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  1. How do you usually celebrate your birthday? If it's close, do you have any plans yet?
  2. My family never really celebrated birthdays, beyond simply wishing birthdays. It was always more the gloomy "one year closer to death" thing.

    Nowadays if it's just me and the Mister then maybe we'll go out, buy something cool, eat out. Nothing too fancy but... better than nothing? Hehe.
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  3. In a month.

    I want cake and alcohol.
  4. Celebrations are pretty spontaneous and often not planned by me because I honestly couldn't care less about my own birthday. To me, it's just another ordinary day. I'm pleasantly surprised when people remember, though. Usually, my friends and I just eat some nice food and talk. It's nothing fancy, but I prefer it that way.
  5. I don't celebrate. My birthday was 9 days ago and it was just another day for me. The closest thing I got to celebration was people sending me birthday messages on Skype and a couple threads being made here. I have no fucks to give about my birthday. :P
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  6. Pretty much how it is with me, to be honest.

    Though, I'm not about to say no to gifts. :D
  7. My birthday isn't celebrated because my mum has a friend who has a friend whom I share my birthday with. So, usually its just this woman and my mum and their friends celebrating her birthday and not mine. I don't really mind, I still get some presents. Some.

    If I'm celebrating with my dad's side of the family, it's a somewhat bigger dinner with cake at the end and candles and presents and drawings in a small house. Makes me feel a bit more loved, really c:. Grandma tries to give me a lot of money, my father tries to dote on me for the next 23456 weeks. Yup.

    I just spend my own money on what I want. And occasionally my mum gives me some money for a game or to go to the movie with friends.

    But since my birthday is on December 27th. Let's just say sometimes they give me one present and say its my Christmas, birthday and my New Year present.
  8. I just hide and hope no one with access to the admin panel realizes and reminds the site :P
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  9. Fun fact: only people with super administrator powers can access your profile on the admin panel. I was just going to look it up and jokingly threaten you with a future birthday thread, but I can't even do that. >:[
  10. I'm a December 24 baby. Most of my birthday celebrations as a kid were pretty huge, considering how many relatives, family friends and friends my parents invite over, and it also doubled as a Christmas party. Lots of food and games. I suppose what I loved the best were all those lovely times with my younger cousins. I have more than five younger cousins and they're all very lively. :) I just really love them all, and those days bring us all together in fun and games. ^^

    For gifts I used to get a lot of toys and stuffed bears or plushies as a kid, but growing older I got more and more clothes and jewelry. I also sometimes get to ask for what I want from perfumes or clothes.

    More recently though, my parents just let me do what I want for one half of the day - go to the movies with my close friends, buy stuff at the mall before we retreat to a nice family dinner with our relatives (and my cousins!) over at night. I wish we still kept up the tradition of playing boardgames and other games until very late. Mom's cooking is still the best especially when she makes one of my favorite desserts.
  11. I don't do much for my own birthdays... I try to have a "celebratory" meal of something I really like or miss.

    The people in my life, though, they tend to insist I do more so we end up doing stuff like clubbing, drinking, etc... ironically my birthday is very close to Valentine's day so it tends to be a pretty interesting few days!
  12. I usually don't do a ton for my birthday just because I'm usually too busy to plan much of anything, but I certainly don't mind other people doing nice things for me. ^^"

    This upcoming year in particular (bearing in mind that my birthday's in October, so it's still a bit of a ways away) I plan on buying myself an old video game console and some games to go with it -- something like a PS1 or an N64 or something. I recently got a new job (although it's an on-campus job, which means I technically won't be working any hours until I go back to school next fall) which means that -- fingers crossed -- I'll have a decent chunk of spending money by the time mid-October rolls around. And there's this nice used game store in the city where I go to college (tiny little mom-n-pop-shop sort of thing) which sells a ton of old consoles and games at fairly reasonable prices, last I checked. And I've been thinking a ton about getting an old console like that for a while now, but I've been having a hard time deciding what to buy, sooo all things considered, this upcoming October just seems like an excellent opportunity to use some of the money I'll have to head on over to the aforementioned used game store and decide on the console/games I'm going to buy just based on what they have at the time and at what prices. PLUS, calling it a "birthday present to myself" just makes me feel slightly justified in spending that kind of money on myself.
  13. I usually just have dinner with my mom and whatever other family is around at that time
  14. My birthday passed two weeks ago and I didn't do much. I got a few "Happy Birthday" from friends which I super appreciated. Was very nice of them as most people know I'm not too keen on my birthday.

    At most, I bake my own cake which I always look forward to because I pick very complicated cakes. This year, I was going to make homemade funfetti which used like 12 eggs because you had to whip both the yolks and whites separately, then add in some other steps to it....but this year I wasn't much in a mood because of family issues.

    Still might bake the cake for 4th of July. I love 4th of July more than my own birthday XD
  15. Later this year. It's nice when people wish me a happy birthday, but I don't much care for it.
  16. Are you intending on baking a chiffon cake, then? I made one of those a few months ago, in dulce de leche. It turned out lovely.
  17. It's very, very similar to a chiffon cake. Nice, light and fluffy like one! The recipe is pretty basic so I bet after I bake the cake I could try it again as a dulce de leche. Thanks for the idea.~
  18. It has come and gone. I don't really celebrate my birthday, to me it is just another day. I don't mind people telling me happy birthday though but as far as doing something extravagant nope.
  19. Usually, I go paintballing the closest weekend, or out to the mountains for a hike and picnic. Usually I go out for dinner, get myself something like ribs.
  20. Hmm.. My birthday is right between Christmas and New Year's, so most of my friends and such forget about it. My mother remembers, my father used to mix up the date, my grandparents think it's a day later... lol.

    I enjoy celebrating but I feel awkward af when I'm the centre of attention. The best time I had was for my 18th birthday -- it was depressive as fuck initially because it started with another 1-year anniversary of something unpleasant, then the next day I went clubbing and I got in despite still being 17, then the next day I went back to my college dorm (roughly 8 hour drive by bus) and celebrated my birthday + New Years with friends for about 2-3 days in a row :)

    I know it's a bit weird, but I prefer celebrating other people's birthdays. I'm going to be pretty hyped for them and offer them something they would like but can't afford or something. I like to splurge on my friends, and gift them things they couldn't have otherwise.

    I'm a bit of a dork I guess. :unicorn:
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