable relationship, or had a boyfriend that actually cared for her.

    Likes: Unicorns, Bunnies, Ice cream, Animals, Colors. Brightness, social people.
    Dislikes: The dark, Rude and ignorant people.

    Combat type: She fights likes she acts, her own way. She likes to distract people and then go in for their weak spot. Other then that her fighting style in basic, other then her agility and acrobatics.

    Abilities: Blinding-Can blind one with a ray of bright colors for a short period of time
    Screech- can screech very loudly, temporarily deafening and distracting the opponent
    Shapeshift-Can shape shift into a peacock for short periods of time, use manly for flight and strength of beak

    Other info: Love loud music, and has scars on her wrist.

    Not my best but I was at a loss for abilities and I hate making histories for characters haha​
  11. I have an incomplete template - post #6.
  12. Hope you'll say yes.

    Cameron DeMeritt originally DeLancey



    Grus the Crane


    Tattoo location:
    You will see a swooping tattoo of a demoiselle crane reaching down towards the back of her right hand from near her elbow.

    Ever elegant and graceful, Cameron moves about with purpose, much like the dances she performs. Her father has taught her how to be cunning and somewhat manipulative. Many people find her obnoxious.

    The DeLancey family is the richest and oldest family in Salem, Massachusets. The townsfolk are weary of the DeLancey whose bloodline was rumored to be tainted of witchblood. True enough, the DeLancey had magical origins but all of them long-forgotten, except for a couple of traditions.

    One of these traditions was marrying to a family of the same rank and stature. When Cameron came of age, she fled Salem as soon as she found out she was bethrothed to a man in a nearby town, someone she hasn't even met or heard of before.

    She has stolen enough of the DeLancey fortune to keep her alive and well for a few years.

    Her escape led her to the mountains of Montana where she decided to enroll in a school where she uses the family name DeMeritt. She keeps her crane tattoo/birthmark covered in case someone recognizes her as a DeLancey, a family loyal to the Crane.

    Ironically, she likes everything that reminds her of the home she left: snow, puzzles and mysteries she and her father used to solve together. When she feels lonely, she dances in a clearing outside the school. She has an absolute weakness for well-cooked fish.


    Combat type:
    Her skills in dancing has proved useful in hand-to-hand combat as well as swordfighting.

    Cameron can morph into a half-woman, half-crane. Her arms would grow feathers sufficient for gliding while her face would grow a beak that can pierce armors and hearts. Unfortunately, the change will cost all her energy and if over-exerted, can render her unconscious.

    She can also produce a call that can reach allies anywhere, as long as they have been branded by her kiss.

    She can also entrance audience while she dances.

    Other info:
    She is a romantic. Whenever she is lonely, she dances in a clearing outside a school in the hopes of calling her mate, her one true love, to where she is...but the call has yet to be answered.
  13. Everyone's accepted, including you when you finish your form, Phi Chisym.

    I'll be making the thread later today C:
  14. RP thread is up at the bottom of the first post! I won't be able to post anymore tonight, but I'll totally post tomorrow! Here's the link if you're lazy like me xD [LINK]
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