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To All Resident of Sten City

This season of HERO TV is looking up to be one of the best ever! While everyone mourns the loss of our former King of Heroes, Praying Mantis, this season is filled with newcomers who have a lot to prove. I believe we all can remember last seasons up and comings so expect to see even more of last seasons' shining moments!

Expect more massive mistakes, captures, and crimes on next season of HERO TV!

What you saw above was an idea for the plot of the table top game I was going to be running, before it switched to DnD. It might not be much, but its more like an advertisement than an actual plot... which I have no idea of it as of right now. So... Yah.

Anyone interested?
We could do with some more details. I'm not really sure what you're driving at with this.
Its based off of the anime Tiger and Bunny. Thats pretty much it.

*stares blankly*
Its really only to see how people react to it.