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  1. This is an RP that ties into my RP about the Four Horsemen, the Seven Sins, Archangels, and Seven Virtues crash to Earth. this is from the point of views of the humans who are investigating the disease, the Meteor crashes, and the strange influx in people's personalities. These people are somehow immune to all effects. They have assets from the US Military, and funding from the UN to figure out what's going on. The RP will start out in China, and spread to japan, and finally into the US.


    Appearance: (Anime or real. I'm not picky.)


    Job on the Squad:



    Backstory: (Why are you in the CDC?)

    Blood type:

    Other that I forgot:
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  2. Jobs:

    Overwatch: Sniper rifle, Heavy armor

    Medic: Bullpup Assault Rifle, and Medical kit. Heavy armor

    Assault: Assault Rifle, Pistol, and Light armor

    Scout: Light SMG, Light armor.

    Tank: LMG, Heavy armor.

    That's all I think.
    We can have two of each, except for the medic.
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  3. Name: David Peterson

    Appearance: (Anime or real. I'm not picky.)

    Age: 27

    Job on the Squad: Overwatch

    Supplies: Sniper Rifle, HAZMAT suit, Combat knife, Book on Roman history, Heavy Armor, Wallet with Credit cards, and $500

    Personality: The guy you want at your back. he is brave, loyal, and protective. He also has a touch of OCD, and a touch of ADHD (impulsiveness.)

    Backstory: (Why are you in the CDC?): A young Medical Student, David had his whole life ahead of him. He had a residency, and a girlfriend, and an amazing life. Until The Epidemic quarantined his girlfriend in Japan. She was killed during a Quarantine break in Yokohama. David heard about the UN's program to have the American CDC have a military force investigate the strange occurrences happpening. David signed up as a Sniper. He is in Squad number 13, stationed in Beijing China.

    Blood type: AB

    Other that I forgot:
  4. Name: Daniel Marks


    Age: 26

    Job on the Squad: Assault

    Supplies: Assault Rifle, Pistol, Light Armor, Lighter, Binoculars, Matches, Water Canteen, Dogtags, Short Baton, Combat Knife, Wallet.

    Personality: Serious when concentrating, but relaxed otherwise, rarely getting mad or uptight about anything. Rarely does he find anything funny or interesting, either. He has a kind of careless attitude with other people that sometimes gets on people's nerves. With things he cares about, though, he's a bit of a perfectionist. Careful and precise, he's a quick learner, and perfectly aware of that fact. He's pretty up front about his good points as well as his bad, which make some think he's got a big ego. He likes a smoke when he's not in the middle of something, but makes do with nicotine patches otherwise.

    Backstory: Funny things used to happen in the small suburb he lived in. People there used to say there were ghosts everywhere. While he doesn't know anything about ghosts, for sure strange things would happen. People would sleep-walk, act out of character and forget all about it the next day, suddenly disappear for weeks on end. Objects would flicker on and off, seem to move around when no one was looking. But somehow, nothing ever happened to him. At first, he didn't notice it, but as these things happened to everyone around him, he began to realize that maybe he was a bit different. He kept this mostly to himself as he joined the army, but hearing about this special unit, he felt compelled to enter, and worked hard to do so. There had to be a reason he was built this way, right? These new series of events only confirmed his feelings even more strongly.

    Blood type: O

    Other that I forgot: Can't think of anything
  5. Accepted!
  6. Name:
    Sy Kyrenei



    Job on the Squad:

    Light SMG, Light Armor, two daggers, Multiple smaller knives, Black mask that covers the entire lower part of her face, a picture of Kyousuke, and pistol. She carries no cash.

    Kyousuke Yano (open)

    Sy is rather easy going and relaxed, even when on duty. Because she has no money, she often mooches off her crew, especially Daniel. She's very energetic and lively, which tends to lead to trouble when she's on missions. Despite it all, she's a capable person who knows what she's doing. When she gets serious, which happens in desperate situations, she becomes a completely different person who thinks of nothing but protecting her comrades.

    Growing up in a large family, Sy grew up poor. Soon, her parents had to disown her in order to provide for her other siblings. Though she was a bit bitter at first, she realized it was better that they did. After all, sacrificing one life at the cost of many others was the best choice. She lived her life on the streets, but her life soon changed at the age of 15. One day, a man picked her up from the darkness of her life. This man was Kyousuke Yano, a Japanese man who was 5 years older than her. She stayed with him for a few years, growing a strong, sibling like relationship before he left back to his homeland in Japan right before the quarantine. Unable to receive any news of whether he was still living or not, Sy decided to find out for herself. She soon heard of a special unit that stationed in Asia and immediately joined to discover her hidden talent.

    Blood type:
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  7. Name: Adrian Pierce

    Appearance: Image

    Age: 28

    Job on the Squad: LMG (I assume you meant that and not MLG)

    Supplies: MG3, FN FNP pistol , a karambit knife, medium armor, a book of Edgar Allen Poe's poetry, A locket with a picture of himself a woman and a child, Tobacco pipe, cherry pipe tobacco.

    Personality: A quiet giant of a man, he rarely speaks and when he does his baritone voice which does not suit his 6'2" frame but he is generally a kind person who will if needed take time out of his personal schedule to comfort anyone who needs it.

    Back story: Adrian's life was looking good, he had seen two tours of duty in the Iraq/Afghanistan war he came home to his girlfriend and soon to be wife that had been his high school sweetheart soon after their marriage they had a little daughter but tragedy struck a outbreak killed his daughter and his wife changed from a kind loving woman into a shell of a person who soon took her own life. When Adrian found out through his old army buddies of a group being formed to find the root of these problems he was the first to sign up.

    Blood type: AB+

    Other that I forgot: None
  8. Approved and approved! We will start Wednesday!
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  9. I'm putting up the OOC tomorrow. Feel free to talk here.

    And yes, this is still open.
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  10. Link to OOC when you get it up please.
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