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  1. Who is your favorite celebrity? Movie stars, chefs, athletes, doesn't matter to me! Why are they your favorite?
  2. P!nk
    I love her music, and how she became who she is today.

    Angelina Jolie
    She's an amazing actress, but everything she does outside Hollywood is amazing (UN ambassador) and her whole story about breast and ovarian cancers.

    Ruby Rose
    She is so queer and her accent drives me nuts.

    Ellen Degeneres
    I just think she's amazing and so gay, her show is cute and funny.
  3. Tom Hardy.
    He's my favourite actor. I loved him in Locke, Bronson, Legend, The Revenant, Peaky Blinders and so on. He didn't say much in Fury Road, but I love that movie too.

    They're crazy in the best way, and their music is some of the best stuff I've ever heard.
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  4. Why hello there, I don't believe we've met. :3


    It is certainly no secret at this point that the Beatles are my all-time favorite band. I could talk about them for ages, I'm honestly not even sure where to start. XD Here is a video that I feel is an accurate representation of my feelings towards them. I just... I don't even know what to say about them, exactly. I guess I can just start by saying I really like their music. XD

    Only two of them are alive today, though, and... now that I think about it, I'm not sure whether or not you wanted this thread to be limited to celebrities who are still alive. I guess I'll primarily focus on the two living Beatles for now, since that just makes more sense.

    Paul McCartney: He's so talented. He's still an active musician, even in his old age (and so is Ringo, actually). And he's still surprisingly good-looking for a man who's nearly 74. I've been having recurring dreams recently about seeing him in public places and then not even bothering to say hi to him, just letting him walk by, only to instantly regret it and try to run after him because I really want to meet him -- only for him to be nowhere in sight.



    Here's a collection of his most adorable/amusing faces. I've come across a surprising number of videos of him imitating the sounds his audience makes during his concerts (here's a couple of them). Oh, and here's a gif of him bouncing like one of his excited fans. Also, I come across a lot of videos/gifs/photos of him at sports games...? Just, just him in the crowds and all that. Apparently he's a big sports person. o_o Here's a video of him trying to catch one of those free t-shirts that they throw into the crowd (with commentary XD). He was one of the only reasons why I bothered to half-watch the Super Bowl this past year, as he's apparently been spotted at a lot of Super Bowls in the past and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of him (as were a lot of people on Tumblr. It was pretty much the only thing my dash was talking about while the game was on). Anyway, he wasn't actually there this past year (or at least, the jumbotron or whatever it's called didn't find him).

    I don't know why I'm focusing on all these tiny anecdotes instead of big things about him. I guess I just don't know how to articulate anything better. XD

    Ringo Starr: Ringo is... an interesting person. I know I've talked about his Twitter account before, but, yeah, it's definitely worth scrolling through if you have the time. Quite a few gems in there. Also, here's a video that was originally posted to a website of his in the early 2000's (I have no idea why it's tiny like that -- oh well). And then there's his MS Paint art, which is just... yeah, take a look at that for yourself. Everything about him is just so odd but at the same time so... pure. There's this innocence about it all which is just so adorable.

    Ringo's a really underrated Beatles member imo (and George, too, but especially Ringo). He needs more love. :<

    I was going to talk about some non-Beatles celebrities but now I'm kind of winded from making a post this big. Maybe later.
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