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  1. Katia was eighteen years old. She lived in a small house in a lovely village. She was currently sitting out on a bench, she had just moved in and was just getting used to everything. She was very shy, and didn't talk to people much, as she didn't know how to start conversations that were at least interesting. She was reading a book, signing as she watched a couple kiss, she has always longed to have a boyfriend or be in a relationship.
  2. Keon was currently running around the village with his group of friends all of them doing the more than normal teenage things such as talking about t others were doing, Keon being a bit quiet for the moment as they walked past people rubbing the back of his head as he looked around he was just a bit bummed out brown eyes looking around for a moment before falling back from his group without them noticing, he walked a bit slowly before stopping for a moment, he didn't even know what was the matter for the moment, "Alright, let me see." He says as he looks around.