EXERCISE Celebration Creation Challenge #1

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  1. Okay, my pretties! This will be mine first challenge! YAY!

    In the challenge, it's all about celebration. What are you celebrating? When do you celebrate it? HOW do you celebrate?

    You will be given a picture. This picture will be the foundation, the center of your celebration creation. This picture will be a character. They are the reason the celebration has been created.

    First of all, be sure that the background of this character includes just why you celebrate. Make it reasonable! Did they somehow join two worlds that were, ages ago, split apart? Did they lead the warriors of their world to victory?

    Alrighty, I shall not keep you waiting any further! Please feast your eyes upon today's picture!


    Here is the form to go off of!

    Name of Character:
    Name of Celebration:
    Age of Character:
    History of Character & Celebration: (include where it's celebrated...this can be made up)

    When Do The People Celebrate?:
    How Do The People Celebrate?: (parade, street performance, etc.?)