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  1. The Head of the CDC announces new squad to investigate the disease...

    New Squad gets UN funding...

    New Squad labelled "The military we don't need."...

    First troops deployed...

    location: Beijing, China

    "squad 13, can you hear me? Squad 13, come in!" David's radio crackled. David tossed in his bed. He finally grabbed it.

    "Yes, Squad 13's David reporting!" David groaned into the radio. He was tired because he kept getting bothered by Squadmates' questions last night. "What do you need."

    "Just needed to know if you were still there." The voice replied.

    "You must be new, so let me tell you something. Never call at 3:30 AM. It may be noon or something there, but it's the middle of the night here."David grumbled. "If you do, make sure it's a night where I'm not tired, grumpy and have Jet lag."

    "Understood sir." The voice said

    David got out of bed. While he was awake, he might as well get to work.
  2. Adrian was sitting at a table smoking his pipe with his cherry tobacco, drinking his coffee and cleaning his MG3 as well as loading several ammunition drums. He saw David pick up his radio and tell the person on the other end to can it, once he was up Adrian greeted him with a cup of coffee. "Good morning David would you like some coffee, it's slightly better than the stuff they gave us on the plane."
  3. David nodded.
    "Yes, thank you. I'm just a bit angry It's nothing. How's the ammo refilling going?" David took the coffee, and dumped four packs of sugar into it.
    "Well, while we're up, you wanna watch some tv or something? The Chinese government is allowing us access to American programming." David grabbed a stick of gum from the pack in his pocket and started chewing. Gum always calmed him down. He turned on the TV, and changed it to an American news station. It was talking about the army he was in now.
  4. Adrian briefly glanced at the news story and grimaced. "I would think they would be more cautious when it comes to us, their have been report of cults popping up trying to further the bullshit that has been going on and we are kinda in direct opposition of that goal so it stands to think they would attack us. Oh and on the ammo it's annoying especially if one of these things pops open in combat and leaves me with out ammo and annoyed." Adrian got up and went to the couch and sat while he puffed on his pipe.
  5. "I honestly feel like the Doomsday cults need to just drink the Kool-Aid. They aren't a threat. This may sound hypocritical coming from a devout Catholic, but Screw Religion!" David shook his head. "What is getting into people? There is almost no way this virus or Bacteria, or whatever it is could be weaponized so fast. I ordered room service for me by the way, didn't know if you wanted anything." David opened the case holding his Sniper, and folded out the back of his rifle. He started cleaning the scope off. He checked his magazine, and loaded it. He then went through other mags.
    "We can take them anyway."
  6. "You underestimate the power of faith my friend, if you take enough desperate people and give them a symbol to rally behind especially a deity their isn't much they can't do I saw it firsthand myself in Iraq when extremists sway people to their side. I already ate so it's no big deal and guess what we are getting...a flamethrower." Adrian was getting impatient he wanted to act soon, he was even tempted to go wake up everyone else so they could get this show on the road.
  7. The noise of people talking woke Sy up. She tiredly rose from her bed before walking out to meet the two older men, rubbing her eyes all the while. "Hey, can't you guys--," before continuing on, she let out a yawn. "--keep it down. People are trying to sleep." She took a seat beside Adrian, laying her head against his shoulder. Annoying and bothering the others was something she did often as the youngest and only female member. Besides, she found their reactions amusing. Her eyes closed as she pushed against him. "Nnnnn... I'm still sleepy."
  8. Daniel's good eye snapped open, and for a second, his whole body was tense. Voices. English... and familiar. Not a threat. He closed his eye and tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't bring himself to sleep again. He'd gotten quite a bit on the plane anyways. Giving a little huff of breath, he nonchalantly pulled himself upright and got out of the tent. "What are you guys talking about at this ungodly hour?" He asked calmly, as he approached them, already alert. "Anything interesting going on?" What he meant by that was, was there anything supernatural happening? He doubted it, though. People were rarely so... relaxed when supernatural things happened. He would know. He still hadn't told the rest of the squad about that, but he had no doubt that this disease was abnormal. He believed it the way other people believed in normal religions.
  9. Adrian looked down and mentally shrugged whether it was her trying to annoy him or not it was magnitudes better than a foxhole in the desert. "Then sleep Sy, unless we get called for an emergency or something along those lines we will still have another hour before we are called up for patrol." Adrian adjusted himself and put stretched his arm on the back of the couch and leaned back into it as well, if she was gonna use him as a pillow he was gonna be comfortable.
  10. Adrian then looked at Daniel. "If we were getting attacked or any bad juju was messing with us i'm sure you'd be the first up friend. And their is coffee on the burner if you want some and it's still fresh." Adrian then went back to watching the news to see what type of information his superiors had foolishly given the media.
  11. Daniel gave a shrug and a friendly grin. "True enough." And with that, he went to go get some coffee for himself, not bothering to thank Adrian. He watched the news surreptitiously from the corner of his eye. This stuff was rarely reliable, but sometimes it was fun to see what nonsense had come spilling out of true events.
  12. David turned to Sy and Daniel.
    "The only reason I'm up, is because Home Base over in Atlanta had Senor Dipstick running things, and He called at like Lunchtime over there. May I interest you in some news?"
    What was on now was some talk show like The View, or Oprah where Women talked about world issues. They talked about the CDC's operations.

