Celebrity Kids Spend The Summer Together?

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  1. I've been gone awhile but now, I am back. By the way, I am included in BBCodes section. Meep~! Anyways, on to the story...

    Celebrity kids are marveled over for various reasons. From day one, their worth is set at potentially millions of dollars as paparazzi vie to capture the first photo of them. The world is captivated by the magnificent lives that they were born into and it's hard not to envy their lifestyle. They're always wearing the most expensive clothes, driving the nicest cars and playing with the newest toys. By the age of ten, many of them have traveled farther than most adults will in a lifetime, and maybe even more importantly, made connections that will keep them relevant for a lifetime. Many of these connections are the children of other famous people who either attend the same elite academies as them, live in the same gated communities or befriended their parents through mutual projects and careers.

    One of the most obsessed over group of celebrity children are known in the tabloids as "The Golden ??", for the obvious reason that there are fourteen of them. The ??? boys and ??? girls are children to some of the most well known people in the country but are beginning to make their own names as well. Recently, tight schedules have prevented them from frequently uniting as the infamous group they're known for. This summer, however, they have all cleared two months to spend together and they plan on making it count.

    Okay, for this style of roleplay I am looking for writer that are within the Intermediate to Adept style of writing. Sorry for everyone else but I just choose those styles because that's practically what I post. If you plan on joining, please be active and committed. I cannot stress that enough.
  2. I try to do at least s paragraph. My busy schedule does not allow for me to spent too much time on a single post. I get little down time anymore, but I always try to find time to post at least once a day. But I am interested in this rp.
  3. Guess that's why this not getting much interest because of my style of writing and what I prefer. :/ Oh, well.
  4. I can write more if inspiration strikes me and I really paint a scene then. I like to use more descriptive language as far as character looks and scenery.
  5. Eh. Whether this gains attention or not, I have many more roleplays that will hopefully get the attention of some people.
  6. Interest can make or break a rp.
  7. I've been on the forums and roleplaying long enough to know that.
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