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  1. Celestial Avians Signup and Discussions

    Feel free to post anything about the RP here c: Plot ideas, possible rule implementations, anything really. We're all friends here, yayyy.
    Main thread: here.

    Character Sheet
    *please remove everything in brackets

    Character Name:
    Physical Description or Image:
    Orientation (optional):
    Brief Personality:
    History (optional):
    Ability One:
    Ability Two (optional):
    Ability Three (optional):

    Character Rules

    Three abilities maximum per character.
    One ability minimum per character.
    Characters of both types have naturally increased endurance, strength, and senses (sight, hearing, etc).
    When detailing your abilities, please don't make them too strong. It's no fun to roleplay when everyone's invincible or mega strong.
    If you need help thinking of abilities, why not try the random button on the Superpower Wiki?
    Two characters maximum per person; one bird and one serpent.

    Character List


    Apus: Soule, played by Pandamonium
    Aquila: Jory, played by a1joryj
    Columba: Selene, played by Manakete
    Pavo: Kenna, played by Adira
    Tucana: Caelus, played by InfinitExel
    Phoenix: Philomena, played by ResolverOshawott
    Grus: Shai'ahn, played by Phi Chisym
    Cygnus: Eva, played by Intricate Fabulist
    Corvus: Brennan, played by Ace

    Noctua: reserved, played by Phi Chisym
    Gallus: reserved, played by Phaz


    Draco: Keith, played by dreamthief
    Hydrus: Whitaker, played by Ace
    Hydra: Monica, played by Phi Chisym
    Opiuchus: Winter, played by Intricate Fabulist
    Serpens: Eden, played by Whirlwind
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  2. Character Name: Selene Jayme
    Constellation: Columba
    Age: Sixteen
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Asexual // panromantic
    Appearance: here
    Brief Personality: Selene is kind, warm, and caring, but shy at first. She tends to remain quiet and stick to the back of the group. She prefers a close friend circle as opposed to a large group of friends. She's also intelligent, artistic, and witty. She's naturally curious and mischievous and enjoys playing pranks on others, especially males. She knows when to act serious and when to be playful, and is viewed by most of the faculty as a model student.
    History: Selene grew up in a suburb in Indiana as an only child. Her parents treated her well, but did not spoil her. She learned from a young age that she had to work to gain what she desired. At her old school, she was well-liked by all and carried a high grade-point average. She was involved in the drama club, book club, and Quiz Bowl team. At Night Branch, she hopes to get involved in extracurriculars like she was at her old school. She also used to volunteer at the animal shelter in her spare time. Other than that, she doesn't like to talk about her history much.
    Ability One: Light Shield Construction: Selene can construct shields of light from her own energy. However, there are limits to this. If she is too weak or tired, she cannot construct a shield. Additionally, if the shield is repeatedly struck, it greatly reduces her energy. If she cannot or does not remove the shield, she could eventually pass out or die.
    Ability Two: Despair Manipulation: Selene can manipulate despair in those around her. She can increase or decrease it, but almost always chooses to remove the feelings of desperation. Using this ability, however, causes some of the despair from others to leak into her. This ability does not work on those who are unusually cheery or unusually depressed.
    Ability Three: Silence Manipulation: Selene can create and manipulate silence, masking sound. However, she cannot manipulate the sound itself. This ability does not work underwater and its effect can be nullified if a sound is loud enough, such as a loud gong.
    Other: Her tattoo is located on the back of her right shoulder.
  3. sammual.png
    Name: "Keith Mulligan"
    Constellation: "Draco"
    Age: "Eighteenish"
    Gender: "Male"
    Orientation: "Bisexual I suppose"
    Brief Personality: His morals are as low as can be and almost nothing phases him as it should. Due to his intoxicated state half the time he can't tell right from wrong and often winds up on the wrong side of the road. Despite popular belief amongst his kind he loves birds and wishes to keep one as a pet of sort. When he's interested in something he cannot and will not take no for an answer which leads him to doing horrible nasty things at times he regrets later.
    Ability One: Power Cancellation, the name speaks for it's self really. This ability allows him to make even the strongest and biggest person feel weak and powerless when they are within a five feet radius of him. People with abilities will feel human and powerless. This is not to say being hit in the head with a blunt object won't hurt him or shot by a gun won't kill him. He's not immortal and CAN be injured my normal means. He can direct this power towards a certain source to stretch his ability further although it leaves that five foot radius around him very thin. Depending how long you stay next to him will determine how long it takes to get your ability back. You wanna have an hour long chat with him? No problem you just won't get your abilities back for another hour no matter how far you move away from him. Although he can make you powerless he cannot use your ability in any way way shape or form. To normal humans his abilities can make them feel weak and tired.
    Ability Two: Blood Manipulation, which means he can make things not out of others blood but his own. Toys, weapons, clothes it can all be done though this ability is very draining and tiresome.
    Other: "Oh yeah, I have this tattoo on well... not a very public area."​
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  4. Character Name:
    Philomena "Arloste" Marcovici