    "is this really necessary? I mean, it's not like they're rabid animals or something!" One woman said. "Heck, there's even a squad in China which is getting a Flamethrower! I mean that's just overkill!" David laughed. These fools didn't know what the situation was.

    "I hate how they think we're mindless brutes killing Infected who have done nothing." David said taking a sip of his coffee. He finished cleaning his gun.
    "It's time for my watch!"
  13. Sy gave Adrian a small glare before making herself comfortable with her head on his arms. He was always the least fun to bother, but at least he didn't give her a hard time. Out of them all, she probably liked bugging Daniel the most. She let out a yawn before closing her eyes. "Doesn't matter what those people say anyways," she mumbled before dozing off into a light nap.
  14. Daniel chuckled quietly. "It's better than telling them the truth. If they knew we were ghost-busters, we'd get a lot more nicknames than "the unnecessary military." See ya." He waved David off and began drinking his coffee. He continued to watch in silence. In actuality, they were precisely the opposite of Infected killers. They were trying to prevent the killings. Even if he was ordered to kill an infected person, without any other reason, he wouldn't do it. Certain that these people weren't to blame, the one-eyed soldier would do anything in his power to stop it, but for now, this was all they could do. Patrol in China like fools, not knowing exactly what they were looking for. This frustration didn't show on his face, though, as he continued to watch the moving screen without truly paying attention to it.
  15. Steele was awake throughout the night, too many things going through his head for him to relax enough for slumber. He left for a walk and by the time he had returned most everyone was awake and complaining about it. Get over it already, complaining isn't going to get you more sleep. He thought as he cast a sideways glance at the more vocal members. As Steele made his way into the tent without a word, he sat and began fiddling with his shoe. He knew someone, probably Sy would give him trouble for not greeting anyone so he exhaled and let go a reluctant "Hello." There, that should cover all the bases.
  16. David opened the balcony door. He stepped outside. The streets were busy, and David heard music coming from an old man playing a instrument. Across the street, Neon lights and logos of large corporate buildings showed. David laughed.
    "It's funny how life just keeps going, even with the Epidemic spreading. That old man playing, has probably sat there for weeks on end before the epidemic, doing the exact same thing. The workers in those buildings, same thing." David shook his head. "I guess you have to keep some semblance of normality to keep you calm." David chewed another stick of gum. "Would anyone like some gum? It's mint!"
  17. The sight noises and talking was enough to make Sy open her eyes and sit up. "Can't a woman get any sleep around you lot?" With those words, she stood up and stretched. "No thanks to the gum, David. Mint stinks. And Steele, don't sigh right away in the morning. It makes you seem all gloomy," she said, her more energetic and playful side coming out.
  18. Adrian shook his head he needed to get out and do something all this siting was not doing any good. He stood up and grabbed his pistol and loaded a magazine into it and grabbed a few more and decided to leave his MG3 as it weighed 24 pounds and just take his pistol. "Well i'm off everyone if something interesting happens do contact me over the radio." With that Adrian walked out and towards the town to do a little recon of his own.
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  19. "Yeah, yeah. We're sorry." Daniel said casually, ruffling the girl's hair. "See you, Adrian." He glanced over at Steele. As usual, the other man seemed to be having problems being a normal human being, but it really wasn't any of Daniel's business. He just shrugged back at the greeting and continued watching the news. He was silent, then, as the girl looked like she wanted to go back to sleep, and Steele had never been much for conversation.
  20. Adrian walked out into the street to see that it was much less crowded then expected for a Chinese city but it really wasn't that surprising, people were scared that if they left their homes they would never return or worse become infected and return to their home to infect their whole families. He could also feel the discontent among the few people that were out and about they were very frustrated as their government had yet to give them a solution and even worse were ignoring the problem in some areas, Adrian was concerned that if a explanation isn't given soon their may be a violent coup or a full revolution and that was something he did not want to get caught in because as it stands he and the rest of the team were here at the request of the Chinese government and if a revolution broke out they would have to get out on foot to the south off to Vietnam or over sea to Japan and that's not even counting the abominations or cultists that would use the chaos to their advantage. Adrian walked past an alley but took a step back as he saw something that caught his attention, a blood stain on the wall and a door that was bashed open. He walked down the alley with his pistol out and looked around for any evidence of what happened, he saw drag marks on the ground a few feet away from the blood stain along with some things knocked down and as he got to the door he saw that the door knob had been broke off and as he looked inside he could see more blood and cultist symbols. "Fuck, I knew they would be operating in a city like this." Adrian then pulled out his com and tuned it to his teams channel. "David if you here this I need you and the rest of the team here, I found evidence of cultist activity and they might have someone captive. Reference my GPS location my tag should be transmitting my location and once you get a read get down here." Adrian pulled out his pistol and loaded a magazine into it and pulled himself into a little alcove to hide and wait for either his team or someone trying to get into the building.
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