Celeb/OC slash idea! (Sub needed please)

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  1. Disclaimer: This is only a bit of fun. Most certainly not real. No flames please.

    Ok, so basically I want to do a Keanu Reeves (Or Leo Dicaprio, or Tom Cruise, or Johnny Depp, or Misha Collins)/OC guy (my character, who basically takes control).
    There's gonna be a pretty big age difference since my character is gonna be late teens or 20s, but we can set this in the near-past.

    My character basically sets out trying to take his money, but thinks against it; turning it into something else.

    Anyway, post here or pm if interested!

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  2. Still looking -
  3. Omg Misha Collins I'm in
  4. Haha ok yay :)
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