Celebrity Crushes

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Tuxedo Mask

Original poster
Alright we've all been there crushing on some celebrity because of their good looks and personality (or at least good looks anyway), now who do the denizens of Iwaku have a crush on?

Personally I have a HUGE crush on the musician LIGHTS. What more could a guy want with a girl who writes music, has sick tats, and is a total video game nerd?


Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

The Butterfly

Original poster
I'm also a fan of that girl, Pretty face McHairyarms.

I also like Natalie Portman.


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Eva Green.

...and Tegan...


...choking each other...

...in a hot tub...

...with British accents...



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Gerard Butler.

Christopher Lambert.

...Zooey Deschenal... :D

James Caviezel!


Original poster
Jennifer Connelly. The reason why I love my women like I like my beer: Dark with lots of head. I'm engaged to a brune, unsurprisingly.

Patrick Stewart. Because at 70+, he's still the hottest man on earth.

Bruce Willis. Because at Die Hard 4, he's still the second hottest man on earth.

Ninja Kitty

Original poster
TOP from BigBang. oh my damn.
Rain. Also kpop.
Tom Hiddleston (jumped on the Loki bandwagon)
James McAvoy
Oded Fehr
Kevin Grevioux
James and Oliver Phelps

...a lot more than I realized o.o

Cosmic Orion

Original poster
Christina Ricci is my childhood crush that I have never gotten over.

Turbo young me fell in love with Wednesday Addams and it just snowballed from there.


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I like Taylor Lautner but not for twilight... I liked him ever since he was in Shark Boy and Lava Girl.....

I also like the leadsinger from the Sick Puppies

Hmmmm..... Shimon Moore...... >}

Sir Basil

Original poster
My celebrity crush died a thousand years ago. :D
Alexander the Great?


Original poster
*highfives Lawkheart* I loooove Shimon Moore. Actually, I saw Sick Puppies live and got to hug him. It was fuckin' amazing.

Ahh, other crushes...

Shakira, hehe... And Tony Hawk.

Oh, Jason Statham! *swoons over the badass parts he plays and his accent!*

Only ones I can think of right now.

EDIT: Oya. James Earl Jones. Not because of his looks. But because of his voice. Fellow Star Wars nerds know what I'm talkin' about.
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Mila Kunis. Her eyes And hair, mostly.

Fel of the Eternal Forest

Original poster
Mila Kunis, cannot stand her voice though.
Hayley Williams redhead = hotasfuck
Johnny Depp DON'T JUDGE ME!!!
Bruce Campbell
Lights for sexywin.

I'm not Bi, they're just MEN. LIKE REAL MEN. MANCRUSH.
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Mila Kunis, cannot stand her voice though.

It is sad, but yes I actually like her voice. I find it...Gratingly beautiful!