Celebrity Doppleganger?

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  1. I was in a random conversation with some friends the other day and we were comparing each other to celebrities. I thought it'd be a fun topic to bring here to Iwaku... Tell us what famous person you've been compared to or who you think you look like! It can even be more than one. ^_^

    Mine, for example (and for some reason... XD) is Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. o.O
    He's a feminine looking figure and I can see some resemblance, like the eyebrow piercing, the eye colour and the shape of lips. I used to wear make up like his, too and although his hair is wild, I've done some crazy hair-dos myself. XD;

    My friends are silly, but it really could have been worse.

  2. [​IMG]


    I am not happy about this.
  3. While I was a teenager, a lot of people said I looked like Christina Ricci. XD Especially after movies like Casper and The Adams Family. piccie

    I don't know about now with our current ages. >>; I'd have to lose a hundred pounds and stop eating. Ever. XD
  4. I used to get Macauly Culkin all the time when I was younger...I sometimes get it now, I hope that it's not true o__o
  5. XD I can see the resemblances for Grenier, Seiji.

    *Hugs Vay* I am so, so sorry about your comparison. I must say that the moment I saw that pic of Daniel Ratcliffe, I laughed my ass off. XD
    And I can totally see the Diana and Zyzy comparisons, even with their current looks. o_o