    Phoenix The Fire Bird of Rebirth (Thats what i like to call it)




    Physical Description or Image:


    Bixsexual though prefer men more.

    Brief Personality:
    She is rebellious and almost fearless and quick to irritate and annoy, and is definitely not afraid to toss her weight around if need be. She is also cunning, clever and smart and is quite competitive and she doesn't let go of grudges easily and certainly does get envious of people but don't really take drastic action against it not yet she wont like it very much if your the popular well liked student of the school not that she wants be as popular as you are but she might feel you don't deserve and may try to do things that will emberasshed you/get you bullied. But other than that she is a great friend and certainly will look out for you most of the time.

    History (optional):

    She grew up great in the not that nice city of Mexico. Her parents were well part of a gang, her birth was not very well recieved but her parents, mother at least raised her still she most definitely learned to fend for herself, manipulate people and most importantly fight she certainly had a rough upbringing. When she older her grand parents whom after finding out about her parents doings took her in and sent her to a boarding school so she wouldn't end up the same fate as them.

    Ability One:

    Yes this does extend to making little constructs and making fire out of no where though due to being unexperienced n such she may get herself burnt if she isn't careful and she certainly not immune to being burnt alive though she does have higher pain tolerance and heat tolerance, can't say the same for the cold however. This ability can't work properly when its raining obviously its still fire and acts like normal fire she just have the ability to make and control it.

    And no she has no idea how to make constructs such as wings and birds yet and unless she gets a oppurtunity to practice to learn how to do it she did just quite recently discovered her pyrokinetic abilities so she doesn't overuse it.

    Ability Two (optional):

    Very limited due to her inexperienced at best she make a light shield and ball of light but even then she can't really use this beyond that she may learn how to use it properly eventually.

    Her tatoo is located on her back near her shoulders.

    For the sake of balance she's only having 2 abilities Photokinesis (Very limited for the time being) and Pyrokinesis i could give her rebirth which are the classic abilities of the phoenix but not sure how you would feel about that i'm just trying to make her abilities closely resemble a The Phoenix's afterall.

