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  1. Describe a hot and steamy encounter between you and a celebrity, using only their movie titles.

    The night I shared with Ed Harris was a Tru-Man Show. When he made love to me, I no longer felt like Appaloosa. Ed Harris was a Snowpiercer, plumbing the Abyss beneath my virgin snow. "Go'on Baby Go'on!" he cried, while fondling my National Treasure. The Pain and Gain was exquisite as he caressed The Rock with Absolute Power that teased the Sweet Water from my Nixon and left a Human Stain on my Paris Trout.
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  2. Ed Harris? Wth Asmo? haha Oh god, here we go.

    I was once In Good Company with Scarlett Johansson. She is A Good Woman, that was The Perfect Score. The actress let me get Under the Skin which ended with Her and I in a swanky hotel room. After bringing out my Assassin Banana, it was time. Scarlett was a Chef and the soup of the day was Hitchcock. Deep Down I could feel it. The Spirit in her was astounding and it sounded like We Bought A Zoo. When we hit the Match Point, she screamed "Hail, Caeser!", which confused the hell out of me. But I went with it, because The Prestige of this story would be worth it. It was all Lost In Translation, but it ended with a Just Cause. And she became the Girl With The Pearl Earring.
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