    Also i figured not all Celestia Birds are goodie good shoe's like your character Selene while she isn't evil she isn't pure good neither.​
  5. Character Name: Branwen Adaire, but since she moved to America and throughout the roleplay she'll tell people to call her "Brennan"
    Constellation: Corvus, the crow
    Age: Eighteen
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description or Image: A combination of age, gender, and genetics make Branwen look short, but she's about 5'4" realistically. Average women's height. If a person was to ask, she'd look about the appropriate height to make you stop, squint, not an easy height to immediately say "oh, well she's ___ of course", unless you're really tall or really short. But of course, that means everyone who's 5'4" and who ultimately decides "short" realizes she's exactly their height and quietly pretend to have not made the connection (no one else does this? just me? *sweats*). Branwen is skinny by extreme standards on the opposite spectrum but she has her share of curves and fats. Especially being her age (I emphasize age a lot because I don't know the definition of subtlety & I plan to bring it up a little later for like an entire sentence), her mother was a gradual developer and Branwen inherited that. Otherwise, Branwen has flinty blue-grey eyes and hair made of pitch. Her black hair is a big part of her life, in an uncomfortably sensitive way, and that I will be talking about more below but for more than one sentence.
    Orientation (optional): She's only really dated men before, but if I had to guess her potential spectrum, I'd say somewhere around heterosexual panromantic. She may not be aware of that second part yet, but I don't think she will be unless she meets someone who isn't male that she romantically feels for, if that makes sense?
    Brief Personality: Branwen is a fairly grounded, independent person. She lives for casual interactions, where more deeply personal friendships create instability for her, because she feels she can be less independent for the sake of the other person. She's very capable, but entirely likely to undermine the leader's words and fulfill her own plans if she isn't willing to go through with it. Branwen is exactly the sort of person who makes plans and gets things done without breaking a sweat. Her age is something she views as sort of irrelevant (when applied to her, not necessarily others) the older she gets past eighteen. She feels that's "too old" to represent her, probably because of the societal impression that casual things are for children and "REAL ADULTS" have "ADULT" relationships like MARRIAGE. Her guilty pleasure is having silly, nonsensical fun with others. It doesn't matter what, and she'd never verbally admit it, but she thinks it's an easy way to have fun.
    History (optional): Branwen lived about eight years of her life in an unstable family. Both of her parents have very brown hair, her mother leaning almost more toward blonde. Her father is a constant worrier and can't handle stress. He doesn't know how to calm himself and come up with a reasonable solution to his problems. His partnership with Branwen's mother was perfectly fine until Branwen began to grow black hair. He conspired to paranoia, despite the constant reassurance Branwen's mother gave that she did not cheat, she would never cheat, and it was a desperate situation just to hold the marriage together. Her parents relationship hung by a thread since she could really remember, and while some days were good, there always seemed to be a break. Her father constantly drank, it was his solution to his inability to solve the black-haired-one's existence (if you couldn't tell by her last name, her father is very Irish). Somehow, Branwen's mother got pregnant again when she was 7. The baby had brown hair, like his father, and apparently that was all the evidence her father needed to divorce and leave the family.
    But don't assume the end of the story yet. Branwen's mother has never been a a weepy mess, and the sudden (in her eyes) betrayal of her husband was no exception. Branwen finished the school year with occasional visits to her father's house, then her family of three (with little brother Corbin) went to Montana. She went to public school for two years before admitting to her mother she genuinely disliked it there. Her mother had always heard her children out, and seeing as Branwen rarely complained, she looked at new schools and didn't skip a single genre. Eventually she settled on one, explained to Branwen it was going to be a bit of a process anyway, so it might as well start somewhere and move on if nothing good came of it. Night Branch Academy seemed to be a fine fit for Branwen and she settled in the only way she's capable--finding a nice roost off to the side. She was twelve at the time (I hope that's okay?).
    Ability One: Color Manipulation. Sure, she can make your nose red and your feet green (or at least it can look it), but ideally she uses this more for stealth. She can paint her entire body black, down to the whites of her eyes, and hide in an alley; or she can stand in front of a brick wall and recreate the pattern on her skin and clothes. There are details she can't get around—natural shadow created by wrinkles, the whole 3D not-a-flat-wall factor, things like that just to name a few, but over the years she's become very very good at getting details and working out how to make up for inhibitions.
    Ability Two (optional): I'm not sure this really falls under a super power, but since we're allotted three (I was initially going to have two, but then this idea came up?), I'm going to toss this out there. Branwen can always remember a face. If she sees a face for the first time, she will always remember their name and the circumstances that she met them. If it's a stranger, she usually can remember them by some other detail—expression, clothing they wore, the thing they had with them or in their hands or if they were eating, anything like that. On her worst days, like if she's really tired or something, she takes a few moments to remember, but usually the trigger is pretty instant.
    Ability Three (optional): She can see through the eyes of other birds. She has to know where the bird is and she kind of imposes her will on it, it's sort of technical and in reality the "feed" of what the bird is seeing gets sent to her rather than she somehow spiritually embodies the bird. Sometimes birds don't let her, but those are the mean birds—you know the ones. Otherwise, she gets a live feed from bird's eye view whenever she needs to. The bird could also choose to fly away, or be killed in the process, all sorts of things could mess up.
    Other: Her tattoo is on her back, between her shoulder blades.

    Post-post edit because I totally forgot
    Once Brennan is accepted, I was thinking about making another character for the serpents. ^^ Is that okay? There's no character limit anywhere but I just wanted to be sure.
  6. Character Name: Eva Simone
    Constellation: Cygnus
    Age: Sixteen Years of Age
    Gender: Female

    Physical Description:

    Skin - Golden; cool to the touch. It is soft and smooth, her caramel flesh dusted with the lightest kiss of peach. Finger and toenails are white and have the potential to be rather sharp, however they are kept short. Ears are slightly pointed, pierced once and generally hidden beneath her hair.
    Hair -Mixture of brown, gold, and black. Tousled most of the time or placed in a bun. Well-kept and startlingly thick, it is styled into long, coiling ringlets at her jawline and brushes just past her shoulders. While usually left in its spirals, occasionally she can be spotted with her hair unstyled.
    Eyes - Almond shaped, long-lashed and highly expressive, they are a clear shade of blue with a spreading ring of honey gold specks around the center .
    Scent - Lilacs and Heliotrope. A softly romantic pairing of lush florals, opening with the green tinged freshness of lilacs in full bloom, settling to a rich heart of white and purple lilac with an addicting warmth and richness.

    Brief Personality: Eva has a very unique combination of traits: though soft-spoken, she has very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea she believes in. Decisive and strong-willed, but she will rarely use that energy for personal gain – Eva will act with creativity, imagination, conviction and sensitivity not to create advantage, but to create balance. But in all honesty, she tends to break rules. If she believes adventure is calling, she'll be the first to go tackle it. If a rule has to be broken to help someone, the consequences don't mean a thing. If she is simply bored, well -- "Oops."

    Eva Simone was a child adopted by an wealthy aunt. Eva's mother was unfit to take care of children and her father died months before her birth, leaving the girl an orphan. Anna King, was a loving but strict guardian who demanded that Eva become a proper young women to be admired by the world. She was raised by maids, taught to be the perfect lady, and treated like royalty. Sadly, Eva never had children around her own age to play with for most of her life, leaving her restless for companionship. As she grew older she would find herself being scolded severely for bad behavior which only made her more anxious to leave the safety of home. Her aunt growing older and often caught by sickness finally gave into her niece's demands for freedom and sent her away to a boarding school.

    Ability One:
    Aquakinesis - Can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.
    Weakness: Controlling and manipulating great bodies of water (lakes, ponds, seas, oceans) is exhausting. And other elements can repel or become lethal when water is near.

    Ability Two:
    Illusion Manipulation - Can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are.
    Weakness: Eva has a limit of the amount of mental powers to control the illusion. If strained she can collapse or go through the delusions she made.

    Ability Three:
    Air Absorption - Can absorb air from a given area to cause a massive implosion, or to cause others to suffocate. Can also release the air in order to create an explosion that can even break through rock.

    • She is a experienced kickboxer, so she'll enjoy a bit of roughhousing
    • A romantic flirt, sometimes she doesn't even mean to do it
    • Enjoys swimming
    • An idiotic daredevil
    • Terrified of reptiles, frogs, and goldfish.
    • Tattoo Location: LEFT SIDE OF HIP.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Character Name: Soule (Sounds like Soul). He also goes by the nickname of Sully, So So, bright beautiful being, and the Supreme.
    Constellation: Apus, birds of paradise
    Age: "Seventeenandthree-fourthsish," he'd take a deep breath.
    Gender: I am full of testosterone, but that doesn't exactly go far in today's age.
    Orientation: Straight out gay, I wont lie to you.
    Brief Personality: A man of flair and spunk, Soule is one spicy burrito. He can be like a hot potato when it comes to verbal communication, bouncing from one topic to another without hesitation. As soon as it comes to a topic he fervently believes in, however, he will stand up for his thoughts and will fight for them in both a detailed and passionate manner. His eye is keen to details, often noticing the smallest change in a person's expression or their body, or even just their daily routine if he has been watching them enough. Luckily for them, or not so much, he keeps that information locked away, often storing it for future reference.
    When it comes to lovers, Soule usually holds true to the "stereotype" of his sexuality. This man doesn't like to stay in one place too long with one person- It is not really himself and trust issues or will be held true to all people, but Soule just often gets bored if the person can't keep his interest long enough.
    Ability One:
    Charm: an ability of mild to strong influence over persons through the gentle contact of touch, often resulting in the person agreeing with him, wishing to do his bidding, and/or becoming a follower. Some minds are naturally more impervious to this ability, however the more he focuses on them and relaxes them, the more likely he is to win them over.
    Ability Two:
    Visual and Vocal Manipulation: Along with his power of influence over the mind, comes the more diffcult practice of appearing to change appearance and a different sound of voice to those he wishes. He could be the President of the United States and walk into the Princepal's office and demand there be no homework for two weeks for the poor children's festering mind, and all those around will be inclined to see, especially if they are the normal human folks.
    Other: Most of his powers are due to a fume his body naturally lets out when he wills, causing the mind to be confused and muddled, bending to the will of his words with its lack of ability to think to itself in his presence (of course this is not the case for all minds). He also has not had traditional schooling, often being home-schooled by his parents and their numerous children.
    Tattoo concept (open)
    [​IMG]It takes its presence upon his whole back
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  8. Oh man, I wasn't expecting to wake up to so many replies ;v; Thanks for your interest, everyone.

    @dreamthief your character is accepted c: He seems very interesting.
    @ResolverOshawott accepted as well. I want to say no on the rebirth thing because in theory, your character would keep coming back to life forever, however I do think she should have a phoenix-like ability. Maybe she can have increased healing speed?
    @Ace accepted. Brennan sounds rad ;v; And yes, you can make a serpent character if you wish c:
    @Intricate Fabulist accepted, too! I find it interesting that Eva loves swimming but is afraid of frogs and goldfish, heh.

    Also adding a new rule; the character limit is two, one serpent and one bird.
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  9. Thank you, although I do have a few questions just to clear things up.
    1. Do they all just attend school together and will they be in class most of the time?
    2. Will they each have their own room and might they have to share? I'm assuming it'd be male and male rooming together? Or can it be a male and a female?
    3. What is the point of the serpents an the birds? Are they automatically mortal enemies or will they grow into their roles. I just want to know what ideas you had for them.
    4. When you say strange animals do you mean supernatrual creatures or just animals that seem out of place? Leopards, monkeys an the such?
    5. Will and can we make other students that attend this school and don't have a marking?
  10. Ohhh this looks super fun and interesting! Do you mind if i reserve pavo? I'll get to work on a cs shortly!
  11. Thank you kindly, and she tends to be a bit of a city kid. Pools and whatnot.
    If by Sunday we are lacking serpent characters I'll gladly make another character to even things out. I reserve Opiuchus if nobody wants it. I can make a pretty mean leader to satisfy the opposition.
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  12. Character Name:
    Kenna Hale
    "The Peacock"

    Physical Description or Image:
    Orientation :

    Bi-sexual, She's not picky
    Brief Personality:
    Charming, Kind hearted, and Funny. Those are the words that come to mind when talking about Kenna. She's a light hearted girl with a good sense of reality. She wouldn't harm a fly and would be everybody's best friend if she could. She's a strong soul and doesn't dwell on things to long, though this can work against in panicky situations. She's awful at making choices especially in a time constrain. She can be rather rash and stubborn at times and her use of sarcasm makes her somewhat of a tornado of harsh words and quick apologies.
    Adopted by her family when she was only 3 months old, Kenna grew up as an only child. This made her a rather spoiled child and as such she always expects things to go her way. Though her mother never quite learned to love Kenna as her own, Kenna's father absoutlely adored his daughter. As Kenna grew up she watched as her mother's addiction to drugs and alcohol spiral out of control. Kenna's mother began abusing Kenna emotionally and physically for years, threatening Kenna if she ever told anyone. Kenna's father began to work a second job to provide for his family and wasn't around to often to notice the abuse. Kenna's mother even began to hit and scream at Kenna's father and when Kenna was 14 she was taken out of the house by her father, and the two moved into an apartment where they currently live.
    Ability One:
    Pushing-the ability to implant memories, thoughts and emotions into the minds of other people in order to manipulate them.
    Weakness- This ability is her weakest power. If her concentration is screwed up even just a little she will lose control over the persons mind. She cannot keep the mind under her control for long periods of time (about 5 minutes is average)

    Ability Two:
    Mind Reading- The power to sense the thoughts of people

    Weakness- Kenna can almost never read minds when more than one person is in the room because she cannot narrow the voice down to one single person.

    Ability Three:
    Empathy- Power to fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others.

    Weakness- Kenna cannot replicate emotions such as depression, sadness, or anger. Her power of empathy replication is sorely love and happiness. She cannot change someones temperament.

    Tattoo: Right shoulder down her Back

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  13. Character Name: Jordan "Jory" Dragun
    Constellation: Aquila
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description or Image: Jory is roughly 5'10 in height and has short brown hair in a bowl-like fashion thats a bit messy and brown eyes. He has mild facial hair and a very toned body, most notable in his muscular arms and legs, and has a scar across the left side of his face he got from a bar fight. He usually wears a sleeveless red shirt and black sweatpants as well as socks and black and red tennis shoes.
    Brief Personality: Jory is extremely loyal and will always have his friends backs in a fight. He's headstrong and prefers to mow down the opposition as fast as he can rather than stopping to make a strategy, though he can make a strategy if he has to. His most notable quality is his anger and lust for justice, he despises anyone or anything that is evil/attacks his friends and will do everything in his power to take vengance on anything that hurts them. He treats all of his friends with the highest amount of respect and will always be there for them if they need him. In a fight he will act as the aggressor and constantly attack his enemies to throw them off balance and overpower them, thus drawing aggro from enemies and allowing teammates to attack them from behind. Although he won't admit it, he has a huge crush on Selene.
    Ability One: Overpower: Whereas everyone naturally has enhanced strength, Jory is special. Jory can focus his energy into his body to drastically increase his muscular mass, overall strength, endurance and durability. He measures this increase in percentages, and at 100% Jory is roughly 2-2.5 times stronger than the average fighter.
    Ability Two (optional): Flame manipulation: Jory has the power to manipulate the element of fire, enabling him to shoot fire out of his mouth or his palms, or encase his arms or legs in flames to physically attack the opponent.
    Ability Three (optional): Lightning manipulation: Jory also has the power to use the element of Lightning, which he will usually use to forge physical weapons in his hands to attack with. He cannot make any long range weapons, but he is able to make any weapon as long as they don't fire a projectile (Such as a ball and chain, saber, ax, whip, etc.) He can use it in the same way as fire but prefers to make weapons.

    Weaknesses: Jory's most fatal weakness in battle is fighting against opponents that prefer to snipe or attack from a distance, his attacks are unable to go long range so he is forced to run after them if a long distance fighter challenges him. His standard fire and lighting weaknesses are common sense. Outside of battle, Jory has a chivalrous code and will assist a lady in need (Especially Serene) even if it means giving up an advantage.
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  14. 1. Yes, they do attend school together. As for classes, I was really going to leave each character's schedule up to the roleplayers. Some characters may have fewer classes due to campus jobs or another circumstance, others may have more due to interest. I can write up a class list if needed, or you guys can just choose.
    2. The dorms are two each. Dorms are usually male/male and female/female, but exceptions can made to students with special needs or students who are siblings.
    3. They aren't automatically mortal enemies, but most dislike each other from the get-go. There are exceptions to this natural dislike, however. They also will be growing into their roles as they learn more about the tattoos, each other, and the growing darkness.
    4. Supernatural creatures. Specifically, creatures of darkness. That's their name for now, anyway.
    5. I hadn't thought about that, actually. If you guys want to make "normal" students, I suppose you can ^^ I'll say there's a maximum of five right now, simply because I don't want to draw too much attention to them instead of the Celestials.

    @Intricate Fabulist I'll leave Opiuchus open for now, but if no one's claimed it by Sunday, it's yours.
    I'm also gonna go ahead and reserve Apus and Pavo for Pandamonium and Adira :P I'll still have to check the finished forms for you guys, though.
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  15. Hmm increased healing speed sounds good.
  16. There! I have finally had time to finish my character skeleton >.> Also, if it comes to it, I as well can make a serpent. I have been thinking about it myself.
  17. Kenna is accepted ^^ I personally don't think she's too overpowered, so it's fine.

    Edit: Soule is accepted too. Forgot to scroll up the rest of the page to check xD
  18. Phi! :D I wasn't sure who was still around from the old RP, hehe. I'll reserve your slots~
  19. Name: Shai'ahn Davenport


    She has extremely long hair, reaches almost to her ankles, which she normally has braided in various fashions down her back, or pulled in a ponytail and twisted and flipped so the length of the loops reaches to her lower back. She stands at 5'6", and weighs about 128 lbs. Nationality is South Korean, but that's all she knows about her history in regards to where she's from.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Orientation: Straight
    Bird Constellation: Grus/Crane

    Tattoo location: down her right rib cage, from under arm all the way to her lower hip.


    Personality: Very paranoid about the world. She's been sheltered her whole life by her adopted father and mother, The Davenports, who both know her abilities and wish to keep them hidden - for some reason. But, Shai'ahn is rather enjoyable to be around, has a slight kleptomania issue that she's learning to control somewhat, and loves to sing...regardless of the almost obsessive reaction it's hypnotic tone tends to have on others. Although, she does like the attention she gains for using her abilities, she knows though that she rather have real friends than the ones she - accidentally - created. Friends are great - stalkers are not...

    History: Just put it this way, she's on the Foreign Exchange Student Program and is not planning on returning home.

    Shai'ahn was an orphan of indeterminate parentage. She was apparently found wandering aimlessly in a forest in the poorer part of South Korea by a lowly gentleman from another country. It was presumed that she had gotten separated from a caravan or lost during a journey. However, after three months without parents coming to claim her, the consensus changed to the idea that they must have been killed by robbers. Under the care of the gentleman, for he did not believe in sending her to an orphanage, she grew into a polite, unassuming child. He'd noticed her untrained skill in her voice and began to teach her music and voice - learning immediately that she was granted a Muse's cords.

    Shai'ahn became his little protege and adopted daughter. He took her with him as he traveled all over the world, using her skills to make a small living for themselves - through stealing or pulling on the heart-strings of the wealthy with her big eyes and fluid voice. His craft - bookkeeper - had him moving where ever his skills were required. He'd taught Shai'ahn how to care and defend for herself while he was away to work, and somewhat molded her into a little timid creature when dealing with the outside world.

    She has had a basic education in the womanly arts (weaving, sewing, cooking, gardening), and was taught some low-level reading and writing; but other than that, she was unlearned for the longest, until her adopted farther grew older and died. She was adopted out once more, this time to her late father's young cousin, Mr. Mark Davenport, who resided at the time in France. He was married to a French Historian, Madeline. When she heard Shai's voice for the first time, she knew right then and there that there was more going on with this special little girl - who, at the time, was at the age of 10.

    Through her research, she learned about the mysteries of a Muse, and soon realized how serious her voice talent was. She taught Shai'ahn more about what her voice could do, as well as prepared her education so she could attend the best schools. They told her to keep her skills under wraps, because there are many people out there in the world who will not understand her - and many who would want to use her for bad, or want her dead. Soon, as her ability strengthened with age, Madeline realized that there was no way to keep her secret safe. She suggested that they keep her secured at home, away from the outside world because her abilities in the wrong hands would be dangerous. Shai'ahn has been living in her home for seven years with no contact to the world around her, being homeschooled most of her life.

    Likes: Music, voice, performing - had stage fright for obvious reasons. Likes shiny things, animals, outdoors, swimming, and rolling round in grass (go figure)....

    Dislikes: Large groups of people, but she tends to place her within them in order to train herself to handle them. Doesn't really know anything about the outside world to dislike. She does dislike people crowding her, or talking too loud. She's a soft-spoken person herself, so loud noises are a bit difficult for her to handle.


    1: Muse - she has a magical aura in her voice. Through songs or simple speech, she can heal, cause pain, and persuade a person's mood, thoughts, emotions. In some cases, if she's strong enough and focus enough, she can calmly talk someone out of doing something dangerous, altering their plans for a new path. A very difficult skill, for the wrong cord or one out of tone can change a person's mood to that of its extreme, causing tons of problems. (Of course, I will only use this on NPC's or will consult with a Player before using ability of their charrie.)

    2: Matter Manipulation through the use of her voice - sound waves. If she focuses her voice at a particular matter, or object, she can cause it to move, levitate, alter shape, explode/implode, melt, etc. In some cases, she can mold certain malleable matter into objects of her choosing. A very difficult skill, for it requires concentration and voice control in order to maintain its stability and avoid accidental targeting.

    3: Sound Manipulation: The ability to create and modify sound waves to mimic, intensify, hush, and distort; as well as warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound - by just the use of her voice. She can use this skill on other sound waves, besides her own voice. This skill she uses more as a weapon the more she develops and matures into it. She carries a little penny whistle as a weapon to use for this, but she can use the sounds of any instrument, machine, natural sounds, or a person's voice other than her own, and do the same thing.

    Other info: Still not sure why her adopted family, of whom she rarely sees, decided to send her to this new school after being homeschooled for so long. In all honestly, there's a lot about The Davenports she's unaware of. Shai also has been searching for her parents, knowing they are the key to her mysterious tattoo and voice.

    New Librarian
    Name: Monica Torrex

    Normal Appearance:


    Hydra Appearances:

    Tattoo Pattern in Hydra From: Skin Tone and Eye Change when she's in half form. Scale pattern down the back of her arms,legs, and down her spine.


    Full Form: She starts out as a three-headed Hydra, but - of course - grows more heads when one is removed.


    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Orientation: Straight
    Snake- Hydra - She is portraying a Crane in order to gain entry into the Academy as their new librarian.

    Tattoo: Scale-like skin tats down her spine, from base of neck to her butt, and down the backs of her arms and legs - like the three tails of her Hydra.

    Personality: A very adaptable young lady; her personality changes to favor those around her. Very, very talented actress – she’s playing a little roll right now, come to think of it. Other than that, her true personality is quite – cold and scaly. Has a royal demeanor about her, which gives the haunting impression that she's better than you. Which, is true. Her Egyptian heritage has a long bloodline that can be traced back to the times of Exodus, but who's counting the decades? Well, she is...but rarely does she voice her thoughts about her superiority. She just portrays it through her rude, cold attitude towards others. That is, if she's not in character.

    History: She is Egyptian. The life she's living now, as a family member of an Avian, is all but a lie. Really, she's woven a very nice little web of lies for herself to keep certain Avians out of reach; to keep them content, comfortable, and convinced that she's one of them. As of now, her efforts to enter the Academy was for the sole purpose to find the Serpent Bearer, so she can enhance her abilities and follow in his leadership for dominance.


    Toxigenesis - Can generate, create, emit or otherwise produce poison/poisonous substance to inflict the victim. In her human form, she is capable of lacing her fingernails, skin, hair, lips with a poison to use at will. It is weak, only causing a person to become seriously sick and incapacitated. She can strengthen it for a more fatal dose, but to do so requires her to place herself in danger as well, for such a high amount within her human system can cause her severe problems as well. In her half form, she can generate toxins that is absorbed or breathed by her victims. She can release the toxins within the air through her breath or scent, and through touch and bodily fluids at will. They are stronger than her weaker creations, causing permanent damage to the victims, and sometimes death. In her Hydra form, her venom is the deadliest, for one bite secrets enough poison to kill a creature of her size. A small scratch of her claw is instant death. She also has the ability in her Half Human state, but the poison is not as strong, and she has less venom to use because her body naturally is using it as a toxin.

    Unfortunately for her, her pure, fresh Hydra blood (full form only) is the antidote to her poisons. A few drops is a cure all! That is, if you can get close enough to cut her.

    2: Combat Adaptation - body responds to the particular brain chemistry associated with fighting by enhancing reflexes, static strength, thought speed, and above all photographic movement analysis and response. This allows her to rapidly and instinctively copy and or adapt to a particular fighting style or situation. Thus she becomes more dangerous the longer she remains on an adrenalin high, essentially. Notes: When the process has reaches the higher stages, Monica’s judgment and inhibitions tend to be affected. This only effects her human and half human forms.

    3: Hydrokinetic Attacks: The user can release/use water to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc. This is her Hydra form attacks, but she is capable of using this power in her half-human form. She can spit an extremely powerful water projectile that can travel a surprisingly long distances and is not affected by gravity. The range is lesser in her half human form than it is when she is in Hydra, but in Hydra it's so great that the Hydra often begins spitting them before the player can even see it clearly.

    In half human form, she has more freedom to alter these projectiles to fit her attack needs.
    (Water Balls, Spears, Beams, Blast, Bombs, Knives, Bullets, Bubbles, Pillars, Domes) that can come from her hands or mouth. In Hydra, they are just sharp spurts of water, like spears, that come from their mouths. She has to use a water source to use this, for there's not enough water in her body to safely use. In Hydra form, she has a natural reservoir and creates enough to have an unlimited supply.
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  20. Seeing as how everyone seems to have one or two common powers with the other just under different names I'm going to change my abilities in order to add something new into the mix. I'll do it after work although if needed I can add another male serpent. I understand the rules say one bird and one serpent but I'm just not feeling the toucan.